a Sabbath Blessing for you

  A table set for Shabbat with challah bread, candlesticks and wine.  Black background. - stock photo


The world  may resound with so many dire predictions.  Doctor’s reports when they don’t know what else may be done.  Bank statements covered in red. 

But when all seems to be dark, or the devil cackles the lie that you are just on borrowed time … God declares NO!  I Am the Light and Life…

He is bursting forth from the tomb!

Bidding us… oh, bidding us to take our eyes off what we see, replace our words with His, reach out and touch the hem of His garment…believing against what darkness has been spoken and trusting to His words of… la chaim!  (It may be tempting to pronounce and thereby agree with hopelessness we seem to see happening rather than with the hope and  promise He wants in our mouths…but as the Lord entreats, we will speak out FAITH as though it already is, and choose words of Life!  🙂 )

O, whose report will we believe?  I will believe the Lord’s!

On this Holy Saturday, let us “take hold of His words with all our heart, drink of His Sabbath Blessing…and we will not die but LIVE!  May we not let them out of our sight!  For they are LIFE to those who find them and health to our very bones, our whole body!  Let not any negative report be in our mouths…but only the report of the Lord… (Proverbs 4: 4, 21-22)

And… a double blessing

O, do click here to listen…and… let this long beloved Sabbath blessing prayer send soaking warmth into your spirit, wrap you in the cloak of His Love, nourish you as the Bread and the Cup poured out for you!


And this stunningly gorgeous song I’ve never heard before (somehow, it just started playing immediately following the one above and seemed meant to share here  🙂 )…As the Psalmist says, He surrounds you as He surrounds Jerusalem…



© Pam Depoyan

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7 Responses to a Sabbath Blessing for you

  1. carolapv says:

    Thank-you for sharing the Sabbath Blessing. I am giving thanks with you for the hope we have in Jesus! Have a blessed weekend, celebrating our Lord’s resurrection! I’m visiting from the Weekend Brew.

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, how this uplifts me on so many levels…..i’m unwell at the moment and so it encourages me to pray for Christ’s healing life to flow through my body. Moreover, it encourages me to keep praying for life for a dear Jewish friend of mine diagnosed with brain cancer. I do not give up praying for healing. I am like that woman in the parable who keeps banging on the judge’s door late at night.
    I am a singer, and I made a CD of uplifting music for my friend (sacred classical, hymns, a beautiful Jewish song called Avinu Malkeynu, and some upbeat broadway tunes like “Oh What a Beautiful Morning.”) He said how much they are cheering him and making him happy. I had thought about including Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler, but somehow they lyrics at the time didn’t seem to fit. But listning to it here, now I wish I would have! You and your readers might like to hear the Jewish song which I did include: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSRfxJuA6lA
    Thank you for always leading us to faith and life and healing. I appreciate you and everything you write!

    • So happy to see you back again after your “lenten fast of online,” Lynni… 🙂 And to know this lifts you up today! I love the verse from Rev… We are healed by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony! Wish I could hear your CD, your voice which must be so lovely… I know you are a deep blessing to your friend. Yes, there is just something about the Fiddler blessing that reaches deep inside… it always has, even when I was only a child. Thank you for sharing your beautiful link too… gorgeous!

  3. Barbie says:

    Thank you for sharing. So sorry I didn’t make it here sooner. Praying you had a blessed Easter!

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