Hand in hand With Spirit Wind

Digital Camera

This is a post that has been simmering in me for over a month now… but I just couldn’t seem to put it into words for you until now… (Notice the way even the trees seem to be ‘holding hands’ in these photos… 🙂 )


It was one of those enticing October-only days when skies turn up the collar of their gray coats against the chill, but autumn races hand in hand with the wind, best friends, like two children skipping, laughing, ringing their joy across the playground and inviting all who will to their game.

Jaunting down the 45-mile an hour country lane, I spied these two imps steal the “r” from “gray” with their radiance, transforming that descriptive back to the original meaning of the old English word for when our hearts were old-fashioned, light and merry, calling me to stop and join them there in the wood. I had barely pulled into the adjacent church lot and clutched my camera to do so, was just opening my car door, when they fairly yanked it out of my grasp, clasped my hands and pulled me forward with the “O, let me show you this exuberance of youth.

If I’d been wearing a hat (I suddenly had a lightness of feeling to my head, as though I were), I might have reached quickly to stop it flying off — such was the gaiety behind that beckoning wind! I loved the buoyancy in it that made me feel as if I could walk on and on.

The wind was brisk and whipping my hair up and about my face, with movement everywhere. Leaves skitter-danced their crackling song at my feet, leading me round the ordinary bend of coiffured lawn to a sea of enchanting dreams in a wild wood. There they spread out in waves of gold and amber before me, swooping into my very spirit and taking my breath with wonder. For the moment I stood alone in the simultaneous hush yet constant murmuring sound of it (save my two friends dancing their glee in circles round me), and found myself breathing right out loud

Ohhhh… my…gosh! Is this real?

Digital CameraLike coming upon a fairy wood, it was, even more so than I’d caught peripherally from the car window. Interspersed here there, tree trunks watched majestic over their glory carpet, dark and rich in tone, whispering in their open branches of kingdom and castle and streets of gold. Round and round my feet, the leafy crackling chase was on, sending piles in drifts, stirring up light and fire and racing it over me.

Off across the expanse of this leaf-strewn glen, I could see a rosy lamp glow behind the windows of a charming white colonial farmhouse. My favorite kind. Bright orbs of orange pumpkins lined the porch steps like guards on welcome duty, and drifts of smoke curled from the chimney as if to say, “There’s a pot of stew waiting, fresh bread warming on the stove…”

Still, I felt as an interloper upon this magic scene. Like stepping into a painting behind the artist’s back… knowing I was snapping shot after shot of stolen vignettes, but not wanting to miss capturing a trace of it.

Digital Camera

“Are you watching me from your windows?” I wondered as I relished the dearness of this house set on this land expanse of golden light. “Are you, too, savoring this view from the opposite end? Could it ever just be commonplace to you?

Digital Camera

Misting behind my lashes, this uncommon beauty and warmth and coming home feel of it, everything felt as if it were drawing the Father’s arms close about this set apart place.

Turning reluctantly to leave, gold leaf fell into my hands as if one last benediction to hold it all close, stinging again tears behind my eyes for reasons that seemed inexpressible… until His heart seemed to say it in the stirring at my feet…

Digital Camera

See this sea of golden waves?
Feel the wind racing, stirring?
This is my Spirit moving over my people even now.
Not all are hearing my call…

O that my Own would begin to cover the land with their prayers, allow Me to carpet and blanket the world with them, mix with radiant color and fire and stir all hearts back unto Me!
This before you is a picture of what I would do, if my people would humble themselves, join hands and hearts with Me and pray, pray, pray!
I would stretch out your prayers in an endless sea of transforming Glory!
I am calling you, calling all… I am praying for you…
Wake up! Listen to my stirring song and sing it out!
Time is short and harvesting is the Glory I want to spread before you.
Pray for My forgiveness and protection and healing on your land that I may stay what may come if My Bride remains asleep...

Pray for My hope and light to sweep the nations’ hearts.
Pray for My Kingdom Come, My Will be done, as you never have before.
Pray in and amongst all the moments of your days… and see what I will do.
My Heart and Spirit are waiting for your open hands to receive the gold that pours out from such prayers. But you don’t lift your hands to take it.
You are my Beloved. Stay not asleep.

Digital Camera
Once again, I was jaunting down the same country road one November week. Color lingers there like torn banners caught on bare branches, now. A late-turning burst of radiance stands out as loosely-strewn jewel, spotty reminders of warmth. But as I pass the wood of my enchanted October moment, I find an aching catch in my voice as once again words rush aloud …

“Oh! You have stripped the wonder away!”

