Light dances in the perspective


Sometimes it’s a bit George Orwell what information you can find  online.   Details that at one time were guarded by phone book publishers as if you were asking to invade and ferret out secret treasure, X marks the spot maps.   And of course… maybe you were. You had a phone number or address but not a name?  Tough luck

But now — let your fingers do the walking in whole new ways and means.  Ways I’m not certain really make me feel secure.

Like looking up an address of a home and googling who lives there… and having it actually bring up a list of names, ages and other maybe not-so-public details.  I was just experimenting with that possibility, thinking I’d love to send these particular homeowners a small print of the drawing I recently did of their home, invite them to the local showing where I have the bigger piece on display.  Not really thinking I’d find much.  Just maybe a last name.

Yet…In the case of this particular site, a slew of names popped up… making the only difficulty deciding which may be previous owners or who are the current.   And in the end, I simply had to go with addressing my envelope to “homeowners.”  Ah, well.

In the midst of this sleuthing however, I felt like I’d stumbled upon the most indecipherable clue.  A photo purporting to be the quaint home at this address, but depicting some totally unrecognizable and futuristic-looking muddle of blocks.  I scrunched up my face.  WHA-at?  That’s not the right place, I defied the screen.

Then I peered closer.  Trying to un-jigsaw the puzzle.  Hm.  A slightly aerial view.  Looking like it was on a lot more land than it appeared possible from the street advantage of my camera.  Yet…there was a window that could possibly be the side one I’d drawn peeking out behind the charming cottage front…

And then it hit me.  Wow.  This was the realtor’s perspective – the one they determined as geared to most potential sell.

The one that would make me (and anyone enthralled with cosy and quaint English style homes)  barely blink before leaving it in the dust of my potential home search.  Absolutely nothing enticing about it to me at all except maybe if I just wanted to make sure it had blocks of space in no particularly pleasing manner.

How could they simply dismiss the most obvious selling point of this Tudor cottage – it’s storybook entrance? I wondered.  I can understand wanting to maximize its size to your clients, for apparently it is much more roomy than the facade might suggest on first peek.  But it seemed to me they were missing their target audience.

     Perspective…  I’ve been considering that phenomena ever since.   It all depends on our angle… our view…doesn’t it?

Out of this little cyberspace chance-upon though, I hear the soft words of the Holy Spirit reminding me of treasure that takes a bit of refocusing:

Remember today… from God’s perspective… ALL things are possible.

Sometimes He has to take my face in His hands.

Wha-at? He smiles.  That’s not the right view, He points out gently.

From the woods where I feel lost and rambling, He faces me to LIGHT on the path,  shining the way out.  Follow me, He says, hand in mine.

Out of the dark where strange and worrying voices call Beware! You’re going to fall!  It’s not what it seems! – He leads me to the Door of Peace: Himself.

And shows me the perspective of FAITH. 

Believing and thanking Him for what I do not yet see.  Trusting to His unchangeable Word.

 “For the eyes of the Lord search back and forth across the whole earth, looking for people whose hearts are perfect [faithful] toward him, so that he can show his great power in helping them. ” ~  2 Chronicles 16:9 [Living Bible]


©  Pam Depoyan

      How Has Faith Given Light to Your Perspective Lately?  

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Drawing: © mine, please do not copy these without permission.   :)   Thank you!  See my pen & ink HOME PORTRAITS link.

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6 Responses to Light dances in the perspective

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Boy, Pam, I don’t like those search things either. I don’t think they’re ethical, but what do I know. One actually showed my young niece outside her home. Ugh. I love though how you always look for God’s perspective in all you do, all you write, all you draw. It truly shines through! Lovely post!

  2. Hazel Moon says:

    If we could view ourselves from God’s Perspective, I am certain that we would not recognize who we are. We often say and think about ourselves in a light that is not God Like – – but his view is beautiful and lovely. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  3. Marissa D says:

    Very interesting, it is so about perspective! And how hard it can be to look at a new angle…

    Thanks for sharing with Salt & Light!


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