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 “The out-and-out Christian is a joyful Christian. The half-and-half Christian is the kind of Christian…little acquainted with the Lord. Why should we live halfway up the hill and swathed in the mists, when we might have an unclouded sky and a radiant sun over our heads if we would climb higher and walk in the light of His face?”  

~ Alexander Maclaren

A regatta of tall ships sails across the blue skies above, the wooded country road winding before us.  I take in the way the light filters through the treetops, leaving shimmering gold in its wake.    The way it makes trees appear rain-washed and glistening and turns furrows of dark green against softer lawn lines to carpets laid out as welcome.  Just looking at all this is like filling my lungs with great gulps of exhilarating, crisp air and feeling strengthened by it.  Shimmer, both on the world and on the souls it touches.

“OOhhh, you do find the most beautiful routes,” she murmurs, as one tasting and drinking of lush green after long drought.  And maybe she is, having flown in so freshly from the land of red rock desert.

“This is really the shortest way,” I laugh, yet knowingly…for I have planned this lilting jaunt through the country lanes to covered bridge to quaint shops – for her refreshing.

Seeing through another’s eyes somehow heightens my own appreciation, brings back joy of  discovery anew, in adagio tempo.

And so we talk of Kings and cabbages and simple everyday things, while a Song whispers like wind bracing through my curls.  Small brown birds scuttle and chatter before us as we walk past the old stone church, by the Music Man gingerbread cottages and up to the wooden bridge, sort of whispery now ourselves in this peace-lined lane.  A child cyclist wheels from the forward end – and out and on past us.

“Let’s walk to the other side,” she dares with a glint in her voice, as we come to a vehicle barricade where rider just passed through.   Light and shadows stream through bridge slats playfully, mischievously beckoning to us.  So we do.

And in her laughter, in the light rushing sound of water somewhere beneath rickety wood,  the words of the whispering song float up, discernible.

I love seeing My World through your eyes,  too,”  He sings.


“Joy is the serious business of Heaven.”

~ C. S. Lewis


An invite to you…

Join in the wordsong here today by

telling us about a moment of song joy in your life

and leaving a bit of refresh in my comments! 🙂

© Pam Depoyan

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  Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

Cloud photo: mine.   Road photo: dreamtime

About Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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34 Responses to Wordsingers are we

  1. Being Woven says:

    I can see the tall ships in my mind’s eye, but feel the joy through the time with you as you look to the beauty of that which is around you, that which is made by God to bring us joy. Glad you are my neighbor @ Sunday Stillness. I feel some refreshment.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, i’m breathless, such lilting, lyrical, light-permeated writing. You have me there with you and your friend, joyously crossing that bridge into His presence. And Jesus, who reconciled God and man in joy, is also often called The Bridge.
    God bless you for all you write to help us see.
    PS I did see your response at Dawn’s blog, and answered briefly, and will do so at length later today.

    • You always lift me smiling with your wordsongs here, Lynn. 🙂 Thank you! Yes, I didn’t think of that today, but do love the thought of Jesus as our Bridge over troubled waters… I’m refreshed to know this refreshes you. I will check back at Dawn’s later then… 🙂 Glad your Bach went so beauteously yesterday!

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Oh! Bridge over Troubled Water! When I sing that on my own, I change the lyrics a tad to use Jesus’ name, and how it minsiters to me. I know Art Garfunkel’s dear (ex) wife, and someday I will share that with her. And speaking of singing…..thanks about the Bach. This was a re-audition for our new conductor….so that is always a bit unnerving. Glad it’s done, and I feel it went as well as it could (considering nerves and all! 🙂 )!
        Love you!
        Yes, my comment and yours both appear at Dawn’s blog.

  3. Beautifully crafted piece.

  4. You have captured the essence of beauty found in nature and in God. Thanks so much! We’re neighbors at Coffee for Your Heart! 🙂

  5. Karlene says:

    Beautiful words! I’m so grateful for the Song of my life – the one who gives a song in the nighttime hours, and in the morning. Your post had me pausing to remember some of those drives along my journey that brought beauty and wonder at God’s creation, and precious moments with family and friends. Blessings and visiting today from #RaRaLinkup.

  6. Thank you…. for reminding me that this is my own style of writing. I have written for so long with no poetry… no pulling in of images and beauty… perhaps because my life feels so devoid of it these past several years. It is a hard life, full of stark realities and painful truths that lend themselves more to straight-up discourse. But this… this is beauty. I miss poetry… I think I will return.

    • Oh, Melanie… I understand the hard parts of life trying to rob us of such lilting beauty. God is reminding me a lot lately how He doesn’t want us living bent under it all, and how His word in our mouth will begin a move of transforming in our hearts and lives more than we know. I want to write a post on that soon, maybe today if I can fit it in… A verse I’ve been meditating lately by just repeating it to myself often throughout the day is lifechanging in this way… Ps 103 – amplified -You have redeemed me from the pit and corruption. You beautify, dignify me… You crown me (from the top of my head to soles of my feet) with lovingkindness and tender mercies!” He is our most beautiful wordsinger, and showing me how when we put such words in our mouths, speak them out especially when they seem so contrary to “reality”, it allows Him to make it so… Yes, Melanie – let that poetry flow! I have been missing this style in my own writing lately too! Blessings!

  7. I’m right there, riding with you – what a beautiful, refreshing outing you took me on!

  8. Pam – you always paint such beautiful word pictures and captivate me with poetically crafted words. I was enjoying every minute of it. Oh and covered bridges – I grew up in Oregon where we have so many still, it seems they are far and few between now… however just yesterday, I was leaving a writers retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN when a sign appeared on the road side pointing toward a covered bridge 1.3 miles down a road to the right – so we went and enjoyed the historic beauty of the moment. Thank you, your neighbor at #WholeHeartedWednesday

    • Thank you, Debbie! I do love crafting word photos and knowing you felt that way makes me smile too! I never saw any covered bridges growing up out west, but there are several around where I live now. Not all working, but still there to admire and enjoy. Love that you got to enjoy that even just yesterday! 🙂 I love photographing them in the fall with autumn colors all around… would love to draw one sometime too… Thanks for sharing your own story…

  9. gosh such refreshing, poetic writing! Just love you took me along on the beautiful lane! Visiting from nextdoor at #testimonytuesday!

  10. Michelle says:

    Poetic, beautiful and I can close my eyes and imagine each word, each scene and feel Jesus. Thank you for bringing such joy to my party today.

  11. Carol Cook says:

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Lux G. says:

    Aw this is beautiful. Soothing to the soul. I especially love the closing quote.

  13. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    The out-and-out Christian is a joyful Christian. The half-and-half Christian is the kind of Christian…little acquainted with the Lord. I love this! It’s convicting but I love it anyway, Pam. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  14. elizabethfstewart says:

    I entered into your experience through your beautiful words, enjoying the sun shining through the trees, the country roads, the covered bridge with you!

  15. Just beautiful Pam! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! It was a joy to read!

  16. Once again, I am moved by your writing! Such peace and a beautiful picture of joy. I don’t think there is a single C.S. Lewis quote that doesn’t stir. Glad you are here at Fresh Market Friday! Crystal~

  17. Anna Smit says:

    What a beautiful post. So true: “Seeing through another’s eyes somehow heightens my own appreciation, brings back joy of discovery anew, in adagio tempo.” Love the quote you end on. Thank you for turning us to thankfulness for good gifts from above.

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