Starry Songs the Blossoms Know


I love the moonlight,
I love the old fashioned things…
The sound of rain, upon a window pane…
The starry song that April sings!

~ J. Mercer/J Kern

Ever consider yourself old-fashioned?

In the lovely sonnet sense of this Johnny Mercer and Jerome Kern gem, I do.  

For what the world snubs and  dubs old-fashioned…  mmm… seems so akin to continually keeping an eye out for God’s beauty, His wondering, His music to amaze– and discovering, uncovering, starry songs of April like hidden beribboned packages in the everyday ordinary.

In holding hands, in sighing sighs, these melody poets go on to elucidate.

In moonlight… in the sound of rain, upon my windowpane…  (I LOVE and find it in the cadence of those very words, sound of rain upon my windowpane! Don’t you?)

I am wondering today how many of His daily valentines such as these I may be missing… or not recognizing His hand in…

  • The birdsong that lifts my heart, especially when I am amazed by it on a snowy day!  (Did you send them just for me, Lord?)
  • The compliment from a stranger who takes time to notice. (Did you put that in her mind to encourage me, Father?)
  • The letter from a friend who tells me she  is thinking of me (Are you telling me you put me on the heart of a friend, to let me know YOU are thinking of me most of all, Lord?)
  • The unexpected provision arriving just exactly when I need it. (O Father, thank you!)
  • The silvery way the light glances off a tree branch and stirs my soul. (You send your artistry to sing into my day, O God!)
  • The aroma of soup bubbling on my stove and singing home in my heart. (You are the fragrance that warms me, Lord!)

In Jan Karon’s Mitford novels, she has this playful routine that the main character and his wife often engage in out of the blue moments.  Father Tim will suddenly turn apropos of nothing to his wife and ask… Cynthia, Cynthia, what do you love?  

And trippingly off her tongue comes a swift litany of her joys in ordinary life…

Butter melting on toast, snow-capped mountains, church bells ringing….

All the simple things we take for granted until they aren’t there.  Heat that permeates our cars at the touch of a button.  (Well, on these frost-bite days, maybe it takes 10 minutes or so…) The lovely warmth and scent of just-washed pajamas fresh from the dryer.  The sheer white joy of curtains blowing in a breeze…  The way someone’s eyes I love crinkle round the edges when they smile…

And the every day happenstances when we suddenly SEE Someone is going ahead of us, anticipating our needs, arranging blessings that beget more from our hands to others…    


“Let’s invite Sammy and Kenny and Harley over for burgers and pool this evening. What do you think?”

She smiled, eyes still closed.

“So amazing.  Puny was going to make chili tomorrow, so we have two pounds of Avis’ best.  And I just bought a head of cabbage for coleslaw.”

The little miracles.  Those were the ones to watch for in this life.  

I’ll chop!” he said.

~  Jan Karon, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good


I’m convinced… God is sending more not-so-hidden valentines in our days than we imagine, waiting for us to uncover and unwrap and recognize His handwriting on the tags.

To hear the starry song the blossoms know.  Feel the breezes He’s tied in a bow.

For you, the one I love.

And when we find these tiny miracles, raise our hearts and hands in blessing the Father of Lights, He cups our valentines sent back to Him close to His heart.

(Father, open our eyes to recognize Your Hand more and more in all our moments)

And so, like Father Tim, I ask myself… and you…

Reader, reader… What do YOU love?  🙂

Shiny scarlet ribbon for gift wrapping, isolated on white. Symbol of ...

In this moment…


Looking out on my living room, clean and clear of Christmas decorations (finally!) 🙂

Sunshine on the snow outside my window, melting away ice from my driveway!

Home-made biscuits fresh from the oven, with my soup lunch!


Any of Heaven’s Scarlet ribbon valentines on your doorstep today?  🙂

“Lord, make me a blessing to someone today.”

