Skipping Ebenezer Stones Across October’s River

Digital Camera


 A psalm reflecting on the colors and power of His peace



Stillness hovers like your blessing across the winding river where persimmon, canary and evergreen preen themselves before their mirror and sway in leafy velvet along the rocky edge. A squirrel darts a few feet away…freezes upright at the sense of my presence…spins round to flee. The occasional pipe of a bird punctuates the air, and as if on cue, bits of gold twinkle from the skies, gentle as your grace falling, filtering through your fingers… The sight of such unset jewels floating on air soars something indescribable within me.

Just you and I in this scene of Autumn’s beginning, Lord. I feel my shoulders relax in its respite, this uncommon absence of the world and its worries.

I’m so grateful you led me here at this moment — to this park where your Beauty is a rainbow coat slipped round my shoulders, your Spirit is a warming fire running healing in and over me. Through the slats of the covered bridge, the treetops resemble flags of shooting flame, reminding me of your mighty power.

Digital Camera

And prayer is whispering up, like bubbles in a kettle of steeping tea. I want to sing out words of your Word over friends whose home I’ve just left with a homemade treat… to swirl more than buttery chocolate and coconut and sugar fresh from the oven over them…

But it’s so quiet, the crunch of my walking shoes and the click of my camera seem almost… obtrusive. I can hear the rustle of tiny creatures in the woods, here… there… and acorns dropping from the trees. I can hear your heartbeat!

Then unbidden, fear shivers a different kind of whisper over me.

“You’re all alone in this rolling landscape of wooded areas… Is it wise, a solitary woman walking, purse out in open, where anyone could be lurking in the shadows?”

I feel then, the world and dire news and sorrowful hate too much with me. “Do I heed that as Your wise counsel to leave, Lord?” I inquire silently. I abhor this sudden eerie feeling, the encroaching of even having to be concerned when no one else is around.

“You keep your angels round me,” I declare to my spirit. “You go before me and behind me.”

Digital CameraI mean to leave, but every time I close my camera, I spot another living photo I just have to capture. The brook that looks like a woodland England scene, winding in and out along low stone walls, meandering its way down to the bigger river. The sunlight radiant in yellow canopy just ahead.

And in between snaps, I’m frustrated by these intruding thoughts that safety in such places even need be a concern n bright daylight, on a weekday when others are away. I’m angry at spiritual warfare… and those led by hatred… disease…stealing our peace and safety, our very lives with threats.

“Why are you letting them?” you answer.   I remember the squirrel, frozen and afraid, darting hither and yon…  unaware of True Presence.  And I know resting in your Peace is about more than just here and now in the park…

A word to wield against every lie and doubt the enemy has been insinuating in my life…(and into so many of us)

“Fear not!” I hear you command my spirit. “Quench all lies with my Word of Truth. For I have given you a sword in my Name. Greater am I in you than anything that comes against you… You are never alone.”

Digital CameraMy path is lit with Heaven’s radiance before me. I turn my eyes and heart to you, O Lord. Teach me more and more how to walk in proclaiming  your victory.

Digital Camera I watch your breath ripple and shine across the smooth water mirror where you are  skipping Ebenezer stones of joy, inviting me to join you, to remember. And I lift my heart to you as a symphony of strings to your praise.


© Pam Depoyan

photos: mine

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4 Responses to Skipping Ebenezer Stones Across October’s River

  1. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, I love your pictures and the words that you did share. It is very sad that we cannot enjoy a time alone without those thoughts coming in that there just might be some danger lurking around. I know it is so wonderful to be out in God’s creation by yourself enjoying the sights and sounds. I am so grateful when I take my walks along the seashore that there are times that I can be alone. Thank you for sharing! I love this time of the year with all of the changing colors although where I live I don’t see as much as you do. I love the word autumn I think of cozy times during this season. 🙂

    • Thank you, MaryLou. I wanted to drive out to this park before the rains came and hopefully see autumn colors around that bridge. I think it was the perfect day for the bridge… the trees seem to turn there quickly and I usually miss them. But the rest of the park is just beginning so I will probably go back and take more there. It’s gorgeous at it’s peak! Supposed to rain for next several days, so we’ll see. I love the word Autumn too… for the same reasons! I have more photos from yesterday yet to share… so many beauties by the water there! I was thinking of you walking alone on the beach too… guess we need to be wise, but pray for His discernment too…

  2. Mary Gemmill says:

    LOVED this Pam…the battlefield of the mind, Huh ?
    I would love to read your 31 day posts…I already have a subscription to your blog so will I just get them, or do I need to sign up at The Nester’s ?

    • Exactly, Mary! I was hoping I made this clear enough that it didn’t just sound like being afraid alone in a park but that the park issue was more a metaphor for so much more, how the enemy whispers all the time to us in everything we are experiencing (loss, health stuff etc). So glad it touched you!

      Yes, you should be getting these just like normal… no need to sign up anywhere else unless you want to get some of the other bloggers who are linking to Nester… I’m a little uncertain how this is working. I’ve done it for three years or so, but actually linked to someone who linked to Nester. I linked up each individual post back then… but with this, I got the feeling last night that I only link once with a button for the whole 31 days, which I don’t have (it looks like the linkup closes soon, so that confuses me) — and then people who want to come here. But not sure… have to look into it more. Anyway… you’ll get these as usual. Thanks, Mary! 🙂

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