O Sing to God Your Hymns of Gladness

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“O sing to God your hymns of gladness,
Ye loving hearts your tribute pay;
Your Lord is born this happy day.
Then pierce the sky with songs of gladness,
Disperse the shades of gloom and sadness;
O sing to God your hymns of gladness.
O Word of God for us incarnate,
By faith we hear Thine angels sing,
Their hymns of praise to Thee their King.
We join with them in adoration,
We pour to Thee our supplication,
That Thou wouldst grant us, Lord, salvation.”

~ Gounod/Webb, A Christmas Anthem,1866 *

(* You may recall a lovely rendition of this, sung by a boys choir in”The Bishop’s Wife”)


An anthem of praise in psalm

The Autumn morn seems made for Heaven’s frolic
while clouds of tufts chase white on blue…

As my pen puts dream to paper
My heart enthralls to hymn of gladness;
From beauty stored in memory, a cappela voices rise airy as angels,
Floating and folding one verse in on another,
Circling, soaring, winging in round…
Till, over the golden-hued tapestry of changing maples,
Weaving on your loom of crimson, brown and orange
They are signaling the wonder of Christmas in more than December day
… ethereal blessing…
Over the work of my hands…

What can we offer but what you put in our heart and hands?
What can we sing but what you put on our lips?

All that I AM, I give to you, the LORD declares.

Your words, like music, reach and disappear into my soul, O God,

and make me yearn for more and more of you.





© Pam Depoyan

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10 Responses to O Sing to God Your Hymns of Gladness

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, I remember well this hymn, and now that I see the lyrics, I can see it. Lovely movie, that, and so many beautiful Christmas movies. In fact, I wrote a little piece for Victoria Magazine (have no idea if they will publish it in their reader to reader column ) about my favorite Christmas movies. I chose the ones that make me cry. The beauty of your posts, here, often do! Love this.Thanks for sharing your psalm of autumn gladness!
    PS LOVE your drawing. It reminds me of the St. Paul’s Boys Choir, with whom I actually got to sing a hymn in the cathedral. Incredible!

    • Yes, I have loved this hymn since I first heard it in Bishop’s wife when I was a kid. Never have heard it anywhere else. There are more lyrics, but they were so Christmas-specific that Ieft them out of here. Hope they publish your piece in their column! So many favorites and always the ones that make me cry!

      I’m so glad you like this drawing! I had a hard time with this one because the photo I used was so so dark. I think if it had been a little more clear, I might have caught more detail. But I do like the feel of the way it turned out – which is exactly what you said it made you think of – like an English cathedral’s boys choir. 🙂 I couldn’t get that song out of my head, drawing it…and others like the Holly and the Ivy. Thanks, Lynn!

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Pam , didn’t know you liked boys choirs. Do you listen to John Rutter’s CDs of English carols? I always start playing them in October! Need to get them out now, come to thnk of it!

      • Yes, I have a beautiful CD of Rutter’s music… my favorite song on there is about Christmas Candlelight. So peaceful and inspiring! I enjoy boy choirs like you hear in movies about England. And some of the Vienna boys choir. But I don’t really have any music of them…

  2. lynndmorrissey says:


    • I don’t see any links… so no problem. 🙂 Just saw that you mentioned his “English carols.” Not sure if that is what I have (specifically English, I mean)… I will have to look for it though, because I love anything English!

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    REally weird. it showed huge photos of the CD links I inserted. Who knows? Anyway, try Rutter’s Christmas Night and Christmas STar. Just brilliant and also Christopher Hogwood conducting Messiah. To die for.

  4. Jenny says:

    I recently found your blog through a link up and I am so glad I did! I love your lyric prose, your up lifted and tender heart toward God and the beauty where He walks with you and speaks to you. It’s refreshing, each time, to read your posts and a pleasure to see your artwork- so finely done and full of glowing feeling, like a window into a warm room.

    • How beautiful your words are, Jenny. They encourage me that God is really in these posts as I pray He is. What you said about my artwork too means so much because that is the feeling I hope to infuse in them. Thank you! I’m glad to get to know you here and hope you keep coming back and may your week be filled with refreshing of blessings!

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