Time…and Your Thoughts!

      Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like God has possibly sped up time somehow…that maybe, without our quite perceiving, He’s transformed 24 hours into a lesser time quotient than it used to be?  So that what appears to be a minute, may actually be an undetected half a minute less than it once was (or even less) – with no way for us to actually measure it?

Today, that interesting thought doesn’t appear so much sci-fi to me as to a quickening of the number of days till our Lord’s return.  When I was a girl, time seemed a savoring thing… summers moved lazily along like a brook over stones.   The days between the end of school and the entry to new teachers stretched out like sails against the horizon.  The earlier descent of darkness come fall hailed a feel of cozy, hunkering down to school… and Christmas, my favorite of all, still felt light years away.

Contrarily, today, I’m feeling whooshed through the days and months and years.  And so, I notice, do the children I know. Can it be I see a few red leaves already turning, here at the near edge of August gone? (Really?  August 2014 is almost over??????)

And…can it be that I’m immersing my thoughts in Christmas right now?  🙂   No, I’m not referring to decorating or looking for gifts or joining the Christmas in July (still going on) frenzy on buy buy buy channels — but to something more akin to actors donning velveteen dresses and bonnets to film a fresh Christmas card delight in the throes of summer.

To their manufacturing snow and make believe shivers and imagining themselves into the hopes and joys and dreams of the scene.

For that’s how I’m feeling these last few days, having begun putting pen & ink to some Christmas card designs whirling around my mind.  And suddenly, having just one drawn, I am feeling my pulse race against time… like maybe I’ve started this too late and I need to hurry hurry hurry like Alice’s rabbit!

Yesterday, I was trying to rush along the creativity and find words I want to convey… all the while watching my clock tick away hours as I became more and more frustrated… with…getting…nowhere.   And then I had this thought – would you like to join me in thinking a bit of Christmas?  Please, pretty please?  🙂


Here are a couple of questions I’d love your input and thoughts on as I muse about the 2 or three line message I’d like to write for the front side of this card (it would be blank on the inside):

  • If you were looking for a Christmas card meant to encourage a friend or a loved one, maybe let them know you were praying for them, or just wanted to lift their hearts in some way – what simple thought might you want to share with them in a card at Christmastime? 


  •  What “story” does this drawing say to you at first glance? (To see it larger, click on image)  Does it evoke a particular feeling, memory or scripture verse to you?  (Just an aside, for me, it is sort of my nod to a little church and boys choir, St. Timothy’s, in Cary Grant’s The Bishop’s Wife…  🙂

I’m not looking for anything fully developed, just quick flash ideas you might leave in my comments.  Can’t wait to read your thoughts!  🙂

May you feel time this weekend moving slow and savoring!

To every thing there is a season,

and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1



© Pam Depoyan

Pen & Ink Church Drawing shown above: mine, all rights reserved. 

(Please do not copy without permission. Thanks!  :)  )

  Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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17 Responses to Time…and Your Thoughts!

  1. Hi Pam!!
    I am still “a kickin” as we say here in the south–and am feeling better as each day moves by–too fast for me!! Please know you are Not alone in the thought of “time seeming to move a bit faster” because it DOES feel that way. As a child I vividly recall the anxious wait for Christmas and it seeming as if it would NEVER arrive–but suddenly there it would be, in all its glory! Now as I age and feel the sudden RUSH of stores determined to have CHRISTMAS layed out in front of us before July 04th–frustration hitting as I think “No!” I do NOT want this beautiful holiday dumped upon us so fast–because in the rush of the commercial holiday–I realize we are rapidly moving so FAST that we can so easily forget the REAL meaning of Christmas—CHRIST!!

    Your beginning drawing is BEAUTIFUL!!! When I saw it, instantly my mind wandered back to those days of time moving much slower, people caring more for each other, and Church service being a joyful part of the holiday….

