Color My Poem Raspberry

Digital Camera

Melodies trill, twitter, warble and wing…
string the air in mother of pearl;                                                                                                       here, floating in and out of blooming dogwood,                                                                                there, soughing through pots du raspberrie crème chapeaus,
keeping time.

Patterning words as brushstrokes upon the soul,                                                                        like those spread on emerald carpet at my feet…

One of a kind
is this spring blossom, breath in time day…

Prelude to immeasurable.

Making me wonder…                                                                                                                                    If there is no Time in Heaven,                                                                                           how will we hold this…this unending,                                                                                             dazzle-threaded,                                                                                                                                 wool-spinning,                                                                                                                                  color-wheel of joy?


© Pam Depoyan


Digital Camera


composed in response to Jennifer’s Just for fun challenge, here:…



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photos: mine

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6 Responses to Color My Poem Raspberry

  1. Barbara Frank says:

    Found you a while back due to one of your posts about D.E. Stevenson, so I thought you’d enjoy these photos of pre-WWll England:

    Have a great day!

    • Ohhhhh… Barbara! Thank you for sharing! Love seeing these…

      I’ve been reading every single D.E. Stevenson the library can find for me and (sadly) I think I am nearing the end. Reading one right now that I would not call my favorite (a truly unusual storyline for D.E.), but it is amazing to me that it was written in 1939. A fantastical story in some ways, about only a few people saved on earth (sort of Noah for modern times) but a bit ahead of it’s time at the same moment. A World in Spell… (renamed from it’s original British title, and can’t recall that…but the original was better.)

  2. Mary Gemmill says:

    Pam- that is really lovely- you’ve wondered as I do sometimes about heaven when you say: If there is no Time in Heaven, how will we hold this…this unending, dazzle-threaded, wool-spinning, color-wheel of joy?

    .All I know is that it will be perfect- maybe we will be able to sustain a constant sense of amazement and joy?

    WE wonder, indeed we wonder.

    • Thanks, Mary. Not really a poem by poetic standards, but more of a thought I had when I took these photos the other day. Heaven seems like it will be one unending day, but I know we can’t even fathom it! Yes, perfect beyond our imaginations! 🙂 Beauty here is only a foretaste!

  3. Anita Hunt says:

    Lovely words to reflect on Pam, thank you x

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