When Trumpet Glorias Are On the Wing


Dear Friend,

Christmas reminds me… God is always writing music behind the scenes, waiting for the perfect moment of GLORIA to unveil.   A new provision beyond our dreams.  A joy to behold, simply for the delight of it.  The answer to prayers not yet even breathed.  

For a reason I’ll share in a moment, I’ve been trying all day to recall exactly how it was that I first stumbled upon the really fun answer to a mystery within a mystery I’d puzzled on and off since I was about nine years old.  I think now, it came from a thought whispered to my ear as I pondered a unique piece to write for “Highlights for Children” several years ago.  As if He took me by the hand and led me to it…

“How about investigating who the real Carolyn Keene was?” I’d suddenly found myself wondering. 

I loved the local children’s library section over by a small nearby lake, so I started my research there.  And hit the gold mark with nearly the first turn of a reference book page!

One clue led to another… until I found myself completely absorbed by the tale of a young librarian boy who had found his own mystery scrawled in a book next to the Drew pseudonym – just as if someone had purposely placed it there for HIM to find.  I left the library that day laden with reams of paper copied from each source…

I tried writing this piece and submitting it right away.  The magazine editors were intrigued by the story and bibliography, but when they remained a bit unsure of proving the veracity,  I shelved it for a time… Sadly, I think now, because I would have loved for the real Carolyn Keene to have read the published piece!   [And I wonder if God had  intended it to bless her as well.]   It was only a few years later when I heard the news – ‘Carolyn Keene’ had passed away in her late 90’s…

I couldn’t find my previously penned piece, but in that moment, I felt a strong tug to pull out my notes and write it again.  The Internet had expanded in presence, and when I googled – there was the documentation of my original sources, right there onscreen!   Feeling inspired, like the adventure authoress herself, I wrote it out as a mystery within a mystery… leading the child or teacher reader from clue to clue, just as I had found them, and a certain young librarian before me named Geoffrey Lapin…

This time, the editors were sold on it immediately.   I called them once in the process to ask a question, and was delighted to hear they had even run it by Mr. Lapin.  “He loved it!” the editor bubbled over the phone to me – making my day!

We-ell… last night, you might say another “whisper” led me to a wondrous Drew CLUE AT MIDNIGHT…  Not too sleepy, I was checking email before bed when suddenly a thought popped to mind to google my name and see what might come up. Scrolling through links to my blog, a few pieces of my artwork, one here or there to Chicken Soup for the Soul, my cursor landed on one for “Highlights.” 

And what I found when I clicked there was like a previously missed gift suddenly uncovered in the toe of my Christmas stocking.

Amazingly enough  a link to my “Uncovering the Ghost of Nancy Drew” article popped up, right online.  Amazing, because they seem to guard their stories as staying in paper only print. 

But the really COOL thing was finding – this story was not only in words on the screen, but it was audio!   Someone was actually READING MY story aloud to children online!

Listening today to that voice, hearing how he placed his inflections at some of the exact spots I did whenever I was reading it silently to myself was just FUN.  A gift in a string of gifts connected with this story, because it seemed to take on a life outside of the magazine right from the start.  Within a few months of initial publication, Highlights had informed me of its use in state curriculum… school libraries…and even given me an unexpected bonus at that time, not really required of them.  [Once a writer sells them a story, their magazine owns the total rights.]

A gift to me because – not having the children I always dreamed of having — it is a blessing to know I’ve created something that continues to touch kids with words.  And with a story of a woman who kept a secret faithfully, and one that truly illustrates how God brings Truth and Blessing to Light in the right moment…

And I think… last night… God took my fingers and led me to this tiny joy. 

Just for the smile of it. 

