Need A Smile?

scan0003    I’ve been having fun trying my drawing hand at baby portraits this past week, using photos as my models…  And I’m finding, nothing makes me smile in the midst of harried moments as much as these!  How can you not burst into a grin when looking at such pure and innocent joy on these cherub faces!

Soooo…. I thought I’d post this one as an early Valentine to all of you.  (And if you really need an extra smile or two today, there are a few more on my  pen & ink HOME PORTRAITS page, under “Baby Portraits,” though I wish you could see them in person… these scans are not picking up all the shading which really adds dimension.)


        Due to some unexpected commitments,                                                                       I’m going to have to take a small blog break  here… 

Missing Valentine’s Day here too  😦    

But I hope to share more of your month of valentines after the break!  

Hearts clip art - vector clip

May your mornings, noons and nights  be as full of morning glory as the light I see in this child’s delight!

Happy Early Valentines!

P.S.  During this brief break…I invite you to browse other February years of posts (you can find them on the Archives month category to the right of my blog) for more valentines from me!  Or any other category that piques your interest!


© Pam Depoyan

pen and ink baby portrait, mine:  Please do not copy without permission.  🙂  Thanks!

Reminder… My Un-Valentine Valentines will continue to be available for ordering after the blog break…  See my  original vintage valentine designs, hop on over here: pen & ink HOME PORTRAITS. 

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One Response to Need A Smile?

  1. ruthshow1 says:

    Yes, indeed, how can you not smile? Thanks. You’ve captured the joy quite well. Reminds me of the photo my daughter texted me this week of her 6 week old son, smiling. My grandson’s newest skill. Since they live out of state I treasure this image in lieu of not being there to coax the smile myself. We have so much to rejoice about!
    I’ll be glad to see you back. May you feel loved in whatever you’re involved in.

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