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Grace be upon you…

  I have a different post idea playing tag in and about my scattered thoughts right now, but these have been crazy days lately with little time or energy to write here.  So… just for now…   I thought I’d sail … Continue reading

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We just might hear…

A Resplendent Moment in Early Morn Traffic…         I love the way King David expressed it in Psalm 45:1 [living bible]:  My heart is overflowing with a beautiful thought! I will write a lovely poem to the … Continue reading

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We His Bride…

 Behold!  He is risen! Let the earth burst forth with joy!   “There is something about the very early morning which is entrancing: it is so quiet, so new. The world has been reborn during the hours of darkness; there … Continue reading

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a Sabbath Blessing for you

    The world  may resound with so many dire predictions.  Doctor’s reports when they don’t know what else may be done.  Bank statements covered in red.  But when all seems to be dark, or the devil cackles the lie … Continue reading

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Candlelight…and Hope of Glory

All this week, I’ve been mulling through so many stirring songs to share with you here on this Good Friday… music that captures the heart, the majestic victory.  There are just so many…but finally, I narrowed it down to   … Continue reading

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Let us break bread together

On this Holy night, closing our eyes, quieting our hearts, partaking of the Lord’s words… This bread is my body broken for you… This cup is my blood poured out for you… Let us hold His song of Love deep, … Continue reading

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He calls you…friend…

Time is running out for today and I’m drooping, but I wanted to share another tender prayer lyric with you this Wednesday before Easter.  Again, I can’t find this on You Tube, but if you can download ITunes, you can … Continue reading

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Song for this Holy Tuesday

The Lord, our “Rose of Sharon”   Have you ever been halfway listening to someone ministering the Word, when all of a sudden something you may have heard multitudinous times wings fresh wonder and stops you in Holy Spirit revelation?  … Continue reading

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Lamb of God, Love of God

“Father,”  I pray.  “I believe You Love me…but, I wonder, do I really know and understand the depth of Love you have for me alone?  Somehow, I think if I did, fear could never harness me…  Holy Spirit, make Your … Continue reading

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How Excellent Is His Name

The Lord himself is my inheritance, my prize. He is my food and drink [cup of blessing], my highest joy! He guards all that is mine. ~ Psalm 16:5, Living Bible [Parenthesis mine] The other night, I was trying to … Continue reading

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