Orange Glow… so much more than just a dust polish

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a psalm in the midst of unrest


This frustrating, nerve-jangling, nothing-going-right day — it’s a cloud over my spirit.

Anger is a seeping thing.  I feel it pulsing through me.  And everywhere I turn, I hit a block wall.  Setbacks because a store computer isn’t working and no one can help me with a deadline project, even when I go away and try again later.  Wasted hours when an insistent, persistent, beeping alarm refuses to stop…for no perceivable reason, even when security comes out and checks it…  making my head throb…turning a simple 10-minute task for a friend into a wild ride.  And I am screaming silently at getting nowhere with all that needs to be taken care of today…

Underneath it all, I recognize you telling me what’s really bothering me is something much more significant than any of this petty stuff.   The true reason why all these things are mounting so out of proportion…

Bless the Lord, O my soul…  Be not downcast, O my spirit…

Look up, you whisper.

And then I see it.

Shining, reflecting, flowing right through my heavy slider window shade, tapping to get in.  And when I roll it open, a phosphorescent orange glow floods my kitchen as with lantern light from the gorgeous maple beside my deck.  Turns on a radiance brighter than any bulb within my hanging glass lamp. Pours over my floors like warm maple syrup, transforming everything in  its wake with liquid amber.

Over and over, it completely fools me into thinking I’ve left a wondrous light on…every time I pass by the doorway…

It’s painting glory reflections through glass cabinet doors… and, like living embers of fire in a warming grate, sending calm over and in me with your beauty, O Lord.

You’re dusting off the grime of petulance and gently rubbing in the oil of peace.  You polish away tarnish… cleanse me to bring out the shine of who you are in me… restore the smooth finish that makes my heart your home…  Cover me with citrus-refreshing, consoling fragrance of your light…

O the glory of your loving hand… your gifts given undeserved.  With this pumpkin orange radiance, you slip your arms round me, hold me close and make me to rest my head against you.   Safe and calm in the circling lullaby of your songs.

Bless the Lord, O my soul… and all that is within me.

Digital Camera

 You have days like this too, right? 🙂

How has He spoken peace into you?

© Pam Depoyan


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8 Responses to Orange Glow… so much more than just a dust polish

  1. lolita says:

    Yes, Pam!

    I too have days like you picture. I love the light of God, even through the autumn glow, pierces through those days.

    Hugs to you and happy weekend.

    • lolita says:

      Thank you for the little sneaks into your home, Pam. I so appreciate being able to have a little privey to your neat corner.

      • Wish the photos could really pick up on all the orange that was coming in…. it was much more vibrant than it looks here. Tried to pick up around but just noticed I do have a grocery bag on the counter. Oh well… 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the photos. Blessings to you this weekend!

  2. Good Morning, Pam … I just love how He poured His love-light into your soul, onto your space, over the crazymaking happenings of the day. He so knows what we need … we just have to be still long enough to know that He is there whispering peace …

    Congrats in making it through 31 days! I hope this weekend is filled with restful moments …

    • Thanks, Linda. I was clipping along writing daily for a lot of it, but some life broke in during the last couple of weeks… it’s been fun writing the psalms. May do a few more just to make closer to the 31. 🙂

      Yes, He knows how to tune us back to His peace, and we do need to be still and take our thoughts captive, don’t we? Blessings to your weekend!

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Just wow, Pam! One of your most glorious posts. I’ve been thinking of a theme for my Christian’s women luncheon, and have thought about Jesus Light of the world. I love how He sent you His light to lighten (literally and figuratively) a darkened spirit. I pray the day is going oh so much better, lived in the light.

    • Thank you, Lynn. I wish the photos could really show the way it looked. Funny, but when I see this post at night (in dimmer light, I guess), the photos here do appear more orange than they do in daylight. Yes, what would we do without His light!

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