All Alone and Feeling Blue? Take a snapshot of remembrance…

   I think I first heard Haley Mills say it to her character’s Grandpa in Parent Trap, incognito — for he is yet to to know for sure that she is not the twin he has helped raise, but her sister separated from birth…

“What are you doing?” he inquires of her, as Haley holds his coat, tender and close to her face, breathing in the scent of his pocket peppermints.

“Mmm… I’m making a memory!” she chirps brightly.

The words of that scene wisped into my thoughts last evening as a friend drove us home from a fun birthday celebration, winding her car through quaint shop-lined street where Christmas still glows from white lights twining evergreened lampposts, passing the old wooden bridge which though dark still sparkles with it’s wreath of lights hung up top.  Then circling round the tiny, semi-lit ball park turned ice rink, where a couple and their plaid-bundled up little ones were slipping and sliding on skates, all alone,  a la Norman Rockwell… 

I let those images fall feathersoft inside me, willing them to stay.  Along with others my mind had been snapping all afternoon.   Golden helium balloons rising up to the ceiling, each one tied to fun photos from A’s childhood on up, in the room where we gathered to celebrate her 30th.  The small stocking-ed feet of  little brothers 5 and 7, her  nephews, snuggled close together on the couch, dangling their legs together, giggling over cute animal sounds on an app.   Faces aglow in the light of pretty birthday candles on a cake…and warm chatter all round.  Sweet two year old daughter of the birthday girl running round the room with immense bundle of balloons in her hands… later, echoing the grownups and calling “g’night boys!” to her app watching cousins.

Mm… yes.  Making a memory.

Now, driving home, I snap the picture of this little one again, fussy from weariness.  I LOVE that she’s truly calmed only by the warm and beautiful voice of Josh Groban singing, Glo-o-oria in Excelsis Deo (how I can pinpoint myself the very first time that ethereal song reached into my own soul and made it take flight, just a few years older than she is right now!) and asking for replay over and over  till she’s floating away on soft snooze…

Making me take out and recall again a similar picture of her I’d tucked away so, this Christmas Day… when in a room filled with twenty seven adults and kids all chatting at varying decibels of joy, I alone watched her, as in live, slow motion, dream-like video moment… Bedecked in her beloved purple tutu (she loves to wear it with any and every outfit, her mom says!)  I once again spy her suddenly catch her reflection in the glass door of the oven, down at her level.  Watch her, oblivious to all round, twirling to her own dream music, lifting her arms and smiling sweetly at her reflection, swishing her skirt to the light in her eyes… turning up the corners of my own mouth…

Keepin’ a memory for another day in need of a smile… and another.

Silver Christmas card Stock Photo - 9958175  And as I ponder all these images in my heart, echoes of Another ring like sweet bells across my spirit…  for isn’t this snapshot sort of remembrance just like God asking us to speak back His Word of Promise to Him?

“Put me in remembrance of My Covenant with you,” He enjoins us.  Make a memory of My Word over and in you.   For I take your words of My word and create LIFE, just as I’ve spoken all the world into being...

Becoming, as Jesus exemplified for us, like our Father… doing what we see the Father doing.  And the Father?  He SPEAKS worlds in answer to our prayers into being.  And writes that same spiritual DNA into us as His heirs!

He writes in the Written Word as well as in our hearts…that Faith comes from hearing the Word.  And when we put the Word in our mouths and hear ourselves speak it out, Faith soars, sweeps out the enemy who is trying to steal the Word from our mouths and peace from our lives – in the same old way he did in the Garden.   It also sends the angels out to perform His Word on our behalf, according to the Psalmist.

The best defense?  God’s memory-making Words spoken as sword!

The woman with the issue of blood put herself in remembrance as she purposed to get near enough to Jesus.  “If I just touch his clothing, I know I will be healed,” she kept reminding herself on the way there.  And I can only imagine how she glowed at His Words to her in the end.  “He calls me daughter!” she must have exulted and recounted to all she knew later.  “He told me my faith healed me!  That I would go healed of my plague forevermore!”

It’s what I see David doing in the Psalms, I recognize now.  Putting God in remembrance of what He’s promised… by singing his memory snapshots aloud, like, “You surround me with songs of victory!”  Taking out those snapshots to remind himself, “Bless the Lord O my soul, forget not all His benefits…”

And Jesus, in the desert…  meeting every lie of Satan with God’s Word of Truth, aloud.

And so I pray…Teach us to take Your Word and Sing it back as Remembrance to You, Lord – more and more.  For I am seeing how You want to empower us through Your Holy Spirit-breathed Word, to move and do as Jesus promised – greater things than He did on earth.  You, who have made us to see Your miracles and wonders as we do!

Mountain Bluebird Male stock photoOne last image comes to mind as I breathe in the scent of snow this eve... the drawing of the beautiful mountain bluebird I’d been working on the day before.  How rendering these little songbirds has been putting me in remembrance of keeping His songs in my mouth too.

To me, working from a lovely photo I found, this one even seems to have a Glory Glow on it’s blue wing!   (In a way that I pray comes across in these drawings too…)  You can view this one here at my new art portfolio site: Pretty Little Birds.

When I googled this bird species, I found that this cerulean beauty is single-hearted with it’s love, staying true to one mate.  And it sings continually… soft and long…even when flying! 

