In tight or free budget, there must be space for…homey

Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Downsizing, she makes me a present of this beauteous, Staffordshire blue and white cream pitcher.

“You exclaimed to me once how much you loved it,” she sparkles.  Then, wistfully, “And I want it to go where it will be cherished.”

I don’t recall the admiring moment she is referring to, but I know it must be so… because there is something like the ocean whisper in a seashell that has called to me in English Blue and white since childhood.  Not to the Dutch Delft… which to my eyes is harsher.  But to the gentle, graceful cloud-and-sky colors that simply says England, warm-as-tea-cosy, to me.

“Oohhh…,” I can only say, holding it’s lovely roundness in my two palms.  “Are you sure?”  Meaning… Are you sure you want to part with this?  She smiles, covers my hands with hers and nods.

My own eyes brim as I spot telltale trails in her own.  This moving and getting rid of things I know she’s treasured, still does, can’t be easy, I know.

In this giving moment, she is sowing a seed of blessing,  Lord, I whisper  May you bring it back to her one hundredfold.

I pack it gingerly, carefully to carry with me onto the plane home… not risking the suitcase.  And now… here it sits, gracing my side table with the love of a friend, aside my small collection of D.E. Stevenson.  I think Miss Dorothy Emily of England and Scotland would cherish it there too.

And I am resolving to a new tradition of making room in my weekly budget for a few fresh petals in this gleaming creamer ... because, I tell myself – despite the unexpected bills for things like garage openers that refuse to stay down and plumber calls that must be made and counting pennies out for need and tithe — I want to make space for the homey touches. ..

I find these unique snowy sprigs in water buckets at the market.  I don’t know what they are.  Their centers resemble miniature calla lilies (if there is such a species!), yet they also look like satiny white roses.  Out of the corner of my hearing, I catch the clerk exclaiming to another customer about their beauty.  I think I do hear something about calla lily in her words.  Holding my breath, I inquire the price for what to my eyes seems so rare.

“Oh, they are only $1.99 per stem!” she answers brightly.  And, I can see… ooohhh, luscious amounts of blooms on each stem.  A treasure, a mere trifle in the scheme of bills, I avow silently!

His gift, yet another, poured into my palm…

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Along with one more splurge.  A pretty strawberry pink and white stargazer.  Because my blue and white bowl needs a refresh splash of joy too.

Simple beauties for simple pleasures of The Master’s paintbrush.

My camera’s clicking away today, to share them with you here… and I’m carried away as usual.  So I have to pare down and choose just a few to scatter, like petals here.

Because… in and among the everyday cost of living, the midst of hustle and bustle… perhaps in place of a coffee splurge or an extra package of cookies to your necessaries… I want to encourage you to choose a bit of fresh bloom to your carts, too.  Just for fun.  For yourself… maybe to surprise and cheer  a friend too…

Maybe its a residual to all these past months of caregiving and stress.  And knowing that life for many of us may be cloudy with weary…  So,  I’m thinking…The desire for homey nestling down… that oh so fallish feeling…it seems to come from the Father’s arms to ours, just awaiting our receiving.

Fragrant is this beauty sending scent throughout my living room right now.   And I feel His smile warm as sun slipping in my windows each time I look upon one lovely pitcher holding snowdrops of Love.

Digital Camera

What simple Glory have you found winging round you today?

©  Pam Depoyan


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19 Responses to In tight or free budget, there must be space for…homey

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Oh Pam! I’m sooooooooo glad you are back. I’ve missed you and the splashes of joy and beauty you cascade at your blog. The world is so harsh today. And this is so lovely. Funny, you should mention flowers, because I have always told my husband that I would love to be First Lady. Then I would have fresh flowers in every room at the White House (this is my recollection of when I visited there is my twenties–our college choir sang in the ballroom there). But alas, Mike refused to run for pres! 🙂 Still, he’s president to me, and he brings me roses every now and again (maybe twice a month). They’re always stunning, and he arranges them just so, laced with baby’s breath. It’s a splurge for sure (yet still amazingly reasonable from SAM’S). And I realized in reading your lovely post that one thing you value is beauty. I do too, and am looking for ways to bring more into my life.
    I’m glad you are in my life.

