Joyeux Noel Eve!


Looking back down the years, do you remember the Christmas Eve  when you first became conscious of new revelation joy of the Day, yourself, the world?


~ From the opening lines to Sarah Morris Remembers, D.E. Stevenson:

“A small child lives in the present and takes everything for granted, but to most children there comes a moment of awareness: the child wakens from its trance and becomes conscious of itself and its surroundings.  This moment came to me on a Christmas morning many years ago when I discovered myself to be a little girl in a warm cashmere dress with a gold bracelet on my arm.

The dress and the bracelet were new; they were Christmas presents from Father and Mother.  I liked the colour of the dress — a soft pinkish red – and I liked the feeling of it on my bare arms…

The boys and I were sitting on the window-seat looking out at the snow-covered garden.  I didn’t remember having seen snow before and I thought it was pretty.  It had come in the night while were were asleep but now it had stopped snowing; the sun was shining and the long shadows of the trees fell across the glistening white lawn.

The little bracelet felt heavy on my wrist; there were charms on it which jingled when I moved my hand.  I looked at my hand, opening and closing it.

“Why are you looking at your hand like that?” asked Lewis.

“I’ve never seen it before.”

He laughed.  “Silly little Sally!”

“I know what she means,” said Willy. “She’s beginning to find out about herself, just like I had to find out about my train — how to fit the rails together and wind up the engine…”

On THIS merry eve,

Let us share these small stories over and again, for they are like His breadcrumbs leading us along His pathways of life… and little lights to those who follow…

Here’s one of mine… MAJESTY – Part One


Candlelight to you this Joyeux Noel!

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2 Responses to Joyeux Noel Eve!

  1. There comes a time when the light bulb turns on and we see differently! Thank you for sharing this precious view of a little girl and her realizations, with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

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