For now, the lawn is pristine of raked up leafy carpet, as if I’d come back to Brigadoon… only to find the glory hidden once more in the mists. It doesn’t seem nearly as expansive, and the fairy-like cottage winks a bit forlorn, stripped of raiment now.

“How could you do it?” I think, a bit unfairly, I know.  Raking is inevitable.

Still… I will remember and hold close your picture of prayer Glory there, Father…

Your glow that teems the atmosphere with living embers.

And though winter seem to cover, help us keep your smoldering fires burning!

I will see our prayers as you do, innumerable as the sands and mixed with holy fire, poured forth from heaven’s golden incensed bowls. The prayers of your people, and those from You, our intercessor before the Golden Throne…

Sorrows, joys, you turn to glory, Lord. 

Help us take heart and hands with You.

Digital Camera


What have you heard Him speaking through fall this year?

© Pam Depoyan

photos: mine.


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25 Responses to Hand in hand With Spirit Wind

  1. lolita says:

    Oh for the imagery in words, Pam. I love how you put the whole picture (even without the snapshots) into pen. It gives some briskness in my heart and how you relate it to the presence of our God, in the cracklings of the golden capet leaves on the ground beneat your steps, the gleefulness of the wind and the cozy glow of the farmhouse lamp. I want to be there with you, Pam, once again.

    May we hear the voice of God in every little experiences that we enjoy, even in the big.

    Hugs to you, Pam. Thanks for the poem.

  2. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, the pictures that you were able to take are so amazing. I like what you shared about the trees looking like they are holding hands. The house is so cute. We do have a few trees around here that do change color but nothing like where you live. There is a tree near where I live that sounds like it is making music when the wind blows its leaves and I like to stand and listen. Thank you for sharing that you had wanted to share this earlier but the words weren’t coming to you. Amazing what happens when we wait for God’s timing. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like these! If I look at this post quickly, they all look alike, but I wanted to show the one with the lamp and with the pumpkins too. I couldn’t stop taking photos – I like these too but the vibrancy was even more so in person. I like that about your tree… a singing tree! I love to listen to the wind in trees, always reminds me of the sea. Yes, I just woke up with those words coming into my mind, kind of amazing. So it felt like inspiration in his timing for sure. 🙂 Thanks, MaryLou. Not sure how well this one is resonating but glad to know it touched you! 🙂

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! For a moment, I was there with you, my eyes misting up as well with the beauty and holiness. You have a gift, my friend. And a deep heart. Keep writing, sister. Your words matter and make the world a more beautiful place. Stopping my from #LiveFreeThursday

  4. I always thought nature was truly wondrous and magical and the way you write about it….makes it come true.

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  6. Marvia says:

    Amen and amen to constant prayer and faith that God will move in our land. I love your descriptions. They make me feel like I’m there. Happy to read! 😉

  7. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It’s been very dry here so our peak season is a little late. Hopefully the cooler night time temps will help in bringing about the colors within the next week or so. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  8. I had to linger over the pictures first…absolutely beautiful! And once again you painted a perfect picture of prayer in my mind through your words. Thank you!!

    • I’m so glad to know you are lingering over these, and enjoying, Crystal! I can never stop taking photos in fall (as so many of my past Autumn posts show)… The one I used with a link to this post is one of my favorites… has all the colors in one. Blessings to you!

  9. Hi Pam – so glad to visit these beautiful words as your neighbor at the #RaRalinkup today. Living in Southern California we seldom get to see the seasons in all their splendor, so you brought me the sweetest taste of fall today. Blessings.

  10. Beautiful words and photos, Pam! We don’t really have a fall here in the Southwest, but my family comes from Maine originally so it brought back beautiful memories!

  11. Pam, Thank you for this respite in pictures and words. I soaked it all up and felt those things you did just by your beautiful word pictures.

    I too love old farmhouses, just like the one you photographed. They just exude warmth and coziness.

    Your deep thoughts and insights were extremely edifying and encouraging.


    • I love farmhouses too! I drew a Victorian one that is local and have a category for them on my pen and ink blog because I want t draw more. 🙂 You are so right about the warmth and coziness! So glad this uplifted you today, Karen! Thanks for sharing your heart!

  12. Lisa Appelo says:

    What beautiful fall pictures! I’m a Florida girl and we go straight from summer to winter with an imperceptible seasonal change. Love the word pictures (and real pictures). Happy to be your neighbor at #TellHisStory today.

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