Day 27: When the wondrous, skittering, rushing sound of Autumn invites you to more

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The murmuring sound of late October whooshes up and around the circle island outside my door today, whisking me into its mysterious, whistling, catch me if you can excitement.  Its like a current in the air…a feel of secrets being whispered into the atmosphere round me…and it alternately tugs me forward and pulls me back, as if inviting me in.

I delight in the delicious softness of the wind lifting my hair from my shoulders.  The loud all enveloping sound – like paper scrunching – skittering, blowing scads of leaves wildly round me in mini-tornadoes, stirring an unnamed joy in me.

At once, the wind startles, like a giant hand scooping up out of nowhere, from behind and on my right — quite suddenly casting pebbles and leaves skipping as if across water, racing them along the curb at my feet.   Then, just as quickly, it changes, sailing even more of these, so they’re chasing each other round my feet,  like a group of giddy young children giggling, rushing as one to the curb and huddling there in merriment – then suddenly shy in the midst of me,  pointing at me, the lone adult.  And I feel laughter, like bubbles, about to spill forth.

It’s exhilarating, this season, urging the sense of being alive to more than what I see with my eyes!  There’s power behind the wind… animated electricity in the very leaves…

The birds feel it, I think, as they flit from treetop to treetop.  I watch a squirrel darting here, there… a huge nut in it’s mouth… racing up a trunk, across limbs… flying and diving like the trapeze artist it is onto ridge poles of the nearest roof…

And oh, Father, how I love Your October joy!

Digital Camera

It makes me wonder at all You are doing behind my vision here. 

Are angels racing hither and yon as I walk and pray  here?  Are they taking the words of Your word in my spirit and moving mountains quick as all these leaves flashing past my side?  Is Your Holy Spirit moving, moving, moving in fresh revival all across our land, our world?  

I feel it is so, Lord.

Oh, I believe and praise You and send my prayers soaring up up up  in the midst of this frolicking Autumn scene.  I sense You skipping remembrance stones of Your Glory and Majesty ahead of them.

My spirit sings!  Alleluia!

A picture of something quintessentially Autumn flashes to my memory from a week ago… when driving past the apple orchard, I came up a hill and suddenly upon hayride after hayride to my passenger side, led by great horses – like Clydesdales to my eye in that super fast glance.  So close, they startled me with their power and beauty!  Like a vision into the unexpected.

Mmm… Autumn signals to my heart, You are about to do something great... Your Glory and Light are stirring up a whirwind of what no eye has yet seen or imagined.

Thank you, for the ever stirring move of Your Spirit!  Make us more aware of You… more alive to You, used of You… shining for You, as this great and wondrous season of…glow.


Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!   © Pam Depoyan

  • photos, mine

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This is day 27 of my 31-day fall series – WOOHOO!!!!!

Almost to the finish line!

It’s been fun, but sometimes exhausting and I’m looking forward to new themes ahead…

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7 Responses to Day 27: When the wondrous, skittering, rushing sound of Autumn invites you to more

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam Im breathless after reading this…simply caught up in Spirit wind and autumn glory. Your words are ;powerful, stirring, wind-and-Spirit inspired. I love the idea of prayers lifting up on the gales of autumn glory. I sense your utter awe at God and His creation. This whole post shouts GLORY HALLELUJAH! I’m shouting it w/ you.
    Thank you for sharing~

    • I was hoping I could really capture the way it was making me feel out there. I’ve always felt this especially in Autumn… Thank you for those beautiful words! Let us raise our hearts and hands together, yes… 🙂

      These photos are actually at the quaint cemetery where my friend E. is buried… I have not seen this beauteous vibrant, velveteen type of tree anywhere else. The leaves look like lush velour…

  2. lolita says:

    Pam, those words I long to come home to. But Autumn to me is still a thing in my imagining. I love the lilt your creative wind whispering whisper into my very heart. I miss you and the wondrous thoughts you bring.

    Hope all is good. Even thought I could only touch the net a tiny bit, I still think of you.

    • Lolita, it is SO good to hear from you! I know how you love Autumn… you remind me of myself growing up, because I only ever saw this type of autumn in the movies… Hopefully the photos I show you bring it to your heart more and more… I pray all is well with you and your family! I think of you often too… and pray for you.

  3. Anna Smit says:

    Visiting from #TellHisStory and the Write 31 Days challenge. Such beautiful and uplifting words. I love autumn as well, as do my kids. We are marveling in the tapestries of skies we see in this part of the world right now…but also the forest a 2 minute bike-ride away…I’ve posted a lot of pics from these skies and the forest to my blog. Creation is so FULL of God’s Glory!

    • Thank you for stopping in, Anna… I love how you put that, “tapestries of the skies.” I just popped over to your site and took a quick look at your gorgeous photos! I will have to come back and browse your 31 days too! Thank you for sharing! Mmm… Yes, His Glory is shining in creation!

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