Song for this Holy Tuesday

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The Lord, our “Rose of Sharon”


Have you ever been halfway listening to someone ministering the Word, when all of a sudden something you may have heard multitudinous times wings fresh wonder and stops you in Holy Spirit revelation?  So it was when I heard someone exuberantly teach the other morn as he scripturally laid out various blessings God has made us heirs to…here and now…through the Lamb of God who was slain, our Rose of Sharon:

“He has made His very Name…Jesus, Name above all Names… to be our inheritance!” 

The Holy Spirit-imbued power behind His Name.  The Name that conquers not some, but every evil wielded against us.  Bought us healing and deliverance at the cross.  Softens the hardest heart.

Words filled my thoughts almost unbidden.  Words echoing the promise given to the disciples and thus to us who are living for Him:  My children do not nearly understand all that implies…  Live and breathe in My Name.  Declare my Name as your shield and buckler.  And you will do great things, move mountains, in My Name… greater than you imagine…

Since then, I’ve been pondering St. Paul’s letters regarding all we have been given as joint heirs  in Him, the staggering richness, the treasure, the glory we have inherited…in His Name alone.  I think… it must be as innumerable, as brilliant as the stars…and that makes me pray over and again, O Lord, open our eyes...

Then,last night, listening to the following song, I felt that Holy Spirit leaping within… a song for Holy Tuesday…for every day…  I couldn’t find a link to this gorgeous song, but thought I’d share the prayer of this psalm-based lyric as part of all His Name holds for us… (more to come this week…)

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  O Holy One

(Psalm 40)
Words & Music by Marty Goetz
©1992 Singin’ in the Reign Music/ASCAP

Sacrifice, offering You do not desire
But You’ve given me an open ear
When I’m cold as ice and bring to You things burnt with fire
You say, “Son keep your spirit clear, that’s all that I require.”

Oh Holy One I delight to do Your will
On Your Name I now look and with awe I now start
And lo I come , please write with sacred quill
My name in Your Book and Your Law in my heart

Faithfulness, Mercy and Love You multiply
And there’s no on who compares with You
As for me I was poor and needy, but I know You heard my cry
When You drew me from the pit so I could sit with you on high

Oh Holy One, I delight to do Your will
When You came I forsook all my need to be smart
And lo, I come give me wisdom and fill my name in Your Book and Your Law in my heart

You put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God
Many will see and many will fear
And men with ears to hear will know they must put their trust in The Lord

Well sons of serpents, hypocrites, Pharisees and Scribes
I’m afraid I’ve behaved like all of you
But a serpent raised upon a pole healed the twelve tribes
And a Son raised upon a cross is the healing of our lives

O Holy One, I delight to do Your will
All our shame Jesus took, Now we’re near not far apart
And lo I come knowing no peace until my name’s in Your book
And Your Law’s in my heart

And lo I come holding fast and holding still
My name in Your book and Your love in my heart


🙂   Read my other Holy Week-related posts… Unfamiliar with Marty Goetz?  I know you’d enjoy worshiping to the music links in these, particularly in the first one listed below:

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4 Responses to Song for this Holy Tuesday

  1. From M. Gemmill….

    I am enjoying your Holy Week post, Pam.

    I found the music for this song without singing so read the words to the music 🙂

    My church is one that does services the same all year round and I really miss the special services of Holy Week,. No one church ever seems to ” have it all”.

    In response to this line you wrote: “He has made His very Name…Jesus, Name above all Names… to be our inheritance!” ……years ago God spoke to me in a way that I have never forgotten as I read this verse in the Living Bible: Isaiah 52,6:they shall know the POWER in that NAME..

    We have only seen dimly the full revelation of this, I think, and we long for the FULL revelation; our inheritance.
    We know in part, and press in for a fuller revelation.

    God Bless you, Pam- I look forward to whatever else you have to share with us this week 🙂

    • Thank you, Mary! I’m so glad to know you are enjoying these. What a good idea to read the words to the music-only version online! I think I saw that but really wanted to find one that had his worshipful voice with it too. I LOVE that verse God gave you in Isaiah… I may write more on this subject. So rich! It’s true, not all churches have services or anything this week except maybe Good Friday. But I wanted to make it devotional here as much as I can this week… and somehow the music of a Messianic Jewish Believer and all the flavor that brings seems so perfect to me to share that I can’t share it enough! 🙂 Blessings to you too!

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