A Bit of Feathered Sunshine

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One of my friends – an award-winning photographer — inspires me with her stunning photos.  Especially those  she and her husband  capture on annual trips to Ohio – a place where so many rainbows of warblers seem to flock at the first April or May breath of spring.  (The photos here are but simple, free online pieces… but you can view some of my friend’s breathtaking shots here:   http://povenzphotography.zenfolio.com)

I wouldn’t call myself a birdwatcher.  I don’t scramble into bushes, trailing my camera to find them.  But because of my friend’s intricate portraits, so many of which actually look like paintings, I’m noticing up close and gobsmacked just how majestically Our Creator has arrayed these tiny creatures in raiment spun of  incredible threads of Glory.   The blue bunting, the hummingbird, the warblers of so many hues…  The way some seem to be wearing intricately designed vests sewn together carefully by Hand just for them, vying anything on the couture runway.   Others bedecked with jewels.  Colors that radiate.

And when I took my hand to drawing the Yellow Warbler the other day, I discovered a blush of deeper orangey yellow on the little fellow’s “cheek” – just as I might add a breath of rose to a child’s face.   Loving Artist details…    [Won’t you join me  at my new art site, “Picture It in Pen and Ink,” to see my latest drawing of this golden little one in the  Pretty Little Birds ‘gallery?’)

When I googled these lemon-colored beauties, a few lovely facts popped up.  Do you know the term given to collective groups of these?

A stream, a sweetness, a trepidation of warblers.  O, I love that!  Especially… a sweetness.  And that many describe their voice as a musical strophe that sounds like, sweet, sweet… I’m so sweet.

To my spirit comes a whisper.   They do not sing of their own sweetness, but of Mine.

Then I discovered… an endearing name for the warbler considered the brightest, most extensively yellow of all“A bit of feathered sunshine.”

And as I took yellow pastel in hand to smooth on his feathery fluff in illustration, I felt my spirit rise to songs of praise.  And a fresh longing.

To sing back through my gifts… in a way that turns hearts Heavenward.  In collective songs of a stream, a sweetness, a trepidation of all us warblers.

To reflect to the world…a bit of Holy-feathered Sonshine.  In the way of this little songbird who can’t help but let God sing through him… effortlessly of his own ambition.

To ponder anew His Matthew 6:26 Promise…

Are we not more valuable to Him than any of these gorgeously arrayed creatures?  And if He has provided such radiant beauty in them, how much more does He live in and shine through us…

There it is again…A Harvest of Righteousness

For He hath made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.

~ 2 Corinthians 5:21 KJV

P.S.  I think the next little one I want to try my hand at illustrating is going to be “a bit of sky and water blue!”  🙂


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© Pam Depoyan

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18 Responses to A Bit of Feathered Sunshine

  1. Sylvia R says:

    What a lovely “coincidence”! Just yesterday I stumbled upon this music-accompanied slideshow of colorful birds: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5aAp__XQOQ I kept it playing while I tidied in my upstairs study, but got so fascinated I ended up sitting down and just watching, closely studying color patterns, textures, shapes and shades. It became very moving emotionally as I imagined the Creator’s delight in fashioning all this amazing glory. Then today, this! And I love your *sweet* bird drawings/paintings. Wish I could draw birds like this. Maybe I should give it a try? Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy others’ work. Like yours.

    • Thanks, Sylvia… I’ll check out that you tube! 🙂 I am amazed by how “dressed” birds are. I once saw a hummingbird outside a friend’s window, so close I could see all it’s intricacies of shimmering emerald vest. Our God is the most fantastic artist. Yes, pondering it does make me misty eyed too…like the beauty of music. I love when there are sacred echoes between what we are hearing or seeing and then we find it in others like this post to your thoughts! I’m glad you are enjoying my drawings of these little guys… maybe you should try your own! 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    I love how our master creator – God- went so far as to put all the lovely details in each of his creatures.. .even in us ♥ Thanks for turning my soul to a new appreciate of all our feathered friends and your art is lovely Pam!

  3. Eileen says:

    Pam, thank you for sharing the Povenz nature photograpy. I really enjoyed the pictures of both animals in wildlife, as well as the beautiful photos of nature, itself. The photos make me feel like I need to immerse myself in this nature! So beautiful, and life bringing, and inspirational! Thanks for sharing these photos with us! Also, Pam, I love the bird illustrations that you do. You have such great artistic skill, and patience in terms of this, and the result of your efforts is so awesome! I love birds, and the way you display them in your artwork, both in colors, and form, is so sensitive and nice. Keep up all of this beautiful creativity! – Eileen

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my friend’s site… her work, and her husband’s, is so beautiful. They find the most beautiful sites and animals etc to capture on camera. Thanks about the art – the bird drawings seem simple to me compared to other things I draw, but I do love drawing them. I love the yellow of this one, and all those stripes etc are so amazing – all the details of God’s touch! Thank you for your encouraging words, Eileen!

  4. I love watching the birds out our dining room window. It is such a relaxing thing to do. Those yellow birds are just breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for bringing a little sunshine to my room tonight! Stopping by from Women With Intention.

    • I agree… I’ve been seeing a lot of gorgeous cardinals in my trees lately and their color against the bare branches and snowy background is breathtaking too. I’m glad this brought a little bit of sunshine to your place tonight! Thank you for stopping in and letting me know! Come again!

  5. Ah, yes, the little sweets do speak to the soul. Nicely done, and beautifully shared, Pat!

  6. Joanna says:

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for filling my day with love and sunshine!

  7. Pam,

    Always such beautifully eloquent writing.

    I LOVED the added word study of the Warbler that you shared. I found it so delightful!

    Your gift for words and drawing, always bringing us to the Throne of Grace, giving Him all the glory.



    • Thank you, Karen! That is a prayer of my heart for all the work of my hands! I loved that word info on the warbler too… your word is perfect, delightful. 🙂 Thank you for always blessing me with your words! I just drew a bluebird today and can’t wait to share here… praying the printer I go to can make prints that really look like all the soft colors in the original. Sometimes their machines have difficulty with certain shades…but nothing impossible for God! 🙂

  8. Gayl Wright says:

    It is wonderful to notice the details of different birds so beautifully designed by our Creator. It’s also cool how we notice more when drawing like you did with the “…blush of deeper orangey yellow…” on the yellow warbler. Your drawings are very nice, too! Such an inspiring post to read this morning! I’m visiting from #GiveMeGrace.

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