You Are Cordially Invited…

scan0024Think Anne Shirley (aka, Lady Cordelia) added to a touch of Lady Mary’s  Tea…(of Downton, naturally)    🙂  …  and you’ll have my latest Valentine Anytime

Sometimes, much as I hate this fact,  it takes two tries before you know something is really coming together right.  And I have to fight that giving up attitude.

Ever feel that way yourself – like you just can’t get something you need or want to do to work?   

So it was for me last evening.  The light was fading fast, as was my energy.  But I was excited and determined to start this design.  As my pen flew over paper, the soft sheers of layered dress looked luscious.  The so Anne-chic hat, mm… perfection.

But… ach!  That face!  The more I tried, the more muddled it became.  More like a cartoon-y, pruny, too-long-nosed octogenarian than the sweet-eyed child in the photo that inspired this.  Sometimes my eraser works wonders even with permanent ink, but this time, nothin’ doin’.   The problem was in the shading… not so easy to control those pens from flowing too harsh.  Just one mucky, gray mess.

“I’m SO disappointed with this,” I mumbled to myself.

Rest on it.  You can do it in the morning. 

“But… the rest of it looks just the way I envisioned,” I moaned inside.  “What if I can’t duplicate it again?”  (I’m not sure how the great artists can continually draw the same subject over and over, doing studies of variations…)

Ask Me to guide your hands.

Isn’t that just like so much of what we try to do on our own in life?  Finding ourselves in the midst of a mucky, gray, mess instead of the dream we dreamed it to be?  And all our attempts at “erasing” only makes the pudding all the more runny?

Making us want to just give up, flounce off, and believe we can’t really do it after all?  

Sometimes it is good and right to forge ahead.  But other times, it’s best to think it out first.  Rest minds and hearts.  Sit under the shadow of his soft and warm wings, and listen to His heartbeat.

This morning, I bowed my head for a moment as I lifted my pen to begin.  “Help me to create the face with a lighter touch, a sweeter countenance, Lord. Rest Your Hand on mine.”

Let Your Hand be with me

1 Chronicles 4:10 ~ Jabez

And the drawing became like sunlight breaking over me.  I was able to finesse the pen with a more delicate touch.

But more importantly… today, because of my mistakes last night, I SAW the image with a more keen eye.  Now I knew I shouldn’t try to outline the entire nose, because it was just too elongated to look like a child’s that way.  Today, He gave me the gift of intuition on how to define the cheek with a little less pronouncing, add the misting of green.  And it was in this new effort that I imagined the lacy scallops around the edge.

I couldn’t have created this new favorite of mine without first finding out what did not work.

“I think I hear the lesson in this, Lord,” I smiled.

Sometimes He is guiding and leading us through our mistakes to greater victory.

I caught the office print store lady who was helping me to turn this one to card format grinning at the final drawing.  I could see she liked this one.

“I had to do this twice,” I confided.

She looked up, quizzically.

“The face was just so horrible!”

“Oh, then it was worth it!” she said brightly.

Yes!  Sometimes…falling down, getting up again, strengthens our dance!

As she handed me the printed  note cards, I suddenly knew how I was going to use one of these to bless a young lady I know, to encourage her own creating gifts.  She may be reading this today, so I can’t tell you details yet.  🙂  But maybe… mmm… I’ll tell you all about it here soon.


Vintage Chicken Family Image

How have you felt His Hand on yours? 

I’d love to hear your stories in my comments today!

© Pam Depoyan

pen and ink Lady Cordelia on the couch, valentine, mine:  Please do not copy without permission.  🙂  Thanks!

teapot and chicken graphics –



Made for Anytime Valentines… why limit to February 14th? 🙂

(To view them…Look here for this vintage valentine heart image, then scroll down till you see it again with the card info… )

Questions about ordering?  You can reach me at  🙂

Lord, may these Valentine cards shine of You, wherever You may take them.



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6 Responses to You Are Cordially Invited…

  1. sandraj2015 says:

    Pam, Thanks for the lovely blog and glorious drawing! It was encouraging to hear your ‘process’ and the verse you prayed “let your hand be with me” (I Chron 4:10). Lovely! sandraj

    • Thank you, Sandra! This card is just making me smile so much, especially since I know He enabled me! I’m so glad you like it… and that this post encouraged you in your own life. I was hoping people would read on and be encouraged in whatever way it applies to their own lives. We all have those frustrations with things and plans we are trying to do…

      So many ideas flowing in my mind to make these cards something people will choose to buy to encourage others too. I heard Beth Moore the other night talking about her study on God’s Hand with us, and she reminded me of that part in Jabez’ prayer. Thanks for taking time to share your words here! 🙂

  2. tmpresser says:

    Thanks for linking this lovely post up at Good Morning Mondays. It always amazes me how God teaches us even through the littlest task. I am so glad that He brought you through with this sketch it is beautiful, what a gift He has given you. Blessings

    • Thank you! He continually amazes me with how he is concerned with all our details. I hope this encourages others in whatever He is leading in their lives too. I have really felt Him enabling me to draw with a new depth that I never had before, showing me it is all Him. 🙂 Blessings to you too!

  3. Yes, our mistakes do guide us to the greater victory. He is always for us, he is always working in our lives. I am so thankful for this! It is a delight to have you join the Purposeful Faith #RaRalinkup.

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