    “Looking Back at Christmas–pure and joyful!” Tons of other thoughts racing away but I tossed that one out for you… Think you just might have stumbled upon something very SPECIAL!!! Drawing people in with you–helping them to pause in this mad dash rush of blowing past the First cooling breeze of Fall, skipping Thanksgiving and pushing away from the table to RUN for those mad SALES, running credit cards through machines until they are smoking and finally staying up all night before Christmas, wrapping gifts, worrying if you got the RIGHT thing–ending with a feeling of exhaustion, sadness–all mixed in as we struggle to find the REAL joy in Christmas!

    Then a moment arrives when I feel the LORD whispering ever so gently–“PEACE BE WITH YOU, My Child!”

    Bless you my friend for this very special Christmas blessing!! martha

    • Oh, Martha, so good to hear from you! And to hear you are feeling better. I’ve been thinking of and praying for you a lot these last few days in particular. Thank you for all you shared above! This church is actually from a real one I tried to capture in a photo the other day so I could draw it… in a nearby small village type town. Only now it is no longer used as a church, but a town hall. Sort of sad, but at least they didn’t tear it down! I added the lamp and snow of course… I just love these old fashioned English looking chapels. Everything you said holds a lot of truth. Your very last words echo something that keeps coming to me when I’m looking at this – Peace, the Prince of Peace… I’m so glad this blesses you today! Thanks for sharing the blessing of your words and thoughts here!

  2. So glad I linked up next to you at My Freshly Brewed Life! I think I would say something about the best gift I could offer them this year is prayer. Lovely drawing!

    • Thank you, Heather! I love that thought! Prayer, and interceding, is always near and dear to my heart too… When I come up with the words, I’ll post this card here under my pen and ink link… So glad you stopped by! 🙂 (Love the name of your site! I don’t see a comment section on yours, but wanted to say that peach sauce sounds yum! I think it might be great over a homemade biscuit too! Can’t wait to try in my oatmeal…)

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Such a beautiful drawing, and reminds me of the little English village churches we visited or even the little country church we attend near our cabin, except that ours is white clapboard and not brick. =] This church bespeaks both warmth and light to all those who enter to escapte the winter of the world. Escape? No, I think we’ll never escape, but we can find refuge–refuge in Christ. In Him, we are safe.
    Ps. 2:12 Blessed are all who take refuge in him.
    Ps. 5:11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.
    2 Sam 22:3 He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior—
    Ps. 11:1 In the Lord I take refuge.
    Ps 31:1 In you, Lord, I have taken refuge
    Ps 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
    Ps 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
    Ps 61:4 I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.
    PS 62:8 Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. (I juse this one in my journaling classes as we pour out our hearts to God in our journals).
    ps 73:28 But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.
    The above are all from NIV

    This is from Message:
    “God, you’re my refuge. I trust in you and I’m safe!” Ps. 91:1

    Wow, Pam, the more I looked up t hese verses, the more I thought, that’s it! This church is a refuge from the winter blasts of the world, and you depict snow here. I had just watched the news about the major threat to Great Britian and of all the terror wreaked by ISIS (or ISIL), and I have felt fearful and unsettled. I am turning to the news and not running into God my Savior, my refuge, my High Tower. The church is like a high tower where we can run and be safe, b/c in so doing, we are really running to God, to Christ. It would be an interesting Christmas theme, but it’s truth. Just some thoughts for you to mull over as God leads you. I so love your beautiful work!!!

    • Wow, this is why I love getting other thoughts. I really hadn’t thought of the refuge message with this at all, but I think it could work for Christmas. In my thoughts, I was thinking of the little dog outside the church waiting for its master to come out of the church… and how that can relate to our “waiting for something in God’s timing” – open doors, etc. Also, from the perspective outside of the Prince of Peace surrounding in the gentle snowfall… Love your thoughts on that though! Thanks for sharing all those words of the word!

      Yes, we can let the news put fear in us for sure! I don’t listen as much anymore, just enough to get what is happening. Something I keep praying a lot lately in many needs and situations is “greater are you o, Lord, than he (evil one) that is in the world!” Thank you for your encouraging words, Lynn!

