My 30-day blog invite is almost here…Let the blessings begin!

Sweet 1950's Vintage ValentinesSun on snow is casting tree shadow art across the pristine palette outside my window today, and speaks to me of everyday Heavenly valentines that surround us, sometimes unnoticed…


Walking through the mall parking lot the other day, I spied one of those meant well, but true anomaly bumper stickers:

Perform random acts of kindness, do senseless acts of beauty.


Is any kindness really random?  Any beauty, SENSELESS?

My invite to you for  a 30-day, Ring-in-the-New Year, Bless and Blog party begins tomorrow, January 14th, and I’ve been thinking some more about this month of days, tuning our hearts to His Spirit for Divine appointments.


Of beginning each morning with a prayer in our hearts: 

Father, who do you want me to bless today?  Open my eyes when I am out amongst strangers.  Does someone need a helping hand?  A kind word?  Put the SOMEONE in my path, or in my thoughts… and drop your valentine anytime sort of idea for them into my heart.

And maybe, keeping a small journal of His replies.


Here are a few more ideas milling round the corners of my thoughts…  

  • Give away some little trinket we own as a gift of cheer… maybe a tiny ornament, an old but pretty piece of costume jewelry, a book, a family recipe…
  • Spy a cheery bouquet at the grocers?  Surprise a friend with a small posy...
  • Offer a spur of the moment treat:  Passing by one of those specialty cookie places?  Pick up one or two in a bag and invite a neighbor for tea or simply drop it off …  Leave it on the desk of a co-worker, perhaps anonymously…
  • Gift your expertise:  Is there something you are particularly expert at, or just love to do – like journaling, knitting, playing piano, drawing, singing, baking– and do you know someone who might love to have you mentor them?  Or just to be invited to join you for an hour or two in such endeavors?

(I’m thinking of an elderly single woman in Max Lucado’s Christmas Candle, as I watched on DVD the other night… how the miracle she was praying most for was a friend to knit with…)

  • Send a child you know a special note of encouragement, tell them something you love or admire in them.
  • Tuck away a special note for a loved one at home, or away at college, or going off to work… in a drawer, in their lunch bag, on the fridge!  Be creative!
  • Make a long distance call to an across the miles friend…
  • Know someone going through a tough time?  Write them out your prayer
  • Compliment a salesperson on their helpful or cheerful manner!
  • Offer to give a free hour to a busy mom or a childcare-giving Grandmom while you take their place…
  • Take a pot of soup to someone who might love something warming…
  • Read a book to a child ( I especially loved this post from Laura this week…  telling us  just how fun that can be: )

Most of all… ask the Lord of ideas…

                       Sweet Violets by June Young                                  Is the Holy Spirit bringing any other possibilities to your mind? I’d love to hear them!


More than random, but divine appointments… and NEVER EVER, senseless…

Let’s get ready to Toss some blessing confetti!

Won’t you join us? 

And if you want to pass this on, you can find my Facebook “share” buttons just above the comment section (you have to click on comments, then scroll up above them a little…then click on “share”)

Or talk it up on your own blog post…

        I invite you to come back and share your own blessing stories                           and/or leave links to your related posts in my comments!  🙂


© Pam Depoyan

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16 Responses to My 30-day blog invite is almost here…Let the blessings begin!

  1. Wonderful ideas that stem right out of the heart of God!

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, thank you for sending. I will be putting your site on my FB page today. I so love this idea. I shared my journaling and poetry passion with a small group at our Women’s Circle today. We had such a fabulous time. And they were amazed at how quickly and easily they could write an Alpha poem, with an acrostic to guide them. Next time, I’ll have them use the acrostic: VALENTINE! =]
    Thanks for your continual inspiration. You’re just about the most inspiring person I’ve met in eons.

    • I don’t feel so inspiring, so your words bless me today, Lynn. (Sometimes as a single, it seems like I don’t have much influence-changing in anyone’s life.) And it sounds like you’ve started the blessing of others already with your journaling and poetry at your Women’s Circle! Love that! Thank you, Lynni. And thanks for posting on FB!

  3. Hazel Moon says:

    Thank you for your invitation to our readers here at “Tell me a story.” Kindness can be random if all of a sudden the opportunity arrives unexpected, but planned kindness is good too!

  4. This is such a great idea. Start the morning in prayer AND seeking the blessing of another? Win-Win. Cheering you on in this blessing adventure.

  5. ruthshow1 says:

    Hi Pam,
    I love this idea of intentionally watching for opportunities to speak/do to bless. I will be joining you! I’ve been a bit stuck with my blog writing lately. Maybe this is the incentive I need. I missed the first day, but here I am Holy Spirit, ready for an opportunity today to share a valentine.
    Your words encourage me today. Thanks!
    One gift I’ve given that keeps coming back as blessing is the drawing you made for my friend ME. She tells an shows her blessing story to others who come back to me with great admiration and appreciation for your artwork. 🙂

    • Ruth, I’m so glad to hear that this is inspiring you too! No matter about “missing a day” – maybe this will jumpstart us all into being more intentional that way throughout the year too as the Lord leads. Certainly, your idea to bless your friend that way was a Valentine! It makes me teary again to hear how that drawing is still touching her and that she is sharing the story of it. Thank you so much for letting me know this encouraged you – and in your blog writing (I can relate to being stuck) too – and that you are going to join in! Showers of His blessings fall on you too as you do! 🙂

  6. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam I know several readers liked the post I did for you, so I hope theyh are following.

  7. Pam…what great ideas to bless another. And I agree on this: what kind acts are random? Shouldn’t they be intentional? Thank you for the good encouragement. Linked up beside you at Renewed Daily.

    • Thanks, Naomi! Yes, they may come to us in seemingly random (but Holy Spirit) ways (like spur of the moment at a store checkout 🙂 ) but our acting on them is intentional in Him! And I love the thought of praying that on the onset of each day, looking for His divine appointments… 🙂 Thanks for your words here!

  8. Thank you Pam for such loving ideas for random acts of kindness. My friend’s sister went to be with the Lord last week. I invited her to luncht tomorrow. My sister died over a year ago and I can feel her grief.

    • A close friend of mine just went to be with the Lord in October too… I understand deeply how we all need each other in these times too, Linda. I know your heart reaching out to your friend is a true blessing to her. So many times it can be hard to know what to say, but we just need each other to be with us in those moments and to let us know we care. I know my friend has really been touched by people who continue to send cards that let her know she is still in their thoughts… I’m sorry for your grief too. God hold you and your friend in His comfort as only He can. Thank you for sharing, Linda.

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