Scent of Beloved, Part Two: Divinely You

~ From D. E. Stevenson, Spring Magic, 1941

“But it can’t be the end,” he declared, looking up at her with big solemn eyes. “You haven’t said that she lived happily ever after.”

“I know, but you see she was just an ordinary person; she wasn’t a princess any more.  It’s only fairy princesses who live happily ever after – not real people like you and me – and that’s why the story isn’t finished,” added Frances, clutching at this heaven-born inspiration, “because real stories about real people go on and on.”

“Until the people are dead and buried, I suppose,” agreed Winkie, nodding.

“They don’t finish even then,” said Frances in a thoughtful tone.  “Because things we do and say live on long after we are dead…but you aren’t old enough to understand that yet.”

“Couldn’t I if you explained?” enquired Winkie, anxiously.

Frances tried to explain it simply.  She said, “You and I are friends and we’re teaching each other a lot of things that neither of us will ever forget, so when I get very old and die there will still be little bits of me alive in you.”

Winkie was silent for a moment and then he said, “That’s an awfully funny idea,  isn’t it?  I suppose there are bits of me in everyone I know…”


~ From Me… early 2014 🙂

Digital Camera

I’ve been noticing it ever since the rosy amaryllis someone gave me this Christmas burst into fluted bloom beside my front windows.  Not exactly a perfume, but a fresh air-swept, clean sort of scent.  As though the flower is breathing out a softness round me.  Its full cloud of red glory wafts a celebratory feel too, each time I glance up from my book, see it waving like a spot of radiance in front of a living white snowfall beyond.  Little bits of Christmas to last long after I tuck away lights and candles and ornaments.  Like a zephyr that refreshes here…there…

Am I such a fragrance to anyone, Father?

Reading D.E. (as in the above passage) fills me with so many bits of…winsome, wistful…lyrical.  A thought breezes a whisper over me.  Of someday meeting her at Heaven’s Gate, sharing how I’ve loved uncovering bits and pieces of who she was on the pages of her stories…  over forty years since she left them behind for us to savor.

I don’t have children or family to breathe words into.  Are you taking any lasting bits of who I am and breathing them out, Lord?

 D.E.’s thoughts make me pause to reflect. “You and I are friends and we’re teaching each other a lot of things that neither of us will ever forget, so when I get very old and die there will still be little bits of me alive in you,” she wrote…

But – am I? Sometimes I feel like the ‘dull’ of the party.  The uninvited.  The one not really missed.

 “Perfumery is part art and part science,” I read somewhere.  It takes the creativity of an artist and the expertise of a chemist to mingle scents in uniquely enticing ways.  Like a painter, a perfumer mixes colors on a palette of 2,500 “hues.”  Uses oils and chemicals, each with its own distinct scent, extracts about 400 natural substances from things such as twigs, trees, flowers, herbs and grasses. Creates the rest synthetically in a chemist’s laboratory.

Twigs and trees and flowers.

In my life… maybe the Painter and Perfumer is using… words and drawings and prayers.

Mixing with Heaven’s laboratory of Majesty.

In yours… so many other variations on a Rainbow.

In each of us… His signature scent, divinely sent.

Perfume doesn’t worry where it goes… He reminds.  I gift it in you…and you… and you… your own distinguishing fragrance.  Scent to evoke fond memories of people, places and things you have touched of Me.  I make it waft and light in those I choose…mingling and lingering those bits of you, and of I, forever… in Eternity’s foretaste.   

©  Pam Depoyan


Thought for today: 

In His Garden, You Are A Lovely Fragrance Unto the Lord

and To All You Touch


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12 Responses to Scent of Beloved, Part Two: Divinely You

  1. floyd says:

    Great thoughts. When we’re in the will of our Father we can’t help but leave pieces of ourselves that are bathed in His perfect essence. Not us, but Who we point to. Even the smallest of exchanges can effect a life. Your gift is touching lives through the heart of our Father. Well done, sister.

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    just exquisit, Pam. And I would say that every time you write here or paint or draw, you are spreading the fragrance of Christ’s love abroad in our hearts. And I thnk it is a sweet aroma to our Father. The name of your scent? How about Rose of Sharon.
    Thanks for making my life sweeter!

    • I do love “rose of sharon,” Lynn! 🙂 I do pray something of the words and art I am giving and selling will have some sort of lasting “fragrance.” Sometimes I don’t feel very “fragrant” in the lives of those I know best, at least not in the way I think they are in their homes and families. But this is one reason I love to blog… to pray for words and share them… to encourage us all . I thank Him for your sweet aroma too!

  3. Hazel Moon says:

    Jesus is reflected in us in all we do. I suppose we are leaving bits and pieces of Jesus in others along with bits of ourselves. Lovely Post and thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  4. Perfume doesn’t worry where it goes…. that is just awesome. Love this post, so encouraging! Thanks for linking up with Recommendation Saturday! Heart Hugs, Shelly ❤

  5. Marissa says:

    What encouraging words – to be a fragrance that can touch those we don’t even know are near is what came to my mind while reading this, Which is exactly what this post did, as I came across it on Salt & Light link up from Thank you for sharing this!


  6. Maggie says:

    What a wonderful thought of leaving bits and pieces of me in my children, grandchildren, and friends! Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts in such a vivid way.

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