He calls it time…

scan0008“The Spirit of THE LORD, is upon me
    because God anointed me.
He sent me to preach good news to the poor,
    heal the heartbroken,
Announce freedom to all captives,
    pardon all prisoners.
God sent me to announce the year of his grace—
    a celebration of God’s destruction of our enemies –“  

~ Isaiah 61 [The Message]

The studio photo of a red rose on a white background. - stock photo

Doorways, gateways, bower doors trellised with roses… they capture my imagination.  So many have flowed through my fingers to pen these past few years.  Whispering of mysterious, of story-to-be, of hope and trust and expectant faith beckoning.

I’m waiting before You, Lord, my spirit answers.

And a Word slips into my thoughts: The Glory of the Lord is rising on us who call ourselves His…


His Sabbath whisper to me… and maybe to you…


I am strengthening you and want you to know…

Though your adversary is bellowing and blustering, terrorizing and taunting, seeking to bring you down, weaken and wound, hinder and harness…  It is not for who you have been, but who I am about to make you. 

And it is time for it to end.

He knows NOW is the time of my Grace…  That I am setting a new door before you that will open to fresh purpose and light and moving in and for my Glory. 

I am anointing you to announce the celebration of God’s destruction of your enemies! Announce it DAILY over yourselves and others.

Keep your eyes and heart lifted up to Mine.  Look away from symptoms and terror that is truly smoke and mirrors. 

Step out of the dark with the sword of My Word in your hand,  the shield of FAITH ahead of you, and call every weapon formed against you  vanquished in the blood of the Lamb!  Enforce the Word of the Lord over that which attacks you. Declare over your life,  NOW is the release for this former captive! No more shall the same destruction come upon me!  

Look… I am opening a new door before you.   My Glory is rising over and in you. 

Take My hand, step through and walk in new blessing I have prepared and written for you. 

And nations shall come to your light.  The IDOLS of DAGON, the philistines that have come against your life, can not stand in the face of my Glory!  (1 Samuel 5)  Like the Ark of the Covenant, you are My Living Temple and no weapon shall succeed against you or the plans I have for you as you step through this new threshold.  

Pray with expectation.   My anointing is on you, behind you, before you… and you are about to enter a new season that brings MY Glory forth as never before.   I commission you My Disciples and My Spirit lives in and leads you on in your own Chapter of Acts.  Everywhere your feet touch, you shall claim for Me…

Sing a song of praise against the enemies in every areas of your lives for I have won the victory for you…    


* Note:  In this context, “enemies” does not refer to any people, but to the situations and struggles our adversary, the devil, may try to attack us with… i.e. overwhelming sickness, financial crisis, any oppressive darkness come upon us, whatever brokenness not of God.

The studio photo of a red rose on a white background. - stock photo


Behold, the Lord wants you to know…

He is strengthening  YOU today…

Look for Him to open a new door…

a fresh season punctuated with joyful shining of His Glory


© Pam Depoyan

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Pen & Ink Artwork: mine, under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)   )

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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8 Responses to He calls it time…

  1. Your drawings are beautiful, Pam! And the word of God that you shared is encouraging and motivating to move us forward in the calling He has given us. No longer do we need to fear but march out in His strength. I like that image!

    • Thank you, Janis! I’m so glad to know this word encourages and motivates you too! Yes, I’ve been seeing how debilitating fear can get to me when I let my “guard down,” so to speak , and I want to stand more in Him, give Him that fear.. No wonder he is always telling us not to fear 🙂

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    This is a wonderful, powerful, and insightful post, Pam….so encouraging. Your words and drawings here always uplift! OUr pastor just spoke on Rev. 3 today, and what you write here corroborrates that (I think I put too many R’s in that word! 🙂 He said many use that passage to mean an open door to the Gospel, but in this context, it means an open door to opportunity. And you are saying that too: an open door to fresh opportunity, including the opportunity to fight and not give in to the Enemy. I also love trellises. There is something so nostalgic and lovely about them. I think they remind me of a trellis at my grandmother’s house, where roses and honeysuckle intertwined. We need trellises in our lives too to give structure to our lives. And from structure comes beauty. Thakn you for sharing!

    • I think the Holy Spirit is speaking this beautiful encouraging word of open doors in many places lately… I’m glad it is uplifting you as it is me. I love the way your pastor explained that context.
      Walking through a neighborhood to a local art fair yesterday I passed several more trellises that made me want to try and capture them sometime… 🙂 Beauty is structure to our lives, yes! Thanks, Lynn

  3. Pam–
    a uplifting post to say the least!! When we have struggles in life,and the load gets heavier,it is very hard to look up for “an open door”because we are so embraced in the struggle. As I live with non-stop Chronic Pain each day–I will be the First to say it does get HARD–but then I stop—draw a breath and look upward–knowing HE is right beside me and together we walk forward!

    I am simply grateful to be ALIVE!! thank you for this special posting. keep “looking” for more doors to draw!! blessings, martha

  4. Barbie says:

    Beautiful drawings and words. Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew!

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