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When Autumn’s Ring of Fire Blazes… Holy

With this post, I am joining hundreds of other bloggers/writers as we write for 31 days in October with The Nester and inviting you to  My Autumn Psalmbook… To follow my 31 posts throughout October, simply go to categories on … Continue reading

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When you feel midair with wonder…

You know how you can be looking at something you’ve seen at least a zillion times, when…like an unexpected pop of a balloon… a sudden revelation  dazzles? How often I’ve relished an overflowing cone at this quaint ice cream parlor … Continue reading

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When insecurities keep echoing back…

  My own… I place My hands gently on your heart. Your poor, broken heart. Broken by lies spoken into your life Lies that have hidden My love from you, and Made you feel so…less than. Less than the child … Continue reading

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The Heavens Declare

It’s one of those glory days.  Billowed-whites sally forth like fluffy sheep – crossing sky meadow, creating majesty up and behind and round the belltower as I circle into the drive, my tiny Vivitar beside me.   I’m alone there, except … Continue reading

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Wordsingers are we

 “The out-and-out Christian is a joyful Christian. The half-and-half Christian is the kind of Christian…little acquainted with the Lord. Why should we live halfway up the hill and swathed in the mists, when we might have an unclouded sky and … Continue reading

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Thanks for Your Snowfall of Ideas!

In my last post, Time…and Your Thoughts!, I asked you to join in an early Christmas brainstorm – to help me narrow down an encouraging message for this first in a series of pen & ink Christmas cards I’m working … Continue reading

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