The Open Door


I heard this tonight – something I did not know of when I drew this picture in 2013:  September 25-26, 2013 was Rosh Hashana, the official beginning of the “Hebraic Calendar New Year 5774 –  the Year of the Open Door – Ayin Dalet, meaning “Eye that sees the door.”  In the Hebrew language each letter has a numerical value and a pictograph. These things contribute to the “flavor” of the year prophetically.  I love how God has incorporated so much richness into His Word this way!

For many reasons, the Holy Spirit seems to be speaking into my prayers in this tonight,   revealing  shades of new meaning into this picture, reminding me of                              Revelations 3:7-8 (ESV) and of His standing at the door:

 “‘I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

Autumn Leaves

a psalm of intercession


Day and night, and even as I sleep, prayer for these I name before you is heavy on my spirit, O Lord.

You take my words of your Word and make me one of many friends carrying, lifting, lowering another through a roof to you for healing.

You make me to walk around the Jericho wall, speaking out your Glory, calling down the defeat of the enemy in your Name, declaring GREATER IS THE NAME OF JESUS, MY GOD, THAN ALL COMING AGAINST the one(s) I lift to you, and you tell me when to blow the trumpet and see that wall fall!

You place me on the wall of Nehemiah to stand guard in the gap, and you make prayer my horn against the intruder thief.

You take my prayers at the threshold of Your Open Door…  Lord, I have no power in my own, but you have given me authority in your Name to go forth and declare your victory won for us at the cross.

I take the land you give me, everywhere my feet walk, like Joshua… for your Name!

O Lord… my spirit faints within me at this midnight hour and I pray, “Holy Spirit, keep on praying in and through me for these I lift to you even as I slumber, all throughout the night…that even in my dreams, you put prayer of your Word on my lips.  I reach out and touch the hem of your garment, beseeching,  “Pour out your holy oil, your fire, on these I lift to you…”

Your Spirit bears witness inside me, such prayer in the Spirit  is born of your heart for these, O Lord…



© Pam Depoyan


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Pen & Ink Drawing above: mine, all rights reserved. (Please do not copy without permission. Thanks!  :)  )





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4 Responses to The Open Door

  1. Hi Pam! What a lovely drawing, and so apt for the Year of the Open Door! And we are invited to walk through that door with his grace…what an honor and privilege. May God cover and bless us awake and asleep.

    • Thank you, Ceil. Did you read my post about my notecard giveaway? This picture is one of the ones the winner could choose… if you are interested, please look back a few posts to see about how to enter. The winner will be chosen on Oct 16.

      Yes, I love that about the open door and his door of grace! God keep and bless you too!

  2. Lolita Valle says:

    I remember this door of last year, Pam.

    And thank you for the blessings of intercession and intercessors. You are one such gifts for lifting others.

    I am so happy for the many shades of meaning revealed to you even in the drawing.

    You are an ecouragement to us (in and for His glory).

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