A Simple Moment of Beauty

Stock Photo: Silhouette of tree with colorful sky in the backgroun


Christmas and lights… and the giving to small boys beside shining ornamented trees – sweet faces lit by wide, wide smiles…and the concocting and transporting of cinnamon and clove and ginger fragrance to surprise and treat. These are tinseled stars that remind us… we of this earthly life are all longing for simple moments of beauty.

I step from one such simple moment to another to another this day into evening, like placing my foot one at a time from flagstone to flagstone along a hidden garden path.

Whispering behind closed doors of secret presents and divine gifts of His Presence and treasured memories of one we miss and love… while cupping hope in our hands…

And when I close the door behind me, the peaceful cool of twilight brushes against my cheek, caresses in the glow of oncoming pinpoints of red and green and shimmering white, bush to bush, roofline to roofline… as if on timer set just for me…

But even more…

I drive off into a wonder-lit, Gone with the Wind, flaming sunset stretching in panoramic view – marveling all the ten minutes away to home at this red skies Gloria. Lacy branches silhouette their praise to the Lord of Joy, and point the way in this simple moment…

Here at the close of this eve before THE EVE – as angels to shepherds high on a lonely hill– He is sending to all who will look, a glimpse of candlelight pouring forth from Heaven’s window.

A carol, a chorus that is still singing…

…Peace to all on earth…

Reaching up, I clasp the sparkle like firefly to jar, holding out this fleeting Advent Treasure in my hands…to you…

Christmas silver baubles and ornaments against festive lights

© Pam Depoyan


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9 Responses to A Simple Moment of Beauty

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL vision you have shared with all of us~~~helping to Open our hearts to the sheer Heavenly Beauty this Night brings to give us a reminder—“A Son was Born” and what immense LOVE this special, amazing, glorious SON has for all….. Bless you Pam for this eye-opening, heart-filling post!!! I pray your Christmas is filled with PEACE….. love, martha

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    So exquisite, Pam! Just love this rich imagery. We saw a sunset like that last nigth on our way to dinner and then Handel’s Messiah. You’re so right about how He sends this beauty to those who will look…..and I love the imagery that this is like candlelight in heaven. And He sends this, too, to those who are not looking to get their attention. How can they NOT look at all this glory upon glory? Thanks for sending that link personally to me. I clicked on, then clickd on home when I got to your site to see if you had written anything even more recent. And you had! I did not receive the group notice about this latest offering. I am simply no longer receiving your emails and am concerned and wondering why not?! I’ve ck’d two spam folders we have, but they are not being redirected there. It’s just yours and a couple others. EVery other blog I read is coming in. I’ve been exceptionally busy (and then ill on top of it), so I rely on receiving the posts, so I don’t have to take time to look everyting up. I’m sad, b/c I have missed a # of your posts, and right now will not be able to go back to read them. Hope to, but just not sure b/c of all that is going on. If you can think of anything else we can do to rectify this, I{‘m all ears!

    Wishing you a joyous Christmas, and thank you again for this superb post!

    • Thank you, Lynn… I was just thinking that maybe some of my recent posts weren’t your cup of tea… I don’t know why you wouldn’t get them except for some temporary glitch in their system or something. But I would suggest that you just sign up to receive them again, by putting your email in again up top on the right side of my blog where it says something about signing up to receive posts. I still see you on my blog list on the stats page, but maybe doing that will reactivate your getting them?

      Glad this simple one spoke to you too! Merry blessed Christmas! Love, Pam

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        No, I always love everything you write; granted I might not always get a chance to comment, but his is so crazy. Yours is not the only one! Also, I would get your response in an email, and I had to ck back here on my own to see if you had answered. Very odd. I will do what you say, and let’s see if it works. I hpe so! It just makes it so much easier to get them in the inbox, b/c I follow several. Thank you! Merry Christmas, Pam!

    • P.s. You mentioned the image about “heaven’s candlelight”… I’ve been thinking about something I wrote another Christmas about God putting a candle in the window of heaven for us, lighting our way home. Don’t know if you ever read this – https://wordglow.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/candlelight-carols-second-stanza/

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, I see no box where I can sign up. It just says “you are following this blog along with 86 other amazing people.” 🙂

    • That’s what it says on mine but I thought that it would give you an option. Probably because you are already signed up, it says that. Mine has a parenthesis after that saying (manage). If I clicked it, it would let me do something. Does yours have something in parenthesis, like maybe, email or something? If so, maybe if you click there, it will let you sign up again. Otherwise, I would say this is just some glitch for awhile. Are the other blogs you aren’t getting on W too?

  4. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam thanks for link. Will read as my Christmas treat. We’re back from church, and I am fading fastly. thank you!

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