Because impossible is just an empty word

A Psalm on assurance of overflowing cup


I set sail on a zephyr-breeze of praise.  Then, in a blinding squall from nowhere, I find myself shipwrecked on an undetected sheaf of rocks.

Coming home last night to something gone wrong… envisioning dollar signs for repairs I really can’t spare… I almost hear that heart-sickening crunch of a boat ripping against rock.

Please…please…please, Lord,” I pray, wordless.

There is just one large tree in my sight line and I am scrambling to think.

Digital Camera

Do not be afraid, you answer.

Calm my thrumming heart, I ask, memory pictures of another time this happened and how it could be worse if not handled immediately.

When the appointment-setter wakens me this morning, I feel a bit sick to my stomach at racing out of bed to answer. He’s coming in ten minutes. And it’s in that mad dash to throw on presentable that peace falls.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want... comes your everlasting Spirit Truth.

Yes… you make my cup to overflow.

(I have forgiven the instigators in this thrust-upon season of finance straits and once again I have to squash the thought against it all.  Release to you.)

I take you by the right hand… I send you secret treasures of provision…double blessing and restoration for all that has been stolen from you…

And you remind me that in you

I have your favor that produces great victories for me in the midst of what looks like great impossibilities. Surely the Lord fights for me. (Joshua 10:14)

Digital Camera

When all I can see is one lone tree you tip my chin up. You place me high on a hill where I can sit and look out over all your beauty splayed before me. Your kingdom stretches far and wide, out and beyond. You remind me…your provision, El Shaddai, is unending and never, never late.

And as I sign for this necessary but extravagantly unplanned bill, I thank you, Father for teaching me to declare your Word over all my life. I release it with joy into your hands and trust.  You even make me smile with Ebenezer stone remembrance, and anticipation at the ways and means you’ve proven you will accomplish it.

For when I speak your promises, I know your Truth holds life and goes out in power.    You send your angels on my behalf. You satisfy me with your favor and the full blessing of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 33:23 amplified). My expectation is in the Lord who gives me unending oil in my jars. (2 Kings 4)

I bless your Name forever.


© Pam Depoyan

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2 Responses to Because impossible is just an empty word

  1. Mary Gemmill says:

    Glad you have confidence in Jehovah Jireh. your provider….and glad you’re ok~!
    Loving your Autumn posts…….but not glad of all this extra drama.
    God Bless you, Pam.

    • Thanks, Mary. Yes, what would I do without knowing He is my provider! It’s just frustrating to have huge bills come up unexpectedly when I’m trying to take care of some other regular ones. Still have stuff from my broken wrist last year too and trusting God for work etc. But a blessing to have this taken care of before something worse happened. Just hoped this “psalm” would encourage others in similar situations! 🙂 Blessings to you too.

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