When You Are Looking to Opening Windows

Digital Camera

The pink magnolia are in bloom.

And ahhh….Those lush, tulip rose blossoms make me sigh for Heaven.  Reverential awe twirls petticoat to the breeze in them.  Gently floats petals to carpet the green in heathery, feathery blush at my feet.  Invokes dream, softens whispers even more to prayer, gives wings to my arms and makes me feel as if I could… fly…yyyy

Was it but a day or so ago when all the eye beheld was bleak bare branches still stretched yearning, empty-armed, so long in waiting, wondering if…spring…would…ever…come?

So like the secret heart I’ve been holding these last few years.  I could spin into worry and fear and doubts and frustration… if… I… let… myself… think… on all the whys and hows of it.   Or,  on all the oh, God how are You going to provide a way out of this moments…

So most of the time I just don’t.


,,,for days like one recent morn when I awoke to a problem and a mess that wrung me dry of hope and believing…

Hurriedly handling things as best I could for the moment, dashing out to my car and office, I donned frustration like a shawl strung nearly threadbare round my shoulders.  Hugged it tightly throughout the work day as if succumbing to the numbing that seemed to keep prayers from even forming in my thoughts.  Every so often picking at those loose threads.

In the split-moment of happenstance, I’d been angry.  Disgusted, frustrated  that this situation keeps cropping up.  Angry at what has caused it to keep recurring in the first place.  Then… simply…too blue to pray or even let myself ponder it.

Or to let the flowering branch of promise the Lord has been sowing deep within me to drench with worship rain afresh:  Test me in this and see if I don’t open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams. For my part, I will defend you against marauders, protect your wheat fields and vegetable gardens against plunderers.” The Message of God-of-the-Angel-Armies. [Malachi 3:10, The Message]

I could hear His fluttering of wings against my heart, bidding me throughout the day to hold on… keep looking to those skies…  But weariness is wearing to even the whispered voice.

Coming home, gathering up remnants I’d had to leave waiting all day, finally sinking down to rest my head on couch… I listened to my phone messages through tears and wonder.

Out of the blue… three callers who have seen my artwork… wanted to talk more of lovely gifts they want to give and how I can be of service.

A message from a business rep that she had another way to make something we’d been working towards happen.  Something that will bring a lightening to one major worry, but one that had hopeless written all over it a few days earlier.   Don’t give up, she encouraged.

And on email –– a few more excited potentials contacting me!

So many bare, bare branches… now glimmering with hope.

Wow, Lord, I breathed, Then, and again throughout that week — as more upon more seemed to come like surprise packages to my door, gaily tied in colored ribbons.

His Holy Presence all round me, enfolding all my prayers of so long in this moment of sudden bloom.   No other words…but words enough.  Thank You…

Digital Camera

Ahhh… The pink magnolia are in bloom. 

Blessings He flows like falling, floating, blossoms through my hands (and yours), leaving them as a carpet of remembrance.  And neverending promise.

And My God of Angel Armies is singing Victory behind…around…ahead of me (and you.)

Listen to the whispery sound  of petals falling at your feet. 

Breathe in the scent of Heaven. 

And… don’t give up.


© Pam Depoyan


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12 Responses to When You Are Looking to Opening Windows

  1. Mary Gemmill says:

    Pam- I feel I have heard your beautiful heart in this, reminding me of David’s Psalms: why art tho downcast oh my soul……” to turning his heart Godward and noticing the love-notes [ answers] He faithfully sends, I rejoice with you in these answers and am praying along with you for God who has begun the good work,faithfully to complete it…
    My heart and mind are in a deep valley of weariness from a recent sudden illness and family problems and friends needing more than my energy will permit me to give right now- so reading this post just now reminded my heart to again look towards God my Saviour, who has always come through for me and never lets me down.
    I rang a prayer-partner for sympathy and prayer this morning and within moments a dear friend whom I call my guardian angel in the flesh- rang and offered to drive me to the next city this avo to see the surgeon about the long-awaited shoulder surgery. As soon as I cry out- He answers me.
    Your picture and words evoked such serene beauty Pam- I have been blessed indeed just in visiting your blog today.
    Thank you that despite all life throws at you, you seek to bless encourage and build up your readers. You are indeed one of my life’s blessings.
    Continuing prayer and love,

    • Mary, I’m so sorry you are going through some tough stuff right now, but glad this is uplifting you too. I understand the weariness of which you speak… and the blessing of your prayer partner is a blessing indeed. I will lift you up, praying in spirit. Things look bleak because we can’t see the whole picture… Blessings to you in your beautiful land. May the beauty around you there lift your heart in the midst too… Thank you for your prayers… I continue for you too.

      • Mary Gemmill says:

        Thanks Pam- I am appreciative of your prayers and I remember you in mine.
        Sister-hearts across the oceans, united in Him.
        Glorious indeed.
        I just read this: I hear the Lord saying, regarding this great struggle that you have been involved in, consider the life of the butterfly for he must struggle and continue to struggle until he comes out and breaks himself out of the bondage that has been placed to hold him in a position of birthing. This has not been a bad place because you will come forth, and you will walk out. You will bring God into the situation more profoundly than you ever have before. And, your struggles with regard to that situation that you are thinking of in this moment will be resolved as you break out and gain flight even as the butterfly does. It is the season to come forth.
        I thank God for these blessings abounding to us from Abba Father,

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    This is so ethereal and lovely, yet filled with the solid-ground promise of hope. I’m so happy for you! God never gives up and He is bringing your promises to reality. And just think: They blossomed all at once, just like the gorgeous magnolia blossoms!!!!!!! My husband and i have this kind of crazy little custom (don’t know how it started) of honking whenever we see magnolias in bloom We are honking a lot! =]
    Thanks for a most encouraging post, which we all need to hear, and for the lovely photos as well. Breathtaking!

    • Thank you, Lynn. Yes, it is just the beginning of provision for essential needs I’m praying for…but God does put wonder in our hearts in ways He moves in “what seems impossible.” And how the devil often throws something defeating our way just before God is about to reveal His move, trying to drag down our hope. God is moving in all the prayers I know are on your heart too as we continue to praise Him for what we don’t yet see…

      Love love love magnolia trees. I always call them “tulip’ trees really – just something so beautiful about their soft pastel color against the blue and white of sky and clouds that always fills me with indefinable joy. Today I was out to take some photos of a perspective home and so many bloomed overnight. I just can’t get enough. 🙂

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    I”m glad you reminded me of Satan’s interferrence. That is so true. If he can stop us in our tracks right before the promise is materialized, he gains so much. That’s why it is so important to remember that the Lord keeps His promises. He is faithful! And I can tell He i s meeting your needs and doing what He said He would do in your life.

    Yes, I’ve heard them called tulip trees. I never mind a cook spring, because the flowers stay longer!

  4. Cheri Gregory says:

    Love your image of the frayed shawl of frustration…and picking at the loose threads. I’ve got a well-worn one of my own!

    • It does feel like that at times, doesn’t it? And then I think of God, gently pulling those loose threads out of our fingers, like we might from a child’s… And warming us with His own. Thank you for sharing that, Cheri!

  5. Marissa D says:

    Beautiful… I wish I had more words as these words are so amazing… and I agree there are certain spring flowers that simply change everything for me. Thanks for sharing with Salt & Light!


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