All Things For Good

I’m so excited to tell you my news.  To invite you, right now, to a new Artist Gallery site I’ve just this moment completed.  For you. 

It’s a place where you can decide which type of Pen and Ink portrait you’d like to see… and go to that specific ‘gallery’ (category link”) rather than scrolling endlessly through other areas to get there. (Such were the limitations of having it only on a page here up until now.)   You can pick and choose what you want to look at and when.

But… before I give you the new link, I thought I’d share a bit of the creating of this Gallery site, and the wonder God reminded me of Himself as I worked.  To encourage you in similar ways, in your own life, this day… to look for His Harvest.


A Harvest of Righteousness. 

Who would imagine God could breathe that into me in something so techy as the setting up of a second blog site.  Yet…  He has.

I had a general picture in mind of what I would do there as I moved over all my artwork from this blog to the new site, set up various ‘gallery rooms’ (Categories) for the differing portrait subjects and rewrote the introduction.

Then, it was as if He took my hand and led me in whispers that echoed back to me from my years as a Corporate Communications writer. I thought of how I used to write multiple versions of copy to fit in to our Intranet and Internet sites, tweaking basically similar copy for different products and audiences, devising fun catch phrases, looking to the customer’s interest in what we could offer them.

Whispers that reminded me of how I might add similar fun little style touches to my blog now…

Suddenly, I was thinking of creative  ways to direct you from ‘gallery’ to ‘gallery,’ looking for and discovering a zippy little graphic to make you smile as it guides.   I found myself envisioning how to make each ‘gallery’ inviting, ways to interest visitors in clicking over to related areas.

I even prayed for a blog title that would bring people googling for Pen and Ink Portraits right to my site.  I wanted something like a play on words…and, fooling around with the thesaurus, He spoke it inside me — Picture It in Pen and Ink!

I was almost finished when one thing had me stumped.   WordPress automatically alphabetizes categories, making the first thing anyone would see be “All Things Childhood,” referring to a gallery where I have some child portraits.  How could I change that landing post to something more inviting to the entire site?

Pictures of what we used to do in Corporate Communication Internet design and content came into my thoughts unbidden once more.   I had it!  I could create a separate static post place that could be like the editor’s note in online and paper magazines… a place to welcome you as you come, update you on any giveaways, meet you with season’s greetings like a gallery host at the door.

“See how I take the knowledge I was building up in you all those years in Communications and bring forth fruit today?” He encouraged me.

Wow, I realized then.  He really was All those persnickety details I learned back then were suddenly coming into focus again for something much more personal and fun. I know I never would have thought of half of it without that previous working knowledge. 

But most especially…not without the amazing way He seemed to be leading.

He reminded... it was the same technique I’d used to write that business content.  How to set up each gallery site with a few on topic ideas for the reader to ponder as they browse.  Adding fun connections to related topics at the close of each ‘room’ (post category).   Thinking of what might interest you.

Even down to a disclaimer that came to me as I kept seeing a pop up about WordPress adding some unknown ads at the bottom of posts, from time to time.  We sometimes added disclaimers in my corporate job, I thought…so why not put one here too?

It was just exciting to sense His Presence in even this.  His overriding care and provision for all our needs… His wanting us to trust Him. (Especially showing me His leading because of all the frustration I’d had last week when trying to figure out website setups.  See Who will sing a song of Goodness? for that story.) In my job, I was responsible for the writing piece, and though I might work with a graphic designer or the person setting up the technical look of the site, I was never hands on in those areas.  But having seen and worked with those products, as well as having learned through experience here at this blog, I was now reaping… a harvest of righteousness… so to speak.

For… He really works all things together for us, I thought anew.  Taking all those seeds  planted long ago, seeds we may think never  really ever bloomed, and bringing them forth at the right time and the right place in new and fresh ways!

