Becoming a receiver

scan0011“One check or two?” the waitress inquired.

“Two,” we answered together.

“No — one,” my friend swiftly interjected on second thought.  She brightened, glancing down at the late-Christmas gift she’d just opened from me.   “I’ll treat you!”

“No, nooooo, you don’t have to do that!”  I began.   “No, really –”

I watched the momentary hesitation, a crushed look fleet across her face, shutting my protest down at the same instant I recognized the Holy Spirit enjoining me – Would you rob someone else of the blessing that comes from being the bless-er…?

How many times do we do that, I wondered, silently.

Too many, whispered the wry thought.

Because of false pride, I realized then.   Well, and knowing that my friend is trusting God for Provision just as much as I am these days, in similar situations.   (If someone handed me a wrapped present, would I refuse it?)

Yet, I remembered the teachings I’ve learned from the Word about sowing and reaping.  The image of the widow who gave her last mite, and how God could use that seed to bring forth a harvest for her as well as those she gave all.  The woman who gave her last bread and oil to the prophet, and how that opened up God’s unending river of oil to her.

Not a giving to get, but a knowing that God has set sowing and reaping into being for His purpose.  It’s the Holy Spirit’s way of plowing our ground, anointing our hands, bringing forth life.

Fruit can only be born if we give, and if we don’t allow someone else to give offerings generously as led by Him, could we be robbing them of of this part of His inheritance in their lives too? A cycle of blessing He intends for us…

Over coffee, omelets,  pancakes and sausage,  it suddenly seemed like this impromptu Sunday breakfast held a touch more holy.  

“Thanks again for the great breakfast!” I said as we parted by our cars.   “Oh, and for my darling bird photo!”  A gift this my talented photographer friend had brought to my car just before we’d gone in.

“Thank you back for my beautiful Christmas drawing!” she crowed.

“Thank you, Father, for opportunities to give…and receive…” I grinned in one-to-One conversation on my way home.  “Pour out your blessings on my friend as she goes to work now, and shine your favor in all her ways, as unto you…”

... and i were out on a ramble we came across a huge patch of violets i

Violets are raining…  🙂    Any falling on you this week?  I’d love to have you share of yours in my comments…

Here’s a truly uplifting one I just read on another blog – I think you’ll enjoy it too!  🙂


© Pam Depoyan

pen and ink, boy on swing valentine, mine:  Please do not copy without permission.  🙂  Thanks!

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Made for Anytime Valentines… why limit to February 14th? 🙂

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Lord, may these Valentine cards shine of You, wherever You may take them.


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17 Responses to Becoming a receiver

  1. kelrohlf says:

    Loving your thought in this series…helping me keep my heart open to both bless and be blessed
    Thx Pam!

  2. Hazel Moon says:

    That is so true, Sometimes it is difficult to receive from others, especially if we know they are struggling financially. Yet receiving from them just might be the trigger to open and pour out blessings on them as a giver. God’s giving and receiving is so different from our initial conception. We offer a thimble and he gives back with his large backhoe. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”

    • I love all you are saying, Hazel… it is so so true! I understand that struggle end myself (as others I know), but God keeps showing me this exact thing is so true! He’s helping me learn to lean into Him more and more and just keep a giving and receiving outlook. Exciting to see how He moves, using us to bless one another. . He will not be “out done” by our giving 🙂 Love your comparison of thimble and large backhoe! Thanks!.

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, your drawings are enchanting–old-fashioned Valentine’s–and your words endearing, and an mportant reminder. Iso often wave off offers like this–not wanting to impose, not wanting someone to go to expense for me. I forget how I would feel if the situation were reversed, and I gave to someone who(albeit nicely) rebuffed my gift. Actually, this happened Sunday, when we asked a friend to pick up a dessert for our dinner on her way here, because we had forgotten. Naturally, our intent was to repay; but she refused, and wanted this to be her treat. Our daughter kept trying to find ways to stuff the $ in her purse, on her person etc.–all well-meaning. But I finally understood: She does not have the same financial means aS we, and this was a small way she could say thank you. It was affordable. I quietly told my daughter (who I assure you meant very well), just to stop and accept the money from her. Giving aND receiving: It’s a two-way street. And it would help us to remember that this applies in our relationship with the Father aS well.

    • Thank you, Lynn. I am loving drawing these old-fashioned children, and it feels like God is enabling me because they are different and more advanced than any I’ve done before.

