When insecurities keep echoing back…


My own…

I place My hands gently on your heart.
Your poor, broken heart.
Broken by lies spoken into your life
Lies that have hidden My love from you, and
Made you feel so...less than.

Less than the child whose smile warms Me so.
Less than the child I long to hold.
Less than the one more precious to Me than life.

And I whisper…
Listen, oh listen to My blessings as I sing them over you now…

I am so proud of you.

Not because of your gifts. Not just when you live perfectly. But because you’re you.
Only you.
I know everything about you…and no one else can take your place in My heart. No one.

You don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to be…anything.  Just the one I love.
And I bless you now…with My grace…and faith… to strengthen your heart…

I want to spend time with you.

Not because I can get something from you…
But because…
I love your laugh.
I treasure your thoughts.
I enjoy just being with you…even in silence.
I love to watch your eyes sparkle as you unfold My gifts.
I save each of your tears in a bottle.
And I want you to know Me deeply too…
I bless you with My closer than a brother friendship upon your life.

I love to hear you call to Me.
Your voice is one of my favorite things.
I love when you turn to Me with shining eyes because you see My beauty around you…or feel my touch on your face.
Or when you breathe a silent “Thank You”… just between us.
But most especially, I love when you tell Me you need Me.
I need you, My own… Now and forever.
My heart would break without you.

And I bless you with My everlasting Love…

I love the special ways you are so like Me.

When I created music, I thought of you.
Because I knew… from all time...you’d share My heart and joy in every note.
Perfect harmony…just you, just Me.

I never wanted you to be burdened with striving for perfection.
As with those who know and love you most, it’s not a performance to Me.
I just love to hear you sing.
You understand how it feels to soar on the crest of a breathtaking melody.
And I can sing glory and peace and beauty into your heart…knowing you will hear it too. (Not everyone does, you know.)

I hear your heart of praise most of all…and you mist My eyes with sweet tears as I sing my songs of rejoicing over you…call you to Myself…

And bless you with My heart…for your heart…

I never stop thinking of you.

I know you understand…a father cannot forget his beloved child.
You are in My heart and mind…every moment.
Even when you are unaware, My arms are around you. My eyes are watching over you with love.
I keep my eyes on you when you wander far away. I never want to lose you
That’s why I grieve over your pain. I weep over every lie that hides My heart from you.

And I will not stand by and watch lies devour you.

So I bless you with Truth…to set you free…

You are a dream-come-true.

I always wanted a child just… like… you. I have children, many as the stars.
But no one else is exactly like you.
Each snowflake is My one-of-a-kind masterpiece. And…so are you.
If you’re not there…
The orchestra is discordant
Our family is incomplete
And there is a hole in My heart.

I bless the day I made you…I want to stay around you…I bless each moment you give Me your heart…and let it be Me.

For we belong to each other.

I speak Truth into your heart now. Please believe me when I tell you…
You are precious and honored in my sight [your Name]. A royal heir.
I restore your confidence.
I break the chains that bind you.
I renew your self esteem to see yourself through My eyes.
I take your insecurities and doubts and cast them into the sea!
I hold your face in both Hands.
And cherish you…




Vintage Floral Vase

Note:  This came out of a circle of prayer for someone I was encouraging ten years ago…   Recently I thought of it again, after reading a friend’s recent post about old childhood fears encroaching once more on her in the midst of an uncertain time (one I can totally relate to myself right now).   I have been asking the Lord why it is that those old insecurities and tragic circumstances from decades ago seem so hard to die in us – even when proceeded by so many years of blessed joy.  I know my friend has known years of a beautiful marriage, children she holds close.  So why do all those old insecurities from before that time still hold power to bring her right back to that vulnerable place?  Why do they still keep surfacing in me, in most of us, too?

Suddenly, this piece came back to my mind and wouldn’t let me go… so I dug it out from my prayer journals and thought I would share it with you here.  Even if you do not consider yourself a singer (as I am certainly not), may these words sing the Father’s heart so triumphantly over you that those lies of the thief simply fizzle out forever, like fireworks sound and fury, spent.  And may we hold up His banner of Love over us, if they even try to whisper…


But I am like an olive tree
growing in God’s house,
and I can count on his love
forever and ever.

Psalm 52:8 [CEV]


© Pam Depoyan

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10 Responses to When insecurities keep echoing back…

  1. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, this is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing these words, I needed them today after a hard day at work. I love to sing the songs that He has given me. Music is such a blessing from Him. I do try to picture Him listening to me bending close to me so that He can hear me. 🙂

    • It brought back some tears as I dug it out and read it again just now too. It does seem like we need to drink in these truths moment by moment… I’m so glad this blessed you especially this night, MaryLou… Thanks for sharing that! There is nothing like music, and one of my favorite verses is Zeph 3:17… 🙂

      Well, I just realized that I only posted the second part of this (there were two pages of it that came from that prayer long ago)… so I just changed this to include the first part since not so many had read it yet! 🙂

  2. I loved this – especially the part that I am a dream come true. Wow! Sometimes we need to be reminded of how deeply God loves us like this. Blessings, Amy

    • I remember when God put that thought in my heart as I prayed for someone who had told me of feeling such low self worth… and how beautiful it is to think of God in that light. Yes, I believe it echoes back to Paul’s prayer in Eph 3:14 🙂 Thank you Amy, for letting me know this resonated with you too!

  3. Mary Gemmill says:

    Pam….I’m so GLAD you came across this and posted it for us…it really spoke to me…and I am so grateful to you for it.

    • That blesses me to know that, Mary. I just kept thinking God was putting it on my mind for a purpose…but wasn’t sure i could find it easily. Then, it was out of prayer for someone else. (I just had to tweak a few words that were specific to that person.) But truths like these are His heart for us all! Blessings to you today, Mary!

  4. These are definitely words that need to wash over us. So pretty!

  5. Anita Ojeda says:

    Thank thou for your beautiful words of encouragement. I love the thought of my voice being a special sound to the Father :).

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