Touch of surprise round your corner…

Digital Camera

a psalm of colorburst and provision

The air holds breathy, gossamer dew as I step here, there amongst the living paintings of your hand, artwork set aglow against grey skies — camera-clicking your fine-lined  Masterpiece brushstrokes…

Digital Camera A blazing scarlet bush along a golden lane…   








a Digital Cameralonely rainbow sailboat moored behind the lakeside cafe, as if dreaming Fall-tinted dreams by the waterside stone path…





Then… feeling like a trespasser… I pause at the service entry,

just because I like the back drama story this photo shot seems to whisper,

the little bit of seasonal smiles someone carefully arranged there…

Digital Camera

and find your tucked away love note waiting in three little pumpkins

and an opening cafe door…

Do not worry for anything. 

I plant harvest at your feet.

I open doors you are not expecting.

And leave a touch of joyful surprise, waiting… just round the corner.

Thank you, Father.


Digital Camera

Have you found any autumn love notes lately?  🙂

Please share them in my comments….

© Pam Depoyan

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Topic: Inspiration and Faith (My theme: Autumn Psalmbook)

photos: mine

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9 Responses to Touch of surprise round your corner…

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Don’t you love these little surprises of God, Pam? You’ve captured them so eloquently–AS ALWAYS! Yes, God sent me the most breathtaking ballet of birds yesterday, as I was driving to get Sheridan from school. They were a loosely crocheted black ball of lace twirling in the sky, like a giant dandelion globe in their airiness. And suddenly, they just shifted directions, but never lost their circular formation, as if the whole ball rotated to fly off in another direction. It was stunning, and that quick. I literally gasped in delight!
    Tx for sharing!

  2. Ah what a lovely travel down a fall lane–leading us onto one surprise after the other and taking us to a full reminder of HIS bounty–Fall Pumpkins, harvested and now adorning this quaint entry. Very well done Pam—you do HIM honor with your words, observations, heart-felt spiritual appreciation for all HIS gifts to us………….. Well done…………

  3. Good Morning, Pam … I had to smile as I clicked in because we’re both featuring doors and brick walls this morning … but you’ve got PUMPKINS! And WINDOWS!

    May this day shine for you …

  4. I’m finding more and more that I love seeing pictures on fellow bloggers’ sites. Beautiful color. Thanks for sharing (visiting from Coffee for Your Heart)

  5. Thanks, Linda! I am smiling too, looking at your door photo (and you have a BENCH!!) 🙂 Alas, this has been an incredibly crazy wild, nutsy frustrating day for me, but your comment and photo are making me smile. Hope you had day shine today!

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