All this reminds me too… nothing in our lives is wasted.  God is always preparing us, leading us, working the past together with the present… and leading us on to a harvest of righteousness.  In Him.  And my prayer now and always is His favor and blessing on all the work of my hands, to His Glory.  For no matter what circumstances appear to be, He knows my daily bread needs, and has them covered.

And those seeds you’ve been sowing?  Maybe even for years?  Harvest is coming. 

I know…because our testimony stories of His provision and leading are never just for us alone.


We-ell…  Now, will you join me over at my new Picture It in Pen and Ink?


Just click on this link:   and look for “A little Communique Spot” to begin exploring “Picture It in Pen and Ink!”

Cartoon me with rosesAnd once you’ve strolled around there, I wonder- would you do me a huge favor?  If you enjoy what you see, would you share my new link with your Facebook friends and whatever other social media you might participate in?

Nothing brings in people like word of mouth from kindred spirits!

Oh, and when you stop in, please “sign my guestbook” over at the new site by leaving me a comment at the “communique spot post!” Thank you!!

P.S. I debated having a button where people can sign up to get notifications for the new blog, because I’m not sure it will really ever send out any.  I won’t really be posting new posts so much as adding pictures to the existing ones.  But then I thought…if you’d like to know whenever I update by adding something new, it might be nice to have a list of subscribers to email.   So…if you would like to be in on that loop, and you do subscribe, I will have your address to send you emails whenever I add something new.  🙂



© Pam Depoyan

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30 Responses to All Things For Good

  1. Martha Herden says:

    Pam–I am THRILLED beyond mere words to see your new SITE!!!!! What a “labor of LOVE” you have created in being able to share your amazing TALENTS with so many folks!!!!! I could not stop “BROWSING” through all the different sections and getting so MANY ideas of future work I want to send your way!!!!!!! Now its a matter of me having to pick and choose what I would like to see your creative HAND make!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blessings come in so many ways—all we need do is simply be OPEN to HIS love and accept these BLESSINGS!!!! My dear girl,, you are ON YOUR WAY!!!!!!!! I feel so much GOOD will come your direction and its even more enduring to know you will always give the glory to the LORD!!!

    I will be in touch in the near future with a “Project” for you!!!!!!! Thank you for being YOU!!!!

    • Thank you for your enthusiastic and encouraging words, as always, Martha! I am so glad you enjoyed the new site! Now that I have it all set up, I don’t know how I crammed it all into that long page on here before. I’ve felt it was “off-putting” to visitors here for a long time…too hard to really see things. Its funny too because I can do things with that blog that I can’t do on this one, both by wp. I loved the font it let me put on the new one for all the headers… so perfect for what I draw. You bless me with your words… I look forward to more drawings for you! It was fun to do the Z Haus for you – I’ve had a lot of compliments on that one! 🙂 Praying the word spreads fast on the new site…not sure how long it takes for it to show up on google…

      • Martha Herden says:

        So happy to know Zuehl Haus has brought smiles to others!!!!! I WILL be in touch soon with a “project” for you—just have to make my mind up as to WHICH one I want!!!! Keep your GOD GIVEN TALENTS going Pam!!!! Super proud and happy for you……

  2. Eileen says:

    Dear Pam, I’m absolutely speechless! I LOVE your new site! Such a great idea! Now people can really have the opportunity to see what an absolutely GIFTED artist you, are, and will see it in such a beautiful, complete way. I’m convinced that people will want some of your beautiful pen and inks in their home, or to give as special gifts. God led you to set this site up, and what a success! – Eileen

    • Thank you so much, Eileen. I really do feel like God is leading in this and am trusting His promise for favor on all the work of our hands… Nothing unless the Lord builds 🙂 After all my frustration with the websites and then the way this fell together, it just shows me how He has it all under control. I appreciate your encouraging words and prayers!

  3. Anna Smit says:

    Lovely site, Pam. And a beautiful story of God’s goodness. These words especially are so encouraging: “All this reminds me too… nothing in our lives is wasted. God is always preparing us, leading us, working the past together with the present… and leading us on to a harvest of righteousness.”