  4. Pam–I absolutely agree with Lynn’s comments—this old church truly does give the feeling of a REFUGE–a place where we can go inside,young or old and find JESUS….. Its wonderful to know there is still a beautiful old church like this still standing…. martha

  5. amymohorea says:

    Am primit mereu si mereu cuvinte de incurajare de la tine…si simt cum binecuvintarea cuvintelor tale imi da intelpciunea de a privi si invata mai mult…Experintele mele de craciun au fost inca din frageda copilarie o tristete continua….dar…mereu si mereu , an de an simteam cum o mina calda ma protejeaza.Acea Mina era mina Mintuitorului care din lacrimile mele facea sclipiri de iubire.Crescind am inteles cu adevarat care era semnificatia Craciunului….si asta ma facut sa ma simt mereu copil…un copil care stia sa iubeasca, sa daruiasca, sa mingie, sa adaposteasca un suflet trist, singur, flamind….si astfle totu in jurul meu era colorat si viata avea valoare.Imi aduc aminte cind aveam o frageda virsta de 10-12 anisori si sarbatorile se apropiau nimeni din jurul meu nu-i interesau sa fie uniti in dragoste si admosfera sa fie incarcata de parfumul bradului, a sclipirilor de becuri, de mirosul cozonacului, de cintecele ce aducea atita pace in sufletul meu….toate le cautam singura, le adunam in inima mea si incercam sa construiesc acea admosfera oferind fiecarui membru din fam si din jur o bucata de fericire….Sunt fericita ca prin toate experintele mele trecuta din copilarie am invatat IUBIREA…
    Iar desenele, tablorile tale sunt minunate…un talent pretios dat de Domnu….doresc sa cunosc un tablou de craciun asa cum il petreceai tu atunci in copilarie si acum la aceasta virsta…..ele imi vor da un impuls in a gusta si eu din frumosul, zimbetul, fericirea, iubirea ce ai primit-o tu….
    Domnu sa te binecuvinteze pentru tot ceea ce faci!

  6. I thought I would share in English, According to google translate, the beautiful message left above from amymohorea:

    I got over and over words of encouragement from you … and I feel your words gives me intelpciunea blessing to watch and learn more … my experiences of Christmas are from early childhood sadness continues … but … again and again, every year I felt like a warm hand protejeaza.Acea Saviour mine was mine from my tears made ​​flashes of iubire.Crescind I really understood what was the meaning of Christmas … .si this made ​​me always feel child … a child who knew to love, to give, to balls, to house a soul sad, lonely, hungry … This sort .si however around my life was colorful and had valoare.Imi remember when I was a young 10-12 year old age and approaching holidays no one around me not interested to be united in love and admosfera be charged the smell of pine, the flashes of lights, the smell of cake, the songs that brought so much peace in my soul … .all we seek only, we collect in my heart and try to build that admosfera giving each member of the fam and around a piece of happiness … .I happy that all my past experiences of childhood I learned LOVE …
    And the drawings are wonderful … tablorile your precious talent given by Sir … .I to meet an array of Christmas as you spend time in childhood and now at this age … ..he I will give a boost in taste and I of beauty, smile, happiness, love what you received you ….
    Mr. bless you for all you do!

    • Amy, thank you so much for your touching words. I’m sorry for your times of sadness, but am so grateful that our Lord covers you and your memories of Christmas in His Love. It means so much to me to know that my words and drawings are blessing you with beauty, smiles and love. So beautiful to hear how music has brought you so much peace in your soul… Christmas music does that in such a wondrous way. All His Blessings of peace and joy to you! He knows your heart and never leaves you alone…

  7. inspiredbyjune says:

    My first impression of your beautiful sketch is, “He came to seek and save the lost.” and I guess that is really my answer to your first questions, too, Pam. Not much of Christmas-ey message, really, and yet it is 🙂 I completely agree with your assessment of time, by the way! Have a blessed week!

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  9. cmjenniferm says:

    Kids’ birthdays make me realize even more how fast time is passing. That church drawing has a nostalgic feeling to it from long ago.

    • Yes, they certainly do! Still have so many pictures in my head of kids i love, from when they were so small… hard to believe sometimes when they are grown with their own littles! Yes, this is drawn from a photo of an actual church from long ago, in a small town nearby. 🙂 It’s currently used as a town hall, which is a bit sad to me, but it has that beauty I wanted to capture.

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