      Yes, i think we all do this out of politeness and genuine spirit. But I also think we grew up with a fostering of the feeling that if you say yes, you are accepting “charity.” I think now that is a hindrance to the move of the Spirit. I am really beginning to see that most times we need to let people be generous when they want to be… and truly, God blesses double by blessing the giver and the receiver. If God whispers to someone’s heart to give (which I am beginning to think this is more often than not), than we are thwarting His promptings and not only hindering ourselves but others from blessings He wants to bring. And what you said too, about this being a way small way your friend could feel she was contributing when maybe she doesn’t always have means or opportunity. Just being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. A giving spirit is one God can bless – and yes, a receiving one too! I agree that you and Sheridan had best of motives, as all of us do when we are turning down things like this… but sometimes we need to step back and let someone do for us… And maybe sometimes we are only trying to stop them out of our own embarrassment too?(Not referring to you here, but other situations) 🙂

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Pam, the more I see of these children pix., I see God’s hand all over them. This is yet another ministry for your art. Will you be selling these cards for Valentine’s Day? Forgive me if you’ve said, and I’ve forgotten.
        I agree w/ all you say. And this also remndsme how much my sister loves to give. She is so generous. We all said NO gifts for Christmas. It gets o.o. hand, and so many are wAnting to retire (including my husband), and we wanted to keep things simple. So that was the stipulation if peo. wanted to come her for a lovely Christmas dinner. And my sister brought EVERYONE gifts ANYWAY!

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        I wasn’t finished typing below and accidentally posted.I iwsh she wouldn’t have, but I could also see how much she enjoyed theprocess. But she was very grateful for the dinner, and doesn’t like to cook. =]

      • Thank you, Lynn… I’ve been thinking that about these drawings too. Really feel Him in them as I draw them. Yes, I’m trying to sell these… on the blog, and also in a local bookstore where I also sold my Christmas cards. I wanted to make them “valentines for anytime” – words we can share to encourage others to let them know they are loved, or special to us — so that it wouldn’t be limited to just Feb 14. This week I’ve been drawing some baby face portraits, and again it seems really like something more than what I’ve done before, and I feel God in them.

        We all do that here too with Christmas giving… but actually pick names so we give just one main gift. But several of us also feel free if we want to give a little something extra to do that on our own (not at the main gift gathering), which is nice. It’s freeing… to be able to surprise someone with a little something (like a drawing, or a baked treat etc) at a later date, unofficially. I can understand how you feel, but also if your sister enjoys it and can do it, then maybe that is her gift of blessing? And not wanting reciprocation… as really a true gift-giving should be, I guess. Hard not to feel like we want to reciprocate, but sometimes we should maybe just receive graciously… blessed by the giver and by Him…

  4. I love this concept! It is so important in a healthy relationship/friendship that we can give and receive. Beautiful writing here – thank you!
    I wrote a post on this too, from our point of view as missionaries in a diverse neighborhood. We think alike! 😉

    • Thank you for sharing that BEAUTIFUL story here, Anne! I hope my readers will hop over and read it too! I tried to leave you a comment, but it isn’t letting me without signing up for disqus (I usually just “guest comment” on blogs that have disqus, but I don’t see that option?) Anyway, I loved your writing and the lovely gift your neighbor is in your block. So so true… if we could all live that way, sharing our gifts so freely! Thank you for your encouraging words to me too!

  5. I’m so glad you shared this! Too often we do rob the giver of his blessing by refusing the gift, thinking we’re doing the “right” thing. We need to learn to be equally good at receiving as we think we are at giving. As one of my friends says, “Don’t block the blessing.”

  6. Tina (@_tw) says:

    Thank you so much for your transparency in sharing! I can completely identify with this blog post.

    “Fruit can only be born if we give, and if we don’t allow someone else to give offerings generously as led by Him, could we be robbing them of of this part of His inheritance in their lives too? A cycle of blessing He intends for us…”

    The Holy Spirit def spoke to me in the quoted text especially. I have been guilty of this very thing. I appreciate the new insight and look forward to the next opportunity to show growth and allow another to be a blessing to me.

    Your blog posts are a blessing; Keep writing for His glory,

    • Thank you, Tina! That blesses me so much to know that this touched you and inspires you! Especially that He spoke to you in those lines. Thank you so much for sharing your own transparent heart in that, and for your encouraging words!

  7. Yes! We have to offer others the chance to give too. I appreciate the perspective you had on this post. It is unique and encouraging. Thank you for this and thanks for joining the Purposeful Faith #RaRalinkup.

    • Thanks, Kelly! It is a perspective I think we’ve been carefully educated to pass on by in the world (we don’t want anyone to think we can’t do it ourselves) – not wanting to be an imposition or whatever… but we always want to be on the giving side. I learned this in fresh ways when I broke my leg several years ago. Had to rely on so many people I didn’t even know well, running my errands, bringing me food etc. At first it was really hard to let go and not feel like a burden. But I heard God’s whisper so clearly that he wanted to bless these who were blessing me and that in their blessing, he was moving beyond our imaginations. I appreciate your words!

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