Through the Midnight Hour

scan0016         “I’ve never thought of the little things [in life] as Valentine’s but they are–            little reminders of His love for us and His beauty.”

~  from one of you, recently in my comments

Ever thought of God missing you?

In all the old familiar places that My Heart embraces… I miss you, He whispers into the midnight hour.  Stay up awhile with Me?

I’ve been thinking lately how busy life is, even when you aren’t sitting full time in an office.  Never ending errands running hither and thither to market my ideas and myself, put drawings and writing to paper, keep a home, manage life’s demands.  And how swift go the hours in a day!  Guilty thoughts of not enough sitting down prayer times flush over me.  I want to start my day with Him first, yet hours and minutes slip by like pearls through my fingers…

And then He sparks a lantern light within my spirit. 

You ARE beginning each day with me, for haven’t I called you lately to the midnight hour?

Huh?  Midnight… I’d been thinking of it as the winding down, end of my day.   But like an hourglass turned upside down, He shows me sand sifting through my prayers is really the FIRST hour of the new day!

I marvel at that thought.  At how these last several weeks, even if I’ve been drowsing a bit before the television , I feel wakened and alert when the clock strikes twelve.   How this is not something I can do when committed to full time outside work…but something He is moving me to do for now.

How, the other day, driving by some symbols of the world’s lost, behind my cul de sac… I suddenly wondered…  Do You purposely have me praying like a sentry at guard round this corner of my neighborhood in the first hour of every day?  Are You using my prayers to send and station your Holy Angels round us?  Are You taking my prayers and pouring them from bowls over each of my sleeping neighbors’ and their homes?

What wonders are You working and moving and shifting in this simple rendezvous with you, my Lord?

There is something of wonder in this hour when all is quiet and peace, like being inside a snowflake swirl.  Something that even when I’m weary and feel like foregoing a night, I’m swiftly drawn into sitting here with You, lifting up my needs and so many others people have dropped into my hands as pebbles of petition… And lifting my voice to pray in Your Spirit, you breathe Your own words and Life into simple prayers…

I still want to set aside other hours of my day to sit with You, to write prayers and whispers of You in my journal…  yet You place me in this sacred hour and I stand amazed at Your grace.

Be Mine…  You whisper.  I hear it in the soft breezes.  I see it willow through snowy branches.  I feel it in this midnight hour.

Valentines upon valentines of You…

And I marvel again…  for You are calling us each to our own “midnight hour” – be it any hour of the day when our hearts still and we sit with you.  Setting Your people round the clock, praying the world through, day and night… all because You love us more than we even begin to fathom.

This midnight… this dawn of new day’s time… I simply meet with You, wordless except for Your Name as my prayer of blessing, to You,  over all I bring to You…. Jesus.


Yes, Lord.  I am Yours!

      (Have you found and opened His BE MINE valentine on your doorstep lately?  I’d love to hear about it in my comments…   🙂

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For they are transplanted to the LORD’s own house.

They flourish in the courts of our God.

~ Psalm 92:13 New Living Translation


© Pam Depoyan

scan0016pen and ink Little sailor valentine, mine:  Please do not copy without permission.  🙂  Thanks!   To order, or see my other original valentine designs, hop on over here: pen & ink HOME PORTRAITS

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6 Responses to Through the Midnight Hour

  1. mviscuse says:

    Love your words and your art…beautiful! Such a beautiful display of His love when I think of Him missing me. Thank you for this Valentine blessing today!

    • Yes, that thought is amazing, isn’t it? But so true of our God who created us for Himself… I’m so glad this blessed you!

      Thank you for the blessing of your encouraging words about my art! I’ve been hoping to strike a chord with these valentines for any time… as I begin trying this new avenue of earning too… hopefully selling some. 🙂 Praying for God to expand my territories in so many ways 🙂

  2. Lisa Preuett says:

    Came to your blog through one of the link-ups from Kellie Balarie. Enjoyed reading this post.

  3. What a lovely idea….Jesus calling us to a specific hour of communion with Him. I can only imagine the blessings you are receiving by going to that special place with Him. Thanks for linking up at Grace & Truth!

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