Day 2: Let us intercede in His strength with our words

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Color is but an occasional flame peeking out over still largely green landscapes… yet…creamy yellow gold startles my eyes in the way of sudden sunlight through a cloud as I drive around a corner. Here, it is already falling, collecting in piles, like treasure, at our feet…

Stirring a scurrying, scuttling schottische of promise on the wind…

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

For, I don’t see individual leaves in this line of yellow stretching out and winding round the corner… No, I see promise of the Glory that is fall, sure to come, and I believe.

But, do I need to SEE with my eyes to believe?

God whispers, “Do not look at only what you can see, touch or feel. If you begin to see the invisible through faith in Me, you can do the impossible. ”  Like all the ordinary, human “Hall of Fame-rs” whose stories we find in Hebrews 11 (Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham…) .

Like you and I, none of them is perfect…they simply made the decision to receive what God had promised by taking God at His Word and clinging to it. By Faith. Saying only what they heard the Father say… declaring a thing so, against all signs to the contrary, before they saw it. Holding fast to assurance in what they could not yet see. Encouraging us too, NOT to see things as they appear in the here and now, but to envision the promise as already fulfilled on His say so… and to hold on through thanksgiving that it is already a done thing, sure as fall coming,  in Him.

Do not, therefore, fling away your fearless confidence,
for it carries a great and glorious compensation of reward.
~ Hebrews 10:35 [Amplified]

Digital CameraToday’s Whoa Thought:

Quick! Would you classify worry as a sign of deeply caring for someone or something that is in desperate straits at the moment? That it is driven by your love and nurturing as a mom or dad, sister or brother?

Or… is it masquerading fear – propelled by the enemy – fear most of all that God just might not do what he said, after all? (The enemy is so cliche, isn’t he? Still hitting us with the false arrow he used in the Garden.)

“You don’t know what I’m going through night and day,’ you may answer, “the never knowing what stone is going to drop next, if my loved one will come through okay or fall off a cliff in the next ten minutes…the never knowing what I am going to come home to… the being afraid to answer the phone and hear of some terrible fate… I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed, but He just isn’t answering–“

I hear the crackling tears in your voice, and chokingly in my own, I DO know. I remember the days and nights and years of worrying… praying, standing on faith… desperation… worrying more. The calling out, “Where ARE you, God?”

God understands our cries, hears them, is moving behind the scenes in ways we cannot see…asking us to see our loved one outside of current time and wholly restored, but how do we cling on, in that War Room prayer sort of way, by faith?

Digital CameraA true story…

Our beloved older son was so desperately lost and troubled, turning our lives and hearts in somersaults almost minute by minute, until my husband and I came to a strong resolution. By faith, we were going to stand on speaking out God’s Word as truer than anything, even more deeply than we had been doing throughout our whole married lives — no matter how long it took.

God has shown us we cannot look at what we see with our eyes, we told ourselves. We cannot listen to the bad reports we hear and get stuck there, or we will sink like Peter on the water. We have to grasp hold of fear each time it starts, recognize it as the devil’s sneer – “Ha! you think all your praying is  going to make a difference! I’ve got him, and he’s going down… “

“No, you don’t, devil!” we began to exclaim. “We laugh in your face! You are under our feet.  Because greater is our God who lives in us. We declare Jesus is greater in our son!”

Years went by when nothing seemed to change, and in some instances even escalate. Still we had to keep our eyes on what the Lord says and not what we saw. So we turned constantly to the Word, held it up to God and spoke it out. We spent long nights holding hands and declaring God’s promises over our boy.

“Lord, you said you are shield and a buckler around him,” we reminded Him, each time we heard some desperate news.

“Father, Thank you that our son is being transformed by the height and depth and breadth of your love! That your love is sinking deep down inside him now, reaching in and pulling him up out of the mire!” we praised when hearing what looked to be just the opposite happenstance.

