The place where fret seeps out…

a psalm on radiance


The hourglass is sifting sands while broad strokes of pink deepen and brush the blue sky this eve.  It seems to stop and linger above and behind the willowy rich and dark silhouettes of uplifted branches … longer than usual… holding breath with me at heaven’s radiant art.   Time, for this space, feels a long ago dream thing, and I can almost touch eternity.  The place where all that makes me fret is seeping out and peace enfolding round my shoulders, soft as lambs wool shawl.

Autumn, then winter… I love the way they dress that breath between day and night in shades of rose tulle, more than any other, endowing the world one last flounce of glory to stay behind the eyes till dawn.   And tonight… ah, this night.. Father, you drop your jeweled colors upon my lap, let me hold and savor them like beads of pink amethyst in my hands.  Until subtly, tenderly, twilight slips in to the first star light.

I exhale out slowly, like a balloon set free on a breeze.

And I ponder… what does this one-of-a-kind sunset look like from above, Lord?


Japanese  maple red sunset, photo courtesy of



© Pam Depoyan

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10 Responses to The place where fret seeps out…

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Such heart-stirring eloquent description, Pam, and then this surprise: “And I ponder… what does this one of a kind sunset look like from above, Lord?” What, indeed? He has heaven’s view, and it’s not even describable. But we will know it experientially one day soon. Gorgeous, this post.

    • Thank you, Lynn. Mmm… I wonder what it looks like looking down on it, or maybe being surrounded by it- sort of like in an airplane… Glad this blessed you, Lynn, and that you get it. 🙂 Did you read Laura Bogess tonight? I went to it after writing tonight and found blessing in her beauty on sunset (and music) from another view…

  2. Dawn Boyer says:

    Your words are always full of beauty… glorious.

  3. Joan says:

    Beautiful! I love autumn sunsets…and just think, they can only be more beautiful when seen from heaven!

  4. lolita says:


    I wonder the same from here, just closing my eyes so that I can see what you see from the window of your eyes and soul.

    How indeed, does the Mighty One see His own hand from above, as opposed to ours from down here below? Shall He concentrate on the colors coming from our awe-inspired vision of His splendour and beauty? That which makes our heart to bursting?

    I love the “fret seeping out” to be replaced by wonder, and the peace that transcends our human thoughts, stays.

    • It is a beautiful thought, isn’t it, Lolita? Your thoughts make me think about how I feel when I draw or paint too. Because I can stand back and get enjoyment out of something I’ve done, completely as though it were made by someone else. Just enjoying the way it came out.. so why shouldn’t God get joy out of His creation in similar ways? 🙂 May we make Him smile too! Yes… peace and wonder are gifts that rid us of fret! Thanks, Lolita for sharing your heart!

  5. You blessed me with the ability to look at creation in a new way, while being able to glorify God simultaneously. Even pausing long enough to consider God’s perspective is beautiful.
    Just this past weekend my family burned a new kind of wood in our fireplace. The sweet aroma was profoundly different from our usual oak. We noted how amazing God is that not only would He create different kinds of tree, but that He would even think to have their wood give off a different aroma when burned… Our God is over the top!!
    Thank you for the blessing

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