    I don’t live in the US, but I’ve shared it on my Facebook page, as I do have a lot of American friends, who could be interested. May God bless this new venture He has led you into.

    • Thank you, Anna! I have to see how well I do before I can consider figuring ways to accept payment outside the US…. otherwise I do wish I could offer it everywhere. I’m glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your beautiful encouraging words as always. Yes, He keeps reiterating to me…nothing wasted. How He uses the straw of our lives is amazing. I’ll have to check your info at your site again to see where you live… I know a few I read are in Australia and England…

  4. Beth says:

    Your new site is lovely Pam! You are so talented! I’m happy that it all came together. God is so faithful!

    Have a truly blessed day!

    • Thank you, Beth! It feels like a miracle to have it set up after all the frustration with regular website setups. I hope you’ll stop by here…and there… often! 🙂 And if you hear of anyone looking for this kind of art, please share the link! I pray the same blessings on your day!

  5. Carrie says:

    I love how God walked you through the whole process, from setup to content to the name! Many times I’ve changed blogs (and a few times almost quit) but when I truly listen to His voice, things come together. Looking forward to seeing your galleries!

  6. MaryLou says:

    I am overwhelmed to see your picture galleries. Amazing job of putting it together. May God bless your efforts. Technology is amazing and I am glad that you were able to put all of your artwork in one place. I really like the little drawing guiding us through your galleries. 🙂

    • I think I am a little overwhelmed by putting it together too. 🙂 It’s amazing that I could even fit it on that one page before, as muddled as it was getting. Thank you, MaryLou! Having worked with writing for sites like that all those years really was a big help. I appreciate your prayers that God will make it take off. Working at this in a way that provided real income would not seem like a job… Isn’t that character fun? I was so glad to find it on “free clipart.”

  7. genie says:

    What a lot of work this has taken, but it was a phenomenal idea. I adore pen and ink so I will be happy to visit and leave notes on my blog. The illustrator you have on this blog is so whimsical and wonderful. She brings out the inner child in me. It is like with Mary Engelbreit. Her work always makes me smile. Thanks for all of your efforts for people like me.

    • Thank you, Genie. If you mean the little girl painting, that is Jessie Willcox Smith. I LOVE her work too… so endearing. I appreciate your putting notes on your blog about my artwork too… Word of mouth does seem the best way to reach people. Yes, it was a lot of work, though fun for me to set it up. 🙂 I hope you’ll be by a lot! 🙂

  8. Sylvia R says:

    Pam, I had a wonderful time visiting your other site. You inspired me to figure out how to incorporate in my site the additional things I’d like to include, without just creating the distraction of an unruly conglomeration–or, like you, by starting a sister site for those additional things.
    God bless!

  9. pamecrement says:

    Love this, Pam! I am new to your site and will visit the new one as soon as I finish this comment. You so much blessed me with how the Lord used so much from ‘before’ to bring about this new site! Love it! Thanks for that encouragement!

  10. Pam says:

    I love how you have shared where your strength and inspiration have come from. Awesome job. Good luck.

  11. How wonderful when the ultimate Creator fuels our own creativity down to the smallest details! Your work is so sweet and lovely, too! Congrats on the new site, and happy I got to be your neighbour at the #UniteLinkup!

    • It is such a beautiful gift He gives us in being with us in the smallest details. Thank you, Christine. I hope you’ll stop by the new site – I tried to fill it with all different kinds of work from home portraits to child portraits to the whimsical too. 🙂 Thanks for your words here!

  12. gillena says:

    have Blessed day and a Happy PPF

    much love…

  13. susupetal says:

    Your new site looked so inspiring, what a huge work you’ve done!

  14. ann krier says:

    so beautiful and what a GREAT idea. Pretty photograph on the header. Happy PPF.

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