And for you… to encourage and know…

Whatever place or fear or worry you might find yourself casting unto His Care right now, it is the merry hope He sings to you too… to all of us…

 That He is working behind the scenes on our behalf, in ways we have yet to dream.  Trumpet Glorias on the wing…


Would you like to give a listen, just for the smile of it ?  🙂   Christmas Clipart: Kids on Sled

I don’t think you have to be a child to enjoy the uncovering of this mystery [and how I think God brought it to Mr. Lapin for just such a moment as that…!]  🙂



©  Pam Depoyan

Pen & Ink (and touch of pastel) trumpet drawing shown above: mine  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )



About Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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14 Responses to When Trumpet Glorias Are On the Wing

  1. What a wonderful gift! Congratulations! God is so good. Blessings to you!

  2. Anna Smit says:

    Pam, this is so beautiful. I have just finished reading a book by Tozer that talked about (among other things) God delighting in us, His children. Your post makes me see Him delighting over you: how He orchestrated it all to see your joy and excitement. Just love this.

    BTW I’m so sorry you haven’t been able to have your own kids, when your heart has yearned for it. Thankful God has shown you how you are still touching children’s lives.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Anna. Yes, I believe God is wanting to delight over us more than we know! I’m so glad this post blessed you too! Well, God does seem to have other dreams for us sometimes than the ones we have…Wasn’t always easy to surrender, but He has it all in His Hand. It is a blessing to me to have little children in my life in other ways. I think of something Holley Gerth shared when I saw her at a local bookstore, how we are all mothers in one way or another, that God uses our gifts in that way… I appreciate your words! 🙂

      • Anna Smit says:

        So true, Pam. I have spiritual mothers who God has used mightily after my mother’s passing. One of them couldn’t have her own children, but she has been a mother to me in so many ways this past year especially. God is using this gift He has placed within you, mightily. And the yearning in your heart is there for a reason…I am certain your writing is much more beautiful because of it…I love coming here to read.

      • Thank you, Anna. Your words mean a lot to me today…

  3. Eileen says:

    Pam, I loved hearing the audio of your article, “Uncovering the Ghost of Nancy Drew.” You must feel so happy and proud to know that your article was used in this way for children to enjoy! How awesome! God is always full of gifts, and surprises, for us. And sometimes they come at times when we least expect it! I’m happy for you! You are so gifted, and I’m so glad that YOU are being gifted by God, to even more, share your gift with others! -Eileen

    • We are in such a wondrous time, aren’t we? When something like this can be done online and so easily accessed by kids who may never have even seen the original magazine of it. Would never have imagined such a thing when we were kids. God is amazing. Thanks, Eileen. I am always praying for God to bless the work of my hands to blessing others… There is a link on there for kids to leave their comments, but they are “blind comments.” Wish I could see some of them!

  4. Hazel Moon says:

    Pam this is so awesome and to think of the expanded visions for your story. I love the audio version too! Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  5. lynndmorrissey says:

    Oh Pam, that just brings tears to my eyes….because we never know when or where God will wing our words, and often He wings them back through some unexpected source to be encouraged to know that the very words we wrote were of encouragement to someone…and now, back to us. It’s such a beautiful reciprocity. That has happened to me a couple of time recently, and I stand amazed at God’s divine interweavings–underside threads not visible to me, until he turned over the work that He, Himself, was working on all along. Thank you for sharing. I know your words must have been such a blessing to those children–yours, from afar.

    • I love the way you put all that, Lynn. It’s so exactly what I feel… the writer in us? It is a beautiful gift He brings…that interweaving. I love that this true story just illustrates to me how God brings truths to light…even when someone tries to “steal”… and the way this young man discovered it all, began a friendship etc. just all speaks God’s Divine appointment to me. So that even though I obviously don’t talk of “divine appointments” in the piece, I think the message is “woven” in the true facts of it all… So it is a blessing to see it still going out there…

  6. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, I just listened to your story that you wrote. That is amazing because I can remember reading it in the magazine. It was really nice to hear the person reading it. I liked his voice and the way he read it. I cannot even imagine how surprised and excited you must have felt when you did discover this. 🙂

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