The Heavens Declare

It’s one of those glory days.  Billowed-whites sally forth like fluffy sheep – crossing sky meadow, creating majesty up and behind and round the belltower as I circle into the drive, my tiny Vivitar beside me.   I’m alone there, except for a red sedan parked by the low cement wall in the lot, heedless of space lines.  A solitary woman not far, kneeling to garden.   And the music of birds winging. When I step from my car, the air itself owns the feel of cathedral… a necklace of  peace.

Glancing to the side, up and beyond, then back again, I figure standing on the wall will give me the airy perspective I’m envisioning even as my mind is already clicking shutter.  There’s plenty of margin for safety atop, I measure by eye.


“Would you like me to move my car?” the woman offers, smiling in voice and eyes as I clamber up.

“Oh, thanks… you’re fine!”  I answer.  “I’m just snapping a bunch to maybe do a drawing.”   A not so rare occurrence for artists,  reads the friendly grin she gives me.

I’m not in New England, but the history and feel of this place coaxes me to think I am.   The landscape stretching before me is still wearing its summer greenery.  Light tingling over shadows, playing hide and seek in and out between the trees.  The air is comfortably warm, with maybe a hint of tang, yet I’m reminded somehow of autumn color tours not too distant and rolling meadows studded with trees of varying hues… and I can’t stop clicking shots, even the ones I know I won’t be able to use – like those of the gorgeous rounded and mullioned windows on the brick section of the church, hidden behind the trees.   I have to decide viewpoint, and landscape wins…

I just barely capture the entire church within my lens… all but the tip top.  So I tilt my aim into the sky, bring into close up, snap the Plymouth Mayflower ship weather vane, smile wide at the quintessential charm of it.  At the love I’ve somehow always had for colonial architecture and flourish, even growing up where it was far and between.   Something planted in me…

This is like a dream shot of a day here, I recognize out of the blue.  If I’d planned it, I couldn’t have found a more picture perfect backdrop to this place of praise.  Breathy wisps of white cloud, as if on cue.  Just then,  those gossamer wings surrounding the church stir words inside me.

The heavens declare THE GLORY…

Making me wonder, albeit a bit fancifully… Does God ever press such days into His Book of Remembrance?  These ordinary everyday sparkle moments He designs in hopes we’ll notice?   🙂

I will take this one out and remember… especially in the grey ones.  


Tell me about an ordinary everyday moment

you’d love to freeze frame for remembrance…  🙂

© Pam Depoyan

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21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace  with Bonnie Gray at Faith Barista, where she invites us on Thursdays to “Share your whitespace moments – quiet moments of beauty, where you can breathe and rest.”

Pen & Ink Church Drawing shown above: mine, all rights reserved. (Please do not copy without permission. Thanks!  :)  )

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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10 Responses to The Heavens Declare

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, you never fail to paint such beautiful word pictures, and all you write always uplifts! I showed Sheridan your drawing, and being the art major she is, she was duly impressed. So am I! You’re the Jan Karon of poetic prose capturing those small town buildings and the Thomas Kincaise of pen-and-ink. Compliments all around!
    PS With all the horror in the world right now, God uses you to bring beauty and hope.

    • Thank you, Lynn. There is so much ugliness and sorrow around, and I don’t want to sound like I don’t recognize that (a lot of things can weigh me down right now too)… but there are these simple moments of beauty and hope that can so easily be lost to us, aren’t there? I truly loved drawing this one – I especially love drawing trees. And the tower on this place is amazing!. I always wanted to capture it on paper, but thought maybe it was just something every artist in town was doing… Still, there are always unique ways to portray the same thing and God just seemed to speak that glory of the heavens into me…. I know Sheridan is quite the artist and hope to see something of her work someday! 🙂 P.S. Not sure why some of my scans allow you to click and see it a lot bigger, and others don’t seem to… Wish you could see this one in person.

  2. Pam~~
    first of all–a FANTASTIC drawing you have done yet again!! It brought JOY into this day of remembering~~~I had surfed the web to find some videos of 09/11, even though the horrible images are forever pressed into my mind–and in the midst of so many graphic images, one suddenly appeared to me that put it all into perspective. There amongst debri falling, people dying, lives changed forever–a lone old church stood SILENT and STEADY.. For me it was HIS way to assure us–“I AM HERE with YOU, always!”

    On Sept. 10th, 2001- I went into the hospital, seriously ill with a massive Staph infection in my spine–the result of a Pain Device having been implanted to help ease my Chronic Pain. As I lay waiting for urgent Surgery, suddenly I sensed someone near me and looked up–to see a loving woman smiling at me with such Peace. I had no clue who she was and asked her “Are You my ANGEL??” She informed me that she was the secretary of my Doctor and was there to pray over me!!!! A calm feeling washed over me at that exact moment and the next thing I remember is waking up the morning of Sept.11, 2001 and seeing people JUMPING out of Windows…………

    Your beautiful drawing of GOD’s HOUSE touched me so deeply on this day–and it helped pull all the memories into place for me~~~~in those darkest hours of our nation’s tragedy–GOD was there, helping lead so many HOME, being that HAND in the darkness that others were able to reach for and bringing a gentle woman to my bedside–offering PRAYER that I know HE heard…

    I am so grateful for HIS continued LOVE….. I am truly THANKFUL for the GOD given Talent you possess and share so lovingly with us…. Thank you for allowing me to share my day with you..


    • That’s a truly moving story about your “angel” coming to pray with you, Martha. And what a wonder of how God is with us all, in the moment you were in there the night before that horrible day. He was there before, during and after with all those that day. yes, what a beautiful word – He is with us always! Leading and holding us. It touches me that this drawing has so much meaning and light for you today…and that it reminds you of one sent to pray with you that night…to remind you that He hears your prayers, all or our prayers… I am so grateful for His unending love too… Thank you for sharing these memories and story, Martha. In a world often upside down, how comforting is His Love that carries us through and into His victory. Blessings on your sleep tonight…

  3. Krista says:

    I’m your neighbor on Coffee for your heart link up. 🙂
    I love how descriptive your blog is and the drawing is fantastic! How beautiful and what a talent you have! 🙂


    • Thank you for those words of encouragement, Krista. I’m so glad this uplifted you. 🙂 I just read of your heartbreaking loss of your coworker… We never know what others are going through, but I do believe He shines through us to touch those around us in ways we don’t even know, or may not know until Heaven. May His peace enfold you!

  4. Hazel Moon says:

    Beautiful words and I love your sketch of the quaint church. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  5. This is lovely…made me stop and think of my own freeze frame moments and I think God is honored by our rememberance. Thanks for this!

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