I remember a time when we were out to dinner, finally relaxing after a long, weary week or so of speaking and teaching. A phone call came, announcing the worst scenario we could imagine. Fear started to wrap like a tight cloak around us till we heard the Holy Spirit above the roar…

‘I refuse to fear!” I proclaimed. “In Jesus’ Name, our son is restored and serving the Lord, whole and sound in every way…” In the natural we were not calm until the Word on our tongues spoke the invisible possible into a deeper picture of reality in our souls than what we could see and hear all round us. Peace, only God can give as we declare His promise as the greater truth.

Today, our son is happily married, serving God, joyously ministering to others – the invisible that was then has become the glorious answer we see today... That’s why I encourage you to never give up speaking out the Word over those you love! Cling to it when doubt comes in.   Speak to the doubt and tell it to go in Jesus’ Name.  For God’s love is a lion that won’t surrender when His Word is the banner over our prayers!  In the same way, so must our Words of His Word be!

~ Cathy Mink

Digital CameraToday, I will no longer give the enemy credence with my words.  I will no longer say:

I’m so worried about [name]. 

God, is not answering.

What are we going to do?

[Fill in your own fear and/or doubtful phrase that keeps coming to your mind.]


Digital Camera  Father, I will declare what you say about [Name] and let your truth continually soak into my soul and [Name’s] by speaking this truth out loud over [Name] and the entire circumstance [Fill in]:

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!(Determine that for as long as it takes, while you are driving, taking a break, making meals or whatever…to let each of these linger in your mind, on your tongue, and speak them aloud over the one on your heart!  In the same way, seek the Lord for additional specific words from His word that apply to  speaking over you and yours…)


  • I refuse to fear!  I have nothing to fear for the Lord is with me.  I will not look around in terror and be dismayed, for the Lord says to me and mine – “I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes I will help you; yes I will hold you up and retain you with my victorious right hand of rightness and justice.” ~ from Isaiah 41:10
  • Lord, you have promised that You Yourself will search for your sheep and look after them!  As a shepherd, you look after [Name] your scattered flock! I proclaim your promise as already true!  You have rescued [Name] and bring [Name] back to the land you have given. You yourself are tending [Name] in good pasture.  [Name] is feeding even now on your rich pasture! You bind up the injured parts of [Name].  You strengthen [Name].  You have broken the yoke off[Name] and made them to know you are their Lord! ~ from Ezekiel 34:11 -27
  • You Lord, have given [Name] a heart to know You, that You are Lord.  [Name] is become God’s people and The Lord God Jehovah  is their God! [Name] will return to God with all their heart!  ~ from Jeremiah 24:7
  • Thank you, Lord, for your glorious promise that you, yourself are a wall of fire around [Name]!  You are the Glory within [Name] and Your Glory reigns over and transforms this situation in You!  You have declared it so!  I declare this with you! ~ from Zechariah 2:5
  • Lord you are guiding [Name] always.  You satisfy [Name’s] needs in a sun-scorched land.  You strengthen [Name’s] frame.  [Name] has become a well-watered garden, whose spring will never fail. ~ from Isaiah 58: 11
  • O Lord, you search [Name] and you know [Name].  Where can [Name] go from your Spirit?  No matter where they go – up to the heavens or down to depths – you are there.  If they rise n wings of dawn or settle on the far side of the sea, your right hand is surely guiding [Name], holding [Name] fast.  If [Name] says, ‘surely darkness will hide me,’ even the darkness will not be darkness to you.  You have created [Name’s] inmost being.  You knit [Name] together in the womb.  All [Name’s] days are ordained for [Name] in your book! How precious are your thoughts toward [Name], O God.  You never forget [Name] – How vast is the sum of your thoughts towards them!  [Name] is engraved on the palms of your hands!   You lead [Name] in the way everlasting! ~ from Psalm 139

Digital Camera


© Pam Depoyan

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14 Responses to Day 2: Let us intercede in His strength with our words

  1. What a beautiful story of redemption! And the pictures-oh, how I love autumn! (I had to look up that word…schottische)

    • Pam says:

      Isn’t it? I want to include stories like this one – as I find them – this 31 days! So inspiring.
      I had used so many words there that started with “s” so I was trying to think of a word for dance that started with “s” 🙂 – I remembered a time long ago when my friend danced a schottische at her wedding (the unusual name stuck with me) and that was it! ( I had to look it up too, to make sure I spelled it correctly!) 🙂 Thanks, Mary!

