6 Responses to Even if you’re only dreaming of White Christmas…He’s sending snow upon snow for you…

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful snow story and poems with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” You are appreciated !!

  2. MaryLou says:

    Pam, beautiful pictures… beautiful words. So amazing to me how you put the two together so well… beautifully. 🙂

  3. Pam,thank you for the photos and precious words. This is always a “rough” time of the year for us. We have reached a full FIVE Christmas times since we last saw our son. Pain-filled doesn’t even get close to how we feel, and yet realize this is how it must be. He came to us from God and We have given him back to God~~~if I let myself fall into the pit of worry–it would serve no purpose. So my husband helps lift me up and I help him. Christmas Eve will find us at Midnight Mass-in a brand new church facility that also has found us in the midst of turmoil.. But we put all that behind us tonight–and will be praying for all those who need prayers…….

    The Lord does work in such mysterious ways~~~~we have an extra set of elderly neighbors and two days ago, while arriving back from grocery shopping, saw those flashing lights and knew-Emergency Services had been called. We found out the husband had a bad fall down some steps and yet seemed to be in fairly good shape. My husband called the next morning, as the wife said he had suffered with Pain throughout the night and was at our local doctor. We gave our home number to her and told her to call if we could help. Long story short–the man is in the hospital, numerous ribs broken and one rib punctured his Lung! They are alone–no children around to help and today we took her a lovely plate of food from one of our Local eateries….

    Its tough to “feel’ our heartache- but when we see others who are in deep need of a helping hand-suddenly our problems do not seem that big….All we had to do was “open our eyes and hearts”–and the TRUE meaning of Christmas has come back into our hearts….

    thank you Pam for giving me this much space. I pray you have a peace-filled Christmas as we all remember the moment a “tiny baby was born” and the world stood still…..love, martha

    • I will pray with you for the “return of your prodigal,” Martha… for God’s stirring on him that he cannot ignore. Our Father knows the loss of a son, and He knows the joy of the return… nothing is impossible with His Spirit on the move. And I know from experience of praying for someone for over 40 years (since I was a child) He does not give up. A word he spoke into me about the one I prayed so long for was – is any place to hard for me to go? Any place too hard for me to reach? May those words echo back assurance to you too, tonight. Every blessing you bring to others is bread upon your own waters, Martha… I believe that. And though you don’t do it for that reason, God uses it for blessing coming back to you too. May His peace enfold you physically and spiritually and songs of rejoicing comfort your hearts this blessed eve!

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