Day 8: Arms Wide to Autumn Shower Blessings with our Words!

Autumn - Woman Playing With Leaves In The ForestFor awhile now, a friend and I have been talking about paying attention to the words we speak about circumstances in our lives – especially the ones that appear as near impossible mountains (so often the “biggies”are health and finance concerns) – and trying to instantly rephrase them with faith.   Of living as though our arms were always open wide to Heaven, believing for and trusting in His Autumn shower provision in spite of what anxieties are hailing at us … in that War Room Clara sort of way.

I love the way Clara actually had a “praise wall” with framed records of God’s answers to her prayers.  Especially, because being humans, we do tend to forget so easily… and before we know it, fear and doubt and a wanting to figure something out for ourselves begins slithering and slinking back into the cracks.  And sometimes, we split those cracks even wider as we repeat the anxious thoughts flying into our ears and out our lips.   As if to murmur…He DID send the answer that time and that other time, but I just don’t know about what’s happening THIS time…!

So, when my friend called the other afternoon, I could almost hear wonder and excitement crackling across the lines.     “Pam, you won’t believe what happened today!” she exploded. “I just had to tell you right away because I knew you’d really get the import of it all!”

My thoughts spun to all that had been happening in her life lately — the way she and her husband had been praying about giving up their cozy home in favor of trying to get themselves in what seemed a more secure place financially.  They’d been feeling the crunch as so many of us are, yet something in me hated to see them sell a home that God had so amazingly brought to her against all odds just a few years before.  I’d been praying for Him to make a way, clearly show them whether or not he was leading in this way of relinquishing it now… and just the other day, He’d supernaturally,  miraculously provided them an unexpected blessing that had turned their hopes back to staying put.

In the meantime though, they’d been clearing through a lot of… stuff, as she called it… they’d felt the Lord leading them to sell or pass on to others.

“I’m excited about having done that, though it was a lot of work and hard to part with some things,” she’d told me just after deciding to stay.  “Because it feels like a clean breath of air has gone through and now we find that all the fresh paint and hard work has just been a refreshing for my husband and I,” she’d bubbled.

Now, I couldn’t imagine what else could have happened.

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!“Well, this morning, a young single mom we know asked us if we could possibly pay a bill of hers,” she started.  My friend had wrestled with her thoughts – how could they possibly do this when they were down to so little themselves?  The blessing that would help them stay in their home had not even come through yet… and they themselves had so many other pressing needs.  “But something in me just kept saying, ‘you need to help her…”  she said, “because I’ve been in her place too.”

As she explained more details of all that help had entailed that day beyond even the bill, the way the Lord opened up ways for them to share Him with the young woman and encourage her, I could hear the wonder in her voice.

Yet, later that afternoon, she’d been overwhelmed with fear.  How were they even going to pay their own immediate bills when their money was down to pennies at the moment themselves?  How could she even afford the few groceries she’d just bought for dinner?  ”

“O Lord, “she’d started to moan inwardly.  “We couldn’t say ‘no,’ today, but they aren’t even really our responsibility, you know–”

“Suddenly I stopped myself,” she said, “remembering all we’ve been talking about, and Clara in the War Room,” she said, “and I clamped off the next words I really wanted to say ( ‘What in the WORLD are we going to do NOW, God’) and lifted my hands to Him.  ‘Father, I don’t know HOW, but I trust that you are going to provide for us today,” she prayed, and began thanking Him for that certainty to come. [Calling things as though they are even before they come to pass, as Romans enjoins us…]

“You won’t believe what happened next!” she enthused.

“What?” I anticipated.

She told me again of a beautiful old oak church pew she’d owned for years, how it had been sitting in their garage unused, but she’d still debated back and forth on whether she could part with it.  She loved it… but it had been just a collecting spot for odd things lately…

“Well, I’d no sooner prayed that prayer in the grocery store,” she said, “than a guy called to ask me about buying the pew.  He owns an old-fashioned  store and I was just thinking, well, it might look nice in there… when he told me, he really wanted it for a home chapel room he has built for himself!  That’s when a peace just flowed over me and I just knew this was where it was meant to be…”

She was talking so fast, I could hear her take a gulp of air before she continued.  “And Pam, he offered me nearly half of what we’d just given away today!  Isn’t that amazing!  How good is our God!”

The buyer had come that very afternoon, showing such appreciation for the craftsmanship of the piece, warming her heart even more that selling it was a good decision.

Listening to her, I could feel the tears behind my own lashes because we talk about how God moves, but when He does it always sparkles like the first star we’ve ever seen. 

“It’s just like it says in Malachi!” I said.  “You sowed seeds on faith today, and God says “watch me open the windows of heaven and send you a blessing you can’t contain!”

And it hadn’t been just seeds of money or hours upon time… all of which she and her husband generously gave to a young woman who had to step out in faith herself by humbling herself to ask for help.  But also in the taking captive her fearful thoughts of what are we going to do, and turning them around to a prayer of believing – I don’t know how, but I know you will, Lord!

It isn’t always that fast… but I do believe, God’s answers are voice activated by our words of FAITH  in His promises, then breathed on their way to us...

Is their a worrying fear niggling at you today,

trying to shake, rattle and roll your heart?

What words of faith can you use right now

to take it captive and set free to God’s hand of provision?

The Lord Jehovah, our provider, our healer, our peace has showers of blessing He wants to send your way and mine…

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

Prayer in Worship:

Father, You know what worries and concerns keep bombarding my mind lately.  I want to give them to you now.  [Name the problems.]  I resolve to cast out my doubting thoughts, take the sword of Your Word and speak your truth over each situation.  I put on the helmet of salvation and grace.  I put the belt of truth around my waist, slip on the breastplate of righteousness in Jesus.  I take up the shield of FAITH against each lying thought that enters my mind!  It quenches all fiery darts and no weapon formed against me can succeed!  I put on the gospel shoes of peace and walk in Your Shalom!  But above all of these, I put on prayer!  And stand upon every word that proceeds from your mouth, putting them in my own mouth to shout and sing with you!  Thank you for your songs of deliverance and victory in Jesus ‘ Blood atonement!    

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!


Share a praise report of your own answered prayer,

how you are speaking out words of faith in your prayers,

[in my comments] and encourage us all!

Or if you have a prayer on your heart, we will join in prayer with you…

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6 Responses to Day 8: Arms Wide to Autumn Shower Blessings with our Words!

  1. What a beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing it with Thought-Provoking Thursday, Pam. I was so encouraged. (and I loved that movie, too!)

    • Thanks, Lyli! (I’ve seen it twice and could see it again! 🙂 I saw Priscilla Shirer last night on an interview talking about a book she wrote to go with the film… FerVent. Sounds wonderful. I want to check it out and maybe write about it here. We need those warrior prayers!) I’m so glad this testimony encouraged you! Thanks for letting me know…

  2. Hazel Moon says:

    I love it when God pours out a blessing and it circles back and blesses you and others. It is awesome when something you have treasured, but are willing to give up, finds a new home and a home so much better than the garage. May the windows of heaven remain open to fill every need for those involved. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a Story.

  3. blog8628 says:

    What a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness when we trust Him and do His will. I have a bowl of smooth stones near our front door. Each stone has a picture or words that represent some of God’s greatest blessings to our family. Stones of remembrance or a wall of praise – it is important to have a tangible reminder of what God has done for us so that we can be inspired to continue trusting Him. Blessings to you!

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