Sailor Days

There’s something so jaunty and lyrical and just plain fun about sailor dress that I’ve always, always loved! 

So maybe it is no surprise that as I ruminated the other day over some new ideas for creating some note cards (hoping to entice a children’s place I know), a line from a very old but mystifyingly familiar tune skipped right up and over me…

By the sea…by the sea…by the beautiful sea. 

You and I, you and I… O how happy we’ll be! 

and even before I began to draw, seemed to pen itself  round the edges of this card!  🙂




I’m still not sure where the memory of this  playful ditty is coming from… though I have a flash of an I Love Lucy skit in mind…

but it is rippling over and over me like wave lace on sand.  And making me smile with song.

I searched online and found it was part of a popular musical, lyrics written by a prolific songwriter (H. Atteridge)  in…1914!

One hundred years ago… and still brightening corners. 

O, for such lasting fruit of one life to another! 


Is there a song playing round the edges of your thoughts today? 

May it skip and laugh and ripple out to all you meet… 

with little cracker jack sailor buttons and bows…

that light the summer sailor days kid in you!   

  William Merritt Chase - The Lake for Miniature YachtsOne of my favorite paintings, by William Merritt Chase…

“The Lake for Miniature Yachts”


© Pam Depoyan

Ask about Note cards from my pen and ink drawings!    (U.S. only, at this time)      Choose from any you like, mix and match just $2 a piece (including envelope)…                 See designs at pen & ink HOME PORTRAITS    🙂

Pen & Ink Note Card shown above: mine, under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )


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8 Responses to Sailor Days

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    OH I love that song, and I also know the verse. I was taught “You and me, you and me, oh how happy we’ll be.” Granted, it’s not grammatically correct, but often songs aren’t in order to retain the rhyme. I found it just now that way on the Net, so who knows? =] When Sheridan was around five, I bought her the cutest My Twin Doll w/ a matching sailor dress for her. Later we had Sheridan pose in that dress to have a cut-out silhouette made. The sailor collar particularly looked well in the silhouette, which now adorns our bedroom wall. You’re so right about the sweet, nostaligic sentimentality of that style. If fact, it never really goes out of style. I love your card–such a sweet, delightful drawing. You could design paperdoll clothes as well. And tha’ts another subject. I loved my paper dolls, and my mother hand-drew dozens and dozens for Sheridan when she was little. She had whole families of them. =]
    Thanks for spreading beauty, Pam. I so appreciate you.

    • Well, when it was in my head, I WAS singing it “you and me, you and me” too 🙂 – but I found it under Mitch Miller (someone I have dim recall of as being a perfectionist 🙂 ) and his lyrics showed it as “you and I…” Then yesterday, I did see it out there as “you and me.” So you are right, who knows how the original went? I wanted to use “you and me” but figured it rhymed with “sea” too…

      I love that silhouette description! Another thing I’ve always loved… sweet silhouette’s cut out in black. I think that is a lovely remembrance for you. Sailor is classic…. How wonderful too that your mom hand drew dozens of paper dolls! She must have been a prolific designer of sorts!

      I was surprised to find this painting was of Central Park too… it is so pretty and green on my print, and I thought for sure it was England!

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Ha, yes! Mother would say “of sorts.” She is not an artist, but she drew and cut lots of love into those myriad paper-doll families. I’m thinking that paper dolls are up your alley too. You love the simpler things. And yes, we have the cut-out-black on a white background. I recall how adroit this artist was and how easily she snipped out our daughter’s profile. Interestingly, hers is one of four on our wall. The other is of her father, my Michael, as a little boy, and his parents. Apparently a silhouette artist was making his rounds in the neighborhood, and they took adantage of that golden opportunity. It’s very special, and yes, old-fashioned.
    Thanks for the sweet beauty you share in this place Pam…….always so appreciated.

    • yep… I do love paper dolls. Especially Shirley Temple! Used to love the old McCalls magazine doll… Betsy McCall! Remember her? 🙂 I’ve loved silhouettes since I was a little girl. My best friend’s mom decorated all New England style and she used to have some that enchanted me. Also, at Disneyland, we always saw them being made. It is amazing to watch them snip away! Yep… old fashioned. I love anything nostalgic (even nostalgic for way before my time!), it seems… Thanks, Lynni.

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Somehow I knew you would! And yes, I did have a S.T. paper doll and recall Betsey. Mary Engelbreit, of more contemporary times, also used to have paperdolls in her magazines. Would have loved to see your friend’s house–enchanting!

      • It was like a little doll house… My friend had a little alcove room with sloped roof ceiling off her bedroom. I always loved playing there. 🙂

  3. Whenever I hear that song, I think of the scene in “Some Like It Hot,” where the girl band has just gotten off the bus from frigid Chicago and arrived in sunny FL:

    Your drawings are so sweet–love the little girl outfits!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I have watched that movie but didn’t remember that song was in it! (I’m a huge fan of old movies!) Cute! Sounds like I was right with my initial “you and me” instead of “i” — wish I’d gone with my gut and written it that way on the card now! 🙂
      There’s nothing sweet as sailor dresses!

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