Mm… a picture that puts me in remembrance of turning every arrow coming against us from complaining or worry by singing out God’s promises in the way God has endowed this songbird and longs to bring out in us —

Let us sing out over lack and worry and illness and fear and every “arrow” that is trying to steal our peace —

  • “Glory to my God who promises, ‘No weapon formed against me will prosper!’
  • Thank you Father that you are even now turning my captivity (as You did for Job) and restoring my life!
  • I will purpose to sing Your Glory back to you even as You sing songs of deliverance over me – especially when things look impossible!
  • No enemy will steal my peace or rob me of blessings, because as I put Your Word more and more in my mouth You make Your blessings to overtake me!

Just read a beautiful post from another blogger that echoes back to God’s heirs keeping His Word in our mouths  … LOVE what she is saying about “inheritance words,” and thought you might too!  🙂   . Inheritance Words | Debbie Kitterman



© Pam Depoyan

P.S.  I just updated my “Communique Spot” on my new art portfolio site  – the landing place you first see when you go to   I wanted to add a three-drawing gallery there that would give a visitor an instant picture of what they might see in the whole.  I’d love to hear what you think…  If you were looking for a pen and ink portrait, would this new addition draw you in to viewing more gallery links?


I wonder which of the birds in Pretty Little Birds. is your favorite? (I think the bluebird is mine! 🙂    )   Is there another bird YOU particularly love?

Would love to hear about which songbirds make your ‘favs’ list !

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12 Responses to All Alone and Feeling Blue? Take a snapshot of remembrance…

  1. pamecrement says:

    Hi Pam! How delicious were the words and images you have shared here! Thank you for adding sunshine to a very gray and cloudy day here. Remembering is indeed a significant tool we can too easily forget. It has often brought me to places of so much gratitude that my heart swells and my eyes well up in tears.
    Blessings on your day!

    • Thank you for sharing that, Pam! I’m so glad it added some sunshine and reminded you of those times when the heart swells and the eye tears! I know that feeling well! 🙂 Blessings to you too! It’s gray here too, but just started snowing – so pretty to watch it gently falling (now that I’m home and out of traffic! 🙂 )

  2. Anna Smit says:

    Such an encouraging post, Pam. My friend and I were talking about how God asked the Israelites to post a stone of remembrance after they were brought out of Egypt and I told her that my writing is my stone…I’ve been returning, like you, to memories of the past that remind me of God’s Love. I love watching my girls play…it too brings joy to my heart.

    I’ve just been studying Psalm 119 and what you say weaves it’s way through this one in particular. We see David first express his raging emotions and then turns them to the Promises of God and his faithfulness. The Word and Spirit tether him to Hope.

    • Thank you, Anna! That’s so amazing that you should reference the stones of remembrance because I had wanted to include that in this post too… how in the Old Testament they were always building them to mark a miracle or remember God’s move, and even renaming the place in honor of that. I love that you think of your writing as your stone! And I love your insight about Psalm 119… so true. Thanks for sharing that! Yes, such joy in watching little ones play! No wonder the Lord tells us to be like them…

  3. hopeful50 says:

    God is so supportive of remembering things and this post reminds us! I’m a birder – and I adore Mountain Bluebirds, altho here in NC we have only Eastern Bluebirds! #85 at Holley’s today.

    • I adore them now, too! 🙂 Though, I’ve only seen them in photos. I’m originally from farther out west and don’t recall seeing them there… and not in the midwest where I am now. Are the eastern bluebirds deeper in color? I’m so glad this post reminded you of God’s support in remembering! Thanks for letting me know and for stopping over from Holley’s! I’ll go check out #85! 🙂

  4. Hi Pam. I’m your neighbor at Bonnie’s, and I’m so glad I am. 🙂 I love the phrase “God’s memory-making Words.” Your entire post is hope-filled. Thank you. I also went over to your art site. I said out loud “Wow!” when I saw what a creative gift you have. I especially love the bird drawings.

    • Wow, Trudy you bless me with your words! 🙂 I’m so glad this post spoke hope to you too! God has been reawakening art in me since transitioning out of full time office writing work and I really think He is supernaturally enhancing it somehow. So I am trusting Him to open some doors in this for source of real income. So blessed to know it is touching people too… I am loving drawing the birds — a subject I never drew before. Thanks for letting me know you love them too!

      Love your unique little butterfly icon! 🙂

  5. Pam,
    Amen…let us sing out like the birds and cast down any arrow that threatens to disturb our peace. I love watching the varied tribe of birds at my feeder each morning. Like Susan, we get the eastern bluebirds…they and the gold finches just bring a smile when they visit because they remind me of God’s beautiful colors in nature. Enjoyed stopping by your place awhile – your drawings are beautiful!!

    • Thank you, Bev! I’ve been loving the bright cardinals this season, so gorgeous against the snow… The only blue bird I’ve ever seen in person is the jay, but I don’t like them. Seem to mean and ornery…plus just not as pretty as these little songbirds! Sounds like you have a rainbow feeding at your place! 🙂 Thanks for your words here! So glad you enjoyed both this post and the artwork too! Blessings to you too!

  6. Hello, visiting from Growing Through God’s Word today. You have a beautiful, melodic way of writing. It can be so fun creating, and remembering fond memories. I love the picture of The Parent Trap. That was one of my favorite movies as a child. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for those beautiful words. Melodic… I love that thought. Parent Trap’s one of my favorite old movies as a kid and still today, too. Haley, Maureen O Hara and Brian Keith… can’t go wrong! 🙂 Thanks for your sharing too!

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