Thanks-giving Ode

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At this time of giving thanks
It remains unreal to think of you gone from us now.
Behind Heaven’s door, so early, somehow…

It seems so many moments catch me unawares… so many when I find tears stirring lump within my throat. Yet, in the happy-kicking, wiggling baby giggles enriching round us, in the toast to your life entwined with ours, in the breaking of our bread, I think I spy your twinkling eyes, bright and ever sharing with us… though we may not yet see as you now do… And I find smiles of you that linger on…

“I think God gave us these babies to keep joy with us,” I remark, as one after another they entertain us with steady antic laughs.

Yes,” she avows, eyes bright, “He must have known we’d need three of these new littlest in exchange!”

And as one we decide, we will keep your place an honor in our hearts…

I find myself reflecting…
I’m so grateful our paths more than crossed… That in moving here, we had time… blessed years of time…to spend in one another’s company.
To share in all the seasons of our days and loved ones.
To click and snap lasting frame-prints in our hearts.
To raise our songs in praise and joy for the One Lord we hold dearest.
To talk of cabbages and Kings and all the important, as well as, little things.

I’m so grateful for living pictures and sounds I still see and hear in mind…that bring me back to times enjoyed with you. Like when I came across Danny Kaye as bumbling milkman the other night, tuned in again to his Walter Mittying the next. I needed to wipe tears of laughter from my eyes, to hear again the vibrant sound of your so infections one bubbling over at these exact scenes, always following sure as clockwork behind each roll-on-the-floor laugh.

I think your cheerful laugh is ringing even brighter now…

I see you blessing with His blessing over us as we bow before this table.
Hear you nudging us to remember you with smiles ringing in and through the years.
To know and believe, one day you’ll be waiting at the gates of time to greet us with the One who’ll wipe away all tears…

For now, cheering us on …to live our fullest unto that day when we, like you, will lay our crowns down before Him…

To treasure time and put away fears and clothe ourselves in strength found in joy.

To speak of thankfulness and grace and light and hope.

And let Him anoint us with roses for our ashes.

Mmm…At this time of giving thanks
It remains unreal to think of you gone from us now.
Behind Heaven’s door, so early, somehow…
But we raise our glasses to the gift of you and enter His courts with Thanksgiving.


Digital Camera
© Pam Depoyan

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday




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2 Responses to Thanks-giving Ode

  1. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, last night as Thanksgiving drew to a close I took out some old Thanksgiving cards and reread them. I was especially touched as I reread those that my pop & mom had sent to me. Tears came to my eyes as I thought about them. I am so glad that I did keep these cards, Every morning I greet them and say that one of these days I will be seeing them both again and I cannot wait until that day when I will not only see them again but Jesus for the very first time. What a blessed hope we do have because of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and words … 🙂

    • I feel the same way about notes I have from my Mom and others… handwriting is such a personal thing that just brings them right back, isn’t it? (One of the sad things about how children aren’t even learning handwriting anymore…) Yes, it is that blessed hope that really holds us up! Thank you for sharing your heart on this too, MaryLou. I’m so glad this post touched you…

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