Chapel Bells to New Beginnings

scan0022Finish.  Often and often it entwines with… fresh, blooming, beginning… doesn’t it?  Occasions a celebration!  A sigh of satisfaction… a whimper of worry, yet a picnic hamper of hope!

Because, as in the pages of a beloved novel we don’t want to end, we are reading with anticipation of joining in the story unfolding and following it with anticipation for circled open-ended conclusion.  Open-ended because in one way or other, the story continues… leaves us room to breathe with imagination, to move on to a new time and place and reason for creating, take the Lord’s Hand as He leads us on with the merriment of surprises planned ahead for you, for me, a-sparkle in His eye…

I’m thinking today of my beauty in redemption friend Shelly, who is in the midst of finish of one kind… and breathlessly, pensively, wonderingly placing her hand in His for the next part of her story ( ).  I’m praying blessings upon her bon voyage, unexpected friendships on her horizon, life punctuated with ministering angels and even – here and there –  afternoon refreshings of garden party tea.  Gifts sent ahead of her and waiting with ribbons for her family to untie in the shade of rolling green and to the gentle, whispering, beckoning music of Westminster chimes.

I’m thinking of myself and others in betwixt what was and what is yet to be.  And thankful — so filled with thoughts of proclaiming the Lord’s Glory over our earth, over our hearts and lives.  Surrendering my worries like my sorrowful breadcrumbs tossed up to the skies… Looking up to the One who knows the beginning and the end… who is Alpha and Omega…

And in this moment, I feel His laughter as sunshine as He says…

Join in the festive of this moment.  Refreshed in My Garden.  Replenished by My food and drink and made whole by fellowship I send.   Finish is the chapel bell to new beginnings…


This reminds me of a lovely little song from an old movie, Deanna Durbin singing in Mad about Music…   (Listen here:   :)   — Sorry for those of you who already tried to link to hear this, but I  just discovered the link I first put here was a foreign dubbed version!  Didn’t have my sound on…  :) This one should work!

Deanna Durbin Chapel Bells



Chapel bells
How I love the melodies they bring
Chapel bells tell of youth and spring.

Through the years
They have chimed their story of romance
Through the years
Love has found it's chance.

Gone is every note of sadness
When their music fills the air
When they ring their song of gladness
Happy hearts are everywhere.

Chapel bells
How I hope some day
That there may be
Chapel bells, ringing out for me.


Chapel bells


Chapel bells tell of youth and spring.

Gone is every note of sadness
When their music fills the air
When they ring their song of gladness
Happy hearts are everywhere.

Chapel bells, hear them ringing
Loud and strong
Chapel bells, making love a song.

~Jimmy McHugh/Harold Adamson 1938

© Pam Depoyan

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21 Responses to Chapel Bells to New Beginnings

  1. M.B. Sanok says:

    I like the idea of finish really being the start of fresh, new beginnings! What a positive way to look at things! Have a happy day!

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Oh! I just wrote a whole, long post and lost it! Drat. I must be brief now, but pls. know how much I love this. I wrote this on another blog in response to what the blogger said about “finish.” : “Completion was my theme word for two years, recently. But now I’m realizing I need to begin before I finish.” I love, Pam, that you mention beginnings and also tied in with Shelly’s blog. Serendipitously, I had just gotten off the phone w/ Shelly, and love her willingness to trust God and begin this new adventure. I’m sure she will appreciate your loving sendoff and that she will hear plenty of chapel bells in England! Thanks for introducing me to yet another Deanna Durbin movie, Mad About Music, and to her glorious voice.

    Amazingly, she was only fifteen when she sang that! Here’s another song from the same movie.

    Pam, your posts always touch me. Sorry I lost my first comments. I liked them better. =]

    • Oh, too bad! I would have loved to read your words. They are always a gift. 🙂 Amazing about your word of “completion” too! I always love how God ties us in to each other with those “sacred echoes.” I’m so glad this touches you too. Wasn’t sure if it would mean much… Such a simple post…Tried to just keep it to that 5 minute Friday rule for just writing and not editing. I’d just read Shelly’s post and it spoke of this to me. And I had just been praying for some inspiration to tie in to the drawing I just did too so this idea about finish and new beginning seemed to be a “seed thought.” .

      Yes, “Mad about Music” is a sweet, fun movie – sort of reminds me of a 12 year old Shirley Temple type. Deanna only looks about 13 and sparkles above the simple plot of the movie, all the more amazing to hear her gorgeous voice. Thanks for sharing her beautiful Ave Maria too!

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Sorry Pam . . . I didn’t realize this would post a whole YouTube photo, etc. It was just a link. Remove it if you don’t want it there.

  4. lynndmorrissey says:

    Glad you were able to get just the link (looks more suitable)! =] Also, did you notice the girl in those two clips–the one with the long banana curls? I don’t know her name, and I have never seen her in another film but Heidi with Shriley Temple. So it was fu to see her. I love that you introduced me to Deanna. I’ve heard her name of course throughout the years, but until you suggested her movies, I had never seen/heard her before. She’s a breathtaking singer (not too much tremulous vibrato like Kathryn Grason), but just a lovely, pure tone. And I think that she acted well also. You did a wonderful job with your short post, and how you did it so well and followed the rules, I’ll never know. I’m a slow, plodding writer, and don’t do necessarily well with spontaneity. Sometimes, I surprise myself, but not usually. =] It would be good practice, though.