  2. A schottische of promise . . . I want in to that lovely dance. Beautiful.

  3. Hazel Moon says:

    What a wonderful story of keeping God’s word in your mouth, and thoughts while not allowing fear to enter in. We do not see the big picture, but we can stand firm knowing that He will bring it to pass. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    • Yes, this couple are really fierce in standing on the Word of God in every situation… very inspiring to keep on believing what God says against all doubt, even and especially when everything we see, hear and touch screams otherwise. I think we’d see Him move so powerfully on our behalf standing firm as you say, to His word… Thanks, Hazel!

  4. lynndmorrissey says:

    Beautiful, hope-filled post, Pam–both truths and photography. You always fill me with such inspiration. And I love how you use His Word to combat fear and worry. Would that I would always do that. You also taught me a new word: schottische. I’d not heard it before. I love words, as well you know, and rather than lament when I have to look one up in a dictionary, I revel in it. Thank you for always teaching me.

    • The schottische I remember from a wedding was such a sweet, cute, fun dance! That’s why the word stuck in my mind… I am a word lover too and finding new ones is always a delight, isn’t it?

      I think combating worry and fear with the word doesn’t come naturally for any of us, no matter how much we love the Lord or have faith in Him, Lynn… In our world, we’ve been bombarded so much with the way of the world handling things. We love the word, but we have to take it in our hands purposely. God is showing me more and more we have to practice it. Purpose to take each worrying thought captive – recognize it is not from Him – seek His promise in the situation to hold up before Him and command the worrying thought to go.

      I used to think if God said it, then it would just happen automatically somehow… like, God surrounds me with his deliverance. In some ways, it will, but God is showing me we have to RECEIVE the word so He can put it into move for our behalf. And receive in the original Hebrew means something much more aggressive – to literally take it from His hands into ours. A gift from someone will only sit unopened until we TAKE it, right? That’s what I am hoping this series encourages us all to do. To no longer sit passively and giving credence to the doubts and fears with our mouths, but to TAKE His word like all who came to Jesus in the bible believing He would move….

      I think of the man sitting by pool of Bethesda. He had just been sitting there for years and years, hoping someone would move him. But Jesus said, “What do you want me to do?” Jesus wants us to say His word… It isn’t always easy, because we are used to worrying…. but the more we put His word in our mouth, the more it will become who we are… 🙂 I’d love to see us all take hands in doing this and sharing the way He is moving… wouldn’t that be great!

      I just finished day four on here – the Lord reminded me thru something you said here – hope it encourages you too

  5. Mother Hen says:

    M, T, B, E, and J.. Thank you!

    • I’m not a texter, so not familiar with your abbreviation and not sure what it stands for… 🙂 but blessings to you too!

      • Mother Hen says:

        Hi just initials for the names of my children. I should have been more specific. I think you mentioned initials for prayer of agreement. I may have read it wrong. Thank you!

      • Oh (lol at myself!) No, you did not read it wrong! You are so right!!! Sorry, I am several days ahead of this one now so I forgot that I wrote that, when no one else responded to it. I definitely agree in prayer with you for M,T,B,E and J and encourage anyone reading here to join us in that prayer! We speak life and wholeness and full hearts for the Lord to each of them, in Jesus’ Name and Holy word. I love the promise that none of his promises ever go out void! We can count on Him to move in our speaking out of His Word! Bless you, Mother Hen and all those you are lifting up! I’m so glad you clarified my momentary fog – I agree in prayers with you…

  6. Lux G says:

    What a beautiful, inspiring story to share. The Lord never forsake you through those trying times. I’m glad to hear your son is now better than ever. There’s no tragic ending with God. 🙂

    • It WAS an inspiring story, wasn’t it? It wasn’t mine but that of a woman I heard sharing it, named Cathy Mink. I have seen God move in my own life though and agree with your words – no tragic ending in Him – He makes all things beautiful in His time. 🙂 So glad to know this blessed you today, Lux!

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