When the World Turns Mosaic Gold

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a psalm to bless the Lord, O my soul 


In these last, sad, days of formal farewell… you place so much of heaven with us, Lord. Truly a mosaic of your golden gifts. The sights, the sounds, the feel to ever linger on…

I hear it played in trumpet glory, by bedside and by altar.  In the giggles of babes reaching up for our arms…(even as we reach up for you).  And in the unspoken music of the soul.

I feel it in the slip of your arms round the hundreds upon hundreds in slow moving lines along path of mahogany pew and stained glass view… and in the Presence of your Spirit warm and strong and near, on me, on all the family…

I know it in the clinging embrace and fast-held clasp. In the unexpected goodbye kiss of one I’ll always remember as brother… In vigil prayers and upturned hopes.

I reflect on it in outpourings of words and paintings and wondrous, undying legacy of heart shared by those who loved him best.


Then…on kneeler, praying before you, I ask for a gift.

A glimpse… a word… a picture of his homecoming.

And oh, that you would somehow allow him to be here to see love poured out… for him!  Here… in this place of till we meet again… to mellifluous bells chiming, voices raised in singing…

Of a sudden, you fill my mind  with wondrous image — like a film unfolding — welling ready tears behind my downturned lashes…

And I see him walking arm and arm with you, up over a hill. Watch him stop and turn, flash us one more radiant smile, raise his hand high in the air, palm flat in salute… stretched out as though to touch …

In this simple picture of mind, you make me know your whispered love warm against my heart, as fire in a hearth…

Antique Shade Tree Image

Later, standing here beneath a mixture of darkening charcoal- and sun-bright skies, it seems as if you’ve spread a bit of Heaven’s golden roads in waiting for us… poured them out as shafts of glory ‘neath our feet. You’ve lit a fire glow in golden umbrella trees about us, banners of your love waving for him, for us… a promise that binds us like a cord that flows from heaven to earth and back again…

We’re weeping still, for loss of one oh, too soon… believing for coming day when you turn mourning into dancing, water into wine.

Thanking you.

Calling out to you.

Resting hearts and heads on you.

For yes…you place so much of heaven with us in this time, Lord.

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And as the night closes, your Spirit moves a four year-old boy to spontaneously, poignantly, unabashedly sing out a hymn — his pure voice loud and clear and rising to the stars on the tails of sky lanterns we send up in last wave…

“O, bless the Lord, oh my soul… O-O-Ohhhh… my soul,” he is singing lustily, undaunted by our amazement, even our loving laughter –  walking in and out amongst us there in the dark as though carrying a sparkling torch, raising up his full heart of worship and praise… and ours.

This time my tears flow because these words and hymn in this boy’s innocent voice seem like a reminding message from our loved one now home… telling us to keep our eyes turned upward… to your light ever burning… to blessing you, O Lord…even in our sorrow…

One more piece of heaven sent down to us, as on zip line

I close my eyes and hear our sweet boy still… and echo with him…

Yes…. OH, bless the Lord, oh my soul. O-O-Ohhhhh, my soul…

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© Pam Depoyan


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11 Responses to When the World Turns Mosaic Gold

  1. Lisa Koster says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  2. Kathryn Shirey says:

    ‘a piece of heaven sent to us on a zip line’ – what a lovely image to remember. I love how God can touch us so personally – like He’s reaching down from heaven to send us a message. Beautiful post!

    • Thank you so much, Kathryn. I’m tearing up so much these days and even as I wrote this… Zip line is actually a specific reference to these dear friends (like family) of mine. On the four year old’s birthday this year, they ran a zip line in their trees, and it was one of the last fun photos of my friend playing for his little grandson… Writing this, a zip line from heaven was the immediate image in my mind! Glad it resonates with you too! 🙂

  3. Haze; Moon says:

    It is sad to loose a friend, or loved one especially when their time to leave this earth must not have been in God’s original plan. The songs of the child will warm our hearts as we say our farewells (not good bye) because we believe we shall meet again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful yet sad post today with us at “Tell Me Story.”

    • So often it seems disease takes loved ones too soon. Yes, that beautiful song so spontaneous from a child’s lips stays with me so. I am so grateful to know that it is not a final parting because of God (and I am grateful for the faith of my friend so evident in all his life!)… yes, that we will meet again someday. Thank you for your kind words, Hazel. I hope this post encourages others who may be going through similar times one way or another… that our Lord lifts our hearts even in sadness.

  4. Jody Collins says:

    Pam, it’s been awhile since I stopped by. (We are ‘neighbors’ at Jennifer Lee’s this week.) I’m so glad you posted a photo of yourself, by the way. Lovely post. Isn’t Autumn just the most lovely season? And I like the idea of writing a Psalm. Perfect.

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