    • Well, Lynn, you are one of my biggest cheerleaders 🙂 and you always encourage me so! Yes, I could focus on so many harsh things in our world, personal and otherwise, but every time I sit down here to write I just can’t write about those things. I just keep feeling that God wants us to look up, find the things that give and bring joy from Him… see Him as the Father who delights in singing songs of joy over us…. It is the beauty that refreshes and speaks of hope, isn’t it? I never thought about that with the First Lady (you make me smile), but I have always loved that in old movies – how people always filled their homes with vases of fresh cut flowers… big and small. (Even in “The War Room,” I noticed that in Miss Clara’s home). Yes, sometimes I even feel starved for beauty and there are so many simple ways to bring more in our lives. (I think of this photo of my least favorite piece of furniture – ugh that ugly material on the couch! I have two other pretty chairs I do love. But just the addition of that pretty blue and white pillow, the creamer next to this beige bore, makes me smile and think it’s almost lovely! 🙂 Just the simple touches… ) Thank you for your beautiful words too! I’m grateful for you!

  2. Hazel Moon says:

    I too love those blue and white china. Our kitchen is decorated in blue and white wall paper. My husband has such good taste when it comes to decorating. I have one small bowl blue and white and I treasure it. Although we are not moving, I have began to give away pieces that my children would like. It is good to know that the receiver will treasure the gift and love it as much as you did. Thank you, Pam, for sharing with us here at “Tell me a True Story.”

    • Ooohhh Hazel, you and your husband are people after my decorating heart! 🙂 Nothing like a blue and white kitchen, is there? I’ve read some places that blue is supposedly unappetizing for kitchens. Hah! Seriously though, I have just always been drawn to it too. Like the sky and clouds, ocean and frothy waves. And everything English… I love that you are giving your special favorites to your children even now. That’s so lovely and thoughtful. I have a demitasse china teacup and saucer that belonged to my Grandma and I treasure it! Thanks for sharing about your love of blue and white too! 🙂 I always love your stories!

  3. This is so beautiful! You write so good. I rarely get to enjoy beauty like this because of our mega tight budget but it is so nice when there are a few blooms out in the yard that I wan bring into the house. That reminds me I need to go trim the rose bushes. Have a nice day!

    • Thank you, Jennifer. I know what you mean. My own is extremely tight these days, but I figured in my case a couple of dollars might just as easily disappear on some trivial thing I could give up in it’s place. I don’t have flowers or a garden to pick from though… and certainly fresh cut from your garden is even better! I am not a gardener, but I would love to have access to some blooms – always loved the idea of those paintings that show people with baskets of their flowers under their arms. Straight from their own gardens… 🙂 Roses are among my favorites!

  4. It is a beautiful little pitcher, made even more beautiful by the love in which it was gifted to you. I agree, there must be room in every budget for a bit of homey beauty.

  5. Pam, What an absolutely lovely post! It read like an old English novel. 🙂

    Ever since I was a little girl I have loved blue and white staffordshord china or anything that is similar and looks of old English blue and white china. I have a cupboard in my kitchen that has blue and white teacups, teapots and figurines in it. (In fact just the other day I paused a moment to look my most recent addition, a blue and white figurine of a Victorian lady complete with parasol that had belonged to my Great Aunt Hazel.)

    Whenever I see a persons home with fresh cut flowers in it I always think how homey it looks, but I have just never thought to do it in my own home. It really does brighten up a space.

    I love how you compared it to the warm smile of our Heavenly Father. 🙂

    I was blessed to visit here today.

    • Pam says:

      Wow, Karen. Is there anything I’d love more than to write like an English novelist! What a beautiful compliment… And you are indeed a kindred spirit! Ooohhh, I’d love to see your cupboard and THAT figurine!! I even love the name of your aunt… Great Aunt Hazel. 🙂 I was watching the BBC version of Antiques Roadshow in past months and oh, how I’ve loved seeing on there special treasures like this one you describe! Wishing I could come across such things here…

      You know, I’ve not had fresh flowers in my home except for rare occasions, but I have friends who do. And, I’m thinking why not me too? Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know this blessed you too. Your thoughts bless me exceedingly today! 🙂 Please come again!

  6. Visiting from #TellHisStory. Sweet story of friendship and beauty – both precious gifts from God! Thank you for sharing and encouraging beauty in our homes even on a tight budget. Blessings!

  7. Thanks for joining in the fun for Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!

  8. Jann Olson says:

    Sweet story Pam. Down sizing is difficult, but knowing that it went to you surely made her happy. It is beautiful and will be a cherished item! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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