As the Water Covers The Sea

…the earth fills up
    with awareness of God’s glory
    as the waters cover the sea…

~ Habakkuk 2:14 MSG

“No words can encompass the miracles of God.

None can contain the magnificence of a wave kissing sand or the perfect spiral of a shell drying translucent in the sun or the fire of morning rising over endless water.

Or the beauty of a hummingbird as it hovers just an arm’s length away… it’s wings stroking air, rapid, invisible, powerful.  Frozen in time for only an instant…”

~ Lisa Wingate, The Prayer Box

Let us look for His intricate Glory in our days…

The sparkle of His whisper to your heart, leading you to pray for someone ‘out of the blue,’ discovering their need (with wonder) only after you’ve lifted them up

The sun rainbow fleeting over your floors, waltzing on walls, spilling across your spirit

The ripple of snowy song through wind chimes

The breath of His Love upon your cheek…

He has swirl-lined pearl inside abalone seashell to remind —

You are His Pearl of Great Price.

HE… is yours.


©  Pam Depoyan


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11 Responses to As the Water Covers The Sea

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Love all of it–the Bible version, the beautiful words and photos. And I LOVE pearls–my birthstone and I wear them all the time.

    Humming birds? I love them, too. But gotta ttell you: When we bought our cabin, I had never seen a hummingbird before. I had my can of Raid w/ me, b/c wasps were bad that year, and I was sitting out on the deck and in the middle of the woods. So, this GIGANTIC, BUZZING wasp took a noze dive at me, and oh mygosh! I almost killed it w/ a rapid-streaming Raid squirt. I am so glad I realized it was something else–a hummingbird! now I love the little rainbow-winged critters!

    • The hummingbird in this passage quoted from “The Prayer Box” has immense significance in the life of one of the characters – more than I could put here. But I loved these beautiful words Ms. Wingate penned at the end of her novel and immediately knew I’d want to quote them. I may just have to review the book here soon. Deeply moving in the prayer box part of it – reminded me of my prayer journals and of you with your journaling too. I’d never seen a live hummingbird either until several years ago when visiting my friend who lived in this neighborhood ahead of me. It came right up to the window, and to me it looked like it was dressed in a tiny emerald tuxedo! So glad you missed your bird with that aim! 🙂 Sounds like something I’d do… hate, absolutely hate wasps and bees. Shiver.

      I googled abalone shells for photos because I remember loving their pearly insides in childhood at the sea and loved the way these pix capture that beauty… So glad you enjoyed this one too… Thanks, Lynn.

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Well, no I didn’t actually squirt. I can see why you thought that. I didn’t word it well. But I surely thought abuot it, till I could see the beautiful colors. Now we put out feeders (minue red, dyed unhealthy water–just use reg. water w/ a little sugar), and they come visiting at home and at the cabin. Oh you will have to review the book. Sounds marvelous! I wrote a hummingbird poem i’ll have to share w/ you. Doesn’t say anything of depth, but just captures a little moment.

  2. Sylvia R says:

    Did you know my “one word” this year is “aware”? “Let us look for His intricate Glory in our days…” What a beautiful way to feed awareness!
    And what a glow in that mother of pearl! I will remember these pictures.

  3. Barbie says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Brew!

  4. Pam,
    Oh, “leading you to pray for someone ‘out of the blue,’” — that is so true. God has done that to me and also on my behalf to others as well. He is kind, huh?

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

  5. Pam~~
    This is a wonderful post and the “Humming Birds” are also favorites of mine too!! How those tiny birds can Zip, Dive, and FLY so FAST—amazing…. I have been out of touch–this horrible NECK PAIN has flattened me~~finally got an Injection yesterday and it did help some. The goal is to Burn the Nerves in my Neck—sounds AWFUL and at first–it IS awful!! The doctor can only do ONE side at a time…..

    So if you do not see me popping up on your Blog site as much–just know its the NECK…. But also know I will be reading and lifted up by your inspiring words to remind us all of how precious HIS LOVE truly IS!!!!

    love & blessings to you!! martha

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