When a yellow leaf falls…

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The world is charged with the grandeur of God.It will flame out, like shining from shook foil.

~Gerard Manley Hopkins, from God’s Grandeur


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I’m afraid to speak or move for fear that all this wonderful beauty will just vanish… like a broken silence.  ~ L.M. Montgomery


a psalm of praise to His everlasting arms

A yellow leaf slides from sky to windshield like a note you’ve signed and sent by wind messenger… just to me.  A piece of Heaven’s Grandeur hitching a momentary ride, a falling star to remind…  Not a sparrow falls, that you don’t see and know…

And… not a solitary leaf…

In this shaking world where every day seems to hold news of crushing blow, you let me know… you see, you are there, you will not abandon.  No… you are HOLDING ON…

Even more…  you breathe your life and light and restoration resurrection and carry them on the wings of your Spirit…  robe each one in golden garb… send them frolicking in the joy of the Son’s radiance…

and call us to the same…

Cast your wearying worries to the sea in My Name, you bid, and they will obey.   You will walk free, unshackled by fear, when you sing My Glory over them…believing before you see… and watch my resurrection power breathe life into dry bones.  







floating —

safely, into  the cradle of My waiting Arms.

How much more will you and yours?

© Pam Depoyan



So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.  ~  Helen Keller

 I invite you to hop on over to Diedre Riggs blog today to read a lovely guest post (by my friend, Lynn Morrissey) written as tribute to just such a treasured friend…  http://www.deidrariggs.com/



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5 Responses to When a yellow leaf falls…

  1. Pam–its amazing how your words can Touch so many moments in a person’s life–

    Fall in our part of the country does not give us the Glorious Beauty that you see there–but HE still brings us a full palate of Fall colors to be grateful for.. As I read your post, my mind was in a different place–this morning as I waited to get injections for my Chronic Sciatica Pain, the surgery waiting area Filled up fast with “members of the Pain Club”and I was hit with a cold feeling–my mind questioning “Is This as Good as It will Get?” One limping, aching human being coming in, searching for any form of relief possible, faces lined with years of physical Pain–lives having been changed because of this….

    The PAIN of my inward Question hurt–but just as quickly, a beautiful answer rose up–as the doctors began to wheel me back for the procedure, I suddenly stopped and uttered a silent prayer, and finished with making the Sign of the Cross.. A nurse was standing nearby and her face seemed to GLOW, as she told me “You are RIGHT for praying—and HE is with you all the way!”

    When I woke up- the world felt Bright, full of Color and JOY!!! My heart had the answer to my early morning question—my LORD will always be with me and help me past the reality moments,giving me strength and courage to find my way through the Pain I live with each day…. That knowledge is as beautiful as each Fall Leaf turns and shines!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for allowing me this time of sharing, I felt very moved to speak about it..
    blessings to you my friend… always…

  2. I didn’t grow up on a place with these Autumn colors either, but I know fall has many varied glories in different areas of the country and world… so blessed to know He is using this series of posts to touch and lift you, Martha! That is my prayer each time I sit to write here…and you let me know He is moving in simplest of words I may share… Yes, He will be with you all the way! Thank you for sharing your heart – blessings to you too. May your evening be restful and brightened by that color and joy you speak of!

  3. Much thanks to you dear Pam, and I am always GRATEFUL for the prayers…….

  4. Ceil says:

    Hi Pam! How I love this season, the changing air and the colored trees. So lovely!
    Your writing is so lyrical, and my eyes just dance over the words. I loved the part of about singing his Glory over troubles, and believing that it will all be changed. (Deep breath, and peace…)
    I love walking through the woods. When a leaf falls right in front of me I take it gently in my hand. Little love notes from The Lord!
    Happy Fall to you!

    • I always think that about love notes too, Ceil… so many leaves are even heart-shaped! 🙂 God keeps reiterating that thought to me about singing His Glory (from the Word especially) over our troubles and really over all our lives – I hear it in ministers’ teachings, find it in the Word… So glad it resonates with you too! Fall is so glorious and seems a little slower in coming to my area this year… but I’m loving it because I can take time to appreciate more and more color each day. Need to get out and take some more photos! 🙂 Beautiful fall to you too!

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