    • I’m so glad you enjoy Deanna too, Lynn! Some of the later movies were more corny in script, but she is always so good and her music exquisite! Her version of Puccini’s Turandot in “His Butler’s Sister” is breathtaking (can’t listen without tears streaming!). A couple other favorites of mine are “Three Smart Girls Grow Up” and “It’s A Date” if you ever get a chance to see them… I grew up watching her movies shown on TV (my mom loved her and introduced me to her) so when I found her movies on VHS years ago I bought several. I agree… I enjoy Kathryn Grayson but Deanna’s voice was richer.

      Well, I may have gone a few minutes over the five 🙂 but I think blogging has kept my writing honed so that I can work fairly quickly if I have to (plus I’ve always had to write quickly at work too) – but I do love to go back and tweak it. I think it’s like drawing. Once I see the words down it helps me to see more clearly where things need sharpening or could be expressed in a more lovely way etc. Hard not to do that with these 5 min ones!

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Oh thank you! I’m calling the library today to see if they can get me any o f these. What is the first you introduced me to? It was wonderful. Yes, much richer voice than Kathryn or . . . oh who is that other one, with blonde hair and blue eyes? Not Jeanette MacD. . . . oh yes, Jane Powell. I just don’t abide lots of vibrato well. Jeannette has it but she is just so charming and does sing so well, I ignore it. My favorite role for her was San Franciso. Just love that movie.

        I think you are good to discipline yourself to this five-min. write once a week. Suddenly, I’m drawing a bland as to the lady who hosts it. I can see her face, though. I heard her speak in person, and she’s marvelous–a natural, and never reads a word. =] Very genuine and funny.

      • The one you watched before was “It started with Eve” (which was the original version of the updated Sandra Dee “I’d Rather Be Rich” ). If your library has other Deanna titles, I can recommend others too. There were a couple of other film noir types she did later on that I really didn’t like at all, not much music and way too dark. Think she was trying to show her dramatic style, but the scripts were bad. The little girl who played in Heidi was Marcia Mae Jones. 🙂 I’ve seen her in several old films… yes, they had fabulous character actors back then. I can enjoy Jane Powell, but she’s more trilly for sure. I enjoy seeing Jeanette MacDonald in some films, but have never really liked her voice much. I just watched a fun one with her – Three Darling Daughters. All those great character actors really make it fun. A very young Eleanor Donahue (from Father Knows Best) played her youngest daughter. TCM channel shows a lot of these, even Deanna…

    • Forgot to say – you are right! The girl who played in Heidi is in this (think she was younger in this one) as Deanna’s best friend. I’d forgotten that. She had such a sweet face and way about her. I just saw her in a short interview on TCM (may have been filmed a few years ago, not sure she is still alive) – she was talking about Shirley Temple and how she enjoyed working with her… Still had a sweet face in her late age. 🙂

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        There were just such great character actors in old flicks. Wish I knew her name. She was darling.

  5. Pam this is truly lovely. Your writing is exquisite. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m touched by this.

  6. Mary Gemmill says:

    LOVELY post Pam~! I am also an intercessor for Shelly and Hg as they obey the Call of God to the land of Westminster Chimes!
    LOVE your drawing here too,,,what a talented lady you are.
    God Bless you my friend,

    • Thank you, Mary! I know God has much that is wonderful ahead for Shelly and H. I just wanted to do this drawing for fun… you know I love that English feel (like the beautiful online card you sent me). Blessings to you too – hope your weekend is refreshing!

  7. lynndmorrissey says:

    Marcia Mae Jones! Doesn’t sound like a stage name, and I’d never known. I had only seen her in the Heidi film. I’ll ck out the others you recommend, and thanks for the It STarted with Eve title. we don’t “do” cable, but I’m grateful for the old theatre in St. Louis that shows classic flicks every second Saturday. I love being able to see them at the cinema on the big screen and with freshly popped popcorn. (Actually, I don’t eat it; Mike does, but I love the scent)! =] MacDonald’s voice is thinner, and perhaps that’s what you don’t like. She’s so darling though in SF. I love that transformation of Blackie, too, and of course, the movie has great morals.

    • Yes, SF is one of my favorite old movies too. Thinner… that’s a good word. I just don’t quite get why her voice was considered so extraordinary. But she was lovely in face and as I understand, in who she was as a person. My mom, aunt, grandmother all adored her. (Her real life husband, also a popular actor of the 30’s, had a bit part in “I’d Rather be Rich” – I saw him on a moving tribute to Jeannette once. She died young. ) My grandmother had a personally signed photo of her – I think from when my grandfather used to do electrician work somewhere to do with the studios or something.

  8. elizabethfstewart says:

    We’re neighbors at Barbie’s this week! I’m blessed by Shelly’s life journey as well. God is so good to us as we follow Him!

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