~ Father Tim,  Jan Karon’s Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good



© Pam Depoyan

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16 Responses to Starry Songs the Blossoms Know

  1. Being Woven says:

    Oh, this is such a beautiful post. Not only do I miss so many of those God-given “valentines” but I do NOT want to miss them either. I also LOVE Jan Karon. My husband and I have read the Mitford series aloud to one another and recently read her latest. Thank you for this lovely reminder of being old fashioned and how I still live some 60+ years ago from time to time…and love it. Those memories and ways are dear.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Thanks, Linda. I’m so glad this touched you. I love the Mitford series too. I’ve read the first number of them at least three times over the years, and just read the latest a few months ago too. Was trying to search it page by page yesterday to quote one of those times when Cynthia says what she loves, but they somehow eluded my scanning… How fun for you guys to read together like that. Would love that…

      Yes, Lord, make our eyes more open to all you bless us with…

  2. ruthshow1 says:

    In this moment, I love…the smell of popcorn permeating the whole library as we treat the students to this all-time favorite snack, the sunshine after a day of gray, the sense of wonder and excitement knowing our town and area is experiencing a God-revival where churches are uniting and lost ones are coming into the Kingdom, the cute little jean’s skirt I’m wearing for the first time from Goodwill, the anticipation of shopping after work for a girlfriend’s birthday, the good book I’m reading that awaits the next quiet moment I can snatch from a busy day,…Thank you, Giver, of all good!
    And thanks, Pam, for the opportunity to stop and write the blessings down.

    • I can feel all those with you right now… thank you for sharing them, Ruth! You give me a lovely peek into your world! Wonderful of all, that God is moving in your town. Enjoy the skirt and the popcorn and the good book! I am loving the sunshine again here today too! Yes, in all the blessings, blessing Him back in the journaling of them! 🙂

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    It’s true, Pam! I’ve never thought of the little things as Valentine’s but they are–little reminders of His love for us and His beauty. I wish I could stop to list some here, but alas, I’m on a big book purging project, so I’m headed for the dungeon. But that said, books are valentines…..filled with heartfelt words. I hate parting with them, but I need to send them on as Valentine’s to someone else who needs a little love in life. And Chrsitmas decos? ALL mine are still up. We’ll soon transform the tree in the dining room into a Valentine’s Day tree….but I’jm leaving everything else till a friend comes in May. She’s wanted to see them! Then I think I will just tell Mike: Why take them down and go to all that trouble, when Christmas is just around the corner?! 🙂

    • Yes… his messages are written all round us with “BE MINE” all over them, aren’t they? 🙂 I think you just gave me an idea for another post… 🙂

      I agree… books are valentines! So hard to part with the ones we love, but if you pass them to someone else it continues blessing! If nothing else, the library will take them… and pass them on again. My small house has been so cluttered with all my artwork all over the living room, I didn’t even put up as much this Christmas… still putting the tree and other garlands etc away has cleared my space and head a bit. Still a lot of decluttering to do but I will enjoy it all when done. I love Christmas, but in my bungalow i don’t think I could live with it all year. That said, I did leave a few ornaments and Christmas plates up last year till Spring… 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Lynn.

  4. Ruth says:

    There are so many beautiful valentines around – thank you for sharing some with us at the linkup today 🙂 Really enjoyed reading this post! Thank you!

  5. Gina Duke says:

    I love old-fashioned things! I appreciate you and your post! ~gina

  6. Popping over from Bonnie’s, I am delighted to meet a kindred old fashioned God-loving spirit! This is beautiful. I’ve been surprised by joy daily lately. Yesterday it was snuggling with my daughter while reading Emma aloud.

    • How beautiful! I love that… reading aloud with my mom is something I always remember from my childhood. I’m delighted to meet you too! Thanks for sharing this! Love your name… highhearted! Banners of His Love… 🙂

      Love Bonnie’s site… I just linked up a second one there, just posted…

  7. Abby says:

    I love this post, Pam. Over the years God has grown me and I stop to appreciate all of these little things too. Not perfectly of course, but life truly is a gift! I enjoyed reading all of the things you paused acknowledge. At this moment I love…the big bear hugs my three year old gives, throwing his whole body into it. So glad you joined us at #RaRaLinkup.

  8. tmpresser says:

    Just lovely, thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

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