Like a lingering fragrance, autumn reminds me…

scan0021(I’m lovin’ this 1906 Bungalow in Oregon)

Vintage Sunflower Printable

A psalm – A time for pondering

The fragrance of yesterday’s baking to gift some friends in the midst of never-dreamed circumstances still lingers about my home this eve… like the ongoing prayer that went into marbling melted chocolate into that cake batter and the hope sprinkled on its topping of coconut, butter, walnuts and sugar. Warmly redolent, it reminds me… you are in the details, Father, aren’t you? In the specially-planned and often considered little things, the taste of joy on the tongue, the hearth-light of a home.

Autumn reminds me of that too, Lord.  For I think – this everlasting longing for cosy and simple beauty and breaking bread made by hand and bubbling up pots of soul-warming soup to share – it’s been such an ingrained part of who you made me to be. It makes me think… it must be such a window into a depth of your heart too. That you are even now preparing dwelling places – homey and charming and assuring — for us, in your heaven. That you call us to haven and refuge under your paternal wings, like a mother bird to her young.

I see the cherishing of the old and exquisitely designed in you, Master carpenter… like those of a century and more ago who took pride in handcarving and rubbing genuine mahogany or oak to mirror finish, to designing wrought iron railings with smooth rounded banisters, to making windows simple works of art… and putting character into every minute piece.

Did you think of such things when you created this season of fiery palette and rapidly cooling days – that it would lead us back to treasuring the snug times and places of life, and sharing the gifts of peaceful in our homes made secure by you? Taking each other’s cares and joys to heart… building fires in the chimney grate of our days, to warm and cheer and encourage the heart-worn among us?

Do you yet whistle to the leaves each time fall approaches, calling them to reflect and spill forth your Glory and Majesty, like light through stain glass… so that each season’s canvas is new and fresh — in the way cold air signals geese to turn south? Do you take up your paintbrush and splash radiant, breathlessly beauteous colors here and there with design to turn our sailing hearts to thoughts of you and home?

I mull over these imaginings as I roll soft mounds of biscuit dough from two generations of family women ago, loving the feel of its weight and shape and texture in my hands – and not knowing quite why it makes me feel so warm and happy to hold and form and pat it out to bake. Like the feel of cuddling a child’s flannelled bottom close in my arms. And feeling their warm breath on my cheek, or watching them bury their faces against mom under endearing shy smile.

As I place the formed biscuit pieces close and touching on the baking sheet, I wonder… is this how you feel as you knead our lives together in you?

Oh Lord, if so… write your heart of Autumn on our spirits, lead us on through your bridge towards home and draw us closer under your feathers, safe from the outside cold.

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What are you praising Him for most in this season?

Join in the comment conversation… won’t you?  🙂

© Pam Depoyan


Pen & Ink Drawing and autumn photo shown above: mine, all rights reserved. (Please do not copy without permission. Thanks!  :)  )

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10 Responses to Like a lingering fragrance, autumn reminds me…

  1. Mary Gemmill says:

    Pam, I adore this house…you are so talented to draw it so beautifully.

    Love the 31 days series each year.

    Looking forward to seeing ALL God has prepared for us, when the time comes…nothing we can imagine will be what we will see…we will be totally dumbfounded with the beauty of His creation, I’m sure. Oh Happy Day~!

    Enjoy your Autumn season as I enjoy the fine warm days between monumental gales and cools spells that is our Spring weather.

    • Isn’t it charming? I love all the detail in the windows… it was fun to draw this one.
      I didn’t realize you were in a completely opposite season there! Gales… like monsoon type rains? We are having days of heavy rains here but not like that… Fall here can be extremely wet, but there’s something luminescent about the colors even on cloudy dark days… it just never lasts long enough for me. 🙂

      • Mary Gemmill says:

        Opposite seasons, yes…and our Spring is like your Fall, weather wise.
        I love pics of your Autumn colours as where I live the climate is so temperate that I have to travel to see them.
        Your drawings are exquisite and always delight me.

      • I didn’t grow up near colors like these, but God brought me here I think because He knew i always loved them in movies and books! These colors in person never seem to amaze me! Thanks, Mary! I am just surprised more and more how God is bringing about my artwork, after not doing any drawing for so many years… He seems to be putting a whole new style in me somehow and every drawing just makes me full of wonder – like I can’t believe it even came from me, if that makes sense. I’m no Kincaid or N. Rockwell, but I still see that this is not just me, but Him moving in it…

  2. Dawn Boyer says:

    Visiting you feels like cool fall evening sipping on warm cider in front of a blazing fire that lights up the highlights of the sun’s paint brush, finally coming alive after the summer’s heat soaked up the leaves ;and the technicolor show turns on in the radiance of the flames to reveal the intended masterpiece planned long ago. I leave feeling blessed by your words and encouraged by the pictures they create in my heart.

    • Oh…my…gosh, Dawn, what a gorgeous thing to say! And so beautifully penned. You touch me deeply with those words. I was just sitting here thinking how I could (and maybe should) go into a lot of sad or difficult things going on in and around my life right now, and wondering if I need to be getting more gritty or something. (Do others think I’m just living a worry free life? Or am I encouraging others to let Him release those worries?) I read so many wonderful bloggers who share their intimate lives. Yet every time I start to write, it’s a feeling of encouraging others to look for something beautiful in the ordinary that keeps coming to “my pen,” wanting to paint pictures with my words that reflect His heart for each of us. I’m never sure if what I write comes across that way or not… and today, your words are like his whisper of assurance to me. Thank you for letting me know that. Blessings to you too!

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, I love your breathtaking descriptions of autumn, and from the FAther’s perspective, of how He created it all for us to draw us cozily home to Him! Just gorgeous writing and sentiments! Thank you! And I could n ot help but long for our little Arts-and-Craft bungalow, Linden Cottage, when I saw your house rendering here. While yours appears more grandiose than ours was, houses of that era bear very charmingly characteristic features. They definitely hail from this nostalgic era gone by. I’m so glad some of them are preserved. Ours was not; and in fact, I felt nearly barbarous in having it razed. Well, actually, *we* didn’t, but we knew once we sold that that is what would happen. A developer was in need of land to build luxury mansions. But we knew the time was right, for various reasons, to sell. This is why I saw treasure my house painting of Linden Cottage, which is on the wall near my computer. It inspires memories when I write. So your work is very important. I hope many will buy your drawings. They will make wonderful, memorable gifts. I know how happy my painting makes me. THANK YOU , THANK YOU for your beautiful handwritten note and updating on your art. Alll you said is tucked closely in my heart, and I will ask God to bring your art to the world.

    • Thank you, Lynn, as always for your encouraging heart. This house came to me completely out of the blue when my friend’s daughter requested a portrait for a gift. It actually looks just like this. I am in love with all the detail! I was watching a program on HGTV where a woman renovates and saves homes like this that are deteriorated and would otherwise be demolished. She actually puts in her sales contract (when she sells the beautifully restored home) that it can never be razed! Amazing. I am not sure how that works if the buyer were to then sell it later… But I love that she is able to restore some of these treasures. Don’t know what this house looks like inside, but the one on the program last night was of the same era, only much larger, and had incredible mahogany woodwork all through the house. The same beauty in the windows… I am on the hunt to find more like this that I can draw… even just for the fun of it. Don’t seem to be many that seem as well kept up as this one above… I’d love to see a photo of your Linden Cottage… Thank you for your prayers!

  4. keahn says:

    What a lovely piece. Looking forward to reading more! Blessings.

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