Valentines Are Waiting, Addressed to You…

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Lately it seems as though jabbing whispers pelt me like sudden onset of ice-crunched rain, making it hard to stand against whipping winds.

Such as when the handyman — who is outside my open kitchen doorway discussing the repair of something that the condo association will take care of — suddenly fixes his eyes above my head and across the room to where peeling away paint seems to form a crack along the edge of wall to ceiling.  Dire look in those eyes.

“Um,” he asks, pointing, “Mind if I come in and take a closer look at that?”    He does, then poses there pondering long as if afraid to tell me the horrific news.

“The painters claimed that’s just settling that happens…,” I offer lamely.  And at his prolonged stare, add, “It’s not a sign of leaking, is it?”  Crunching machine numbers ring off streams of dollar signs in my head till he shakes his head ‘no.’   “Just that you need drywall replaced there…”

“Is it dangerous to leave it?” I ask, wordlessly thinking…well, it’s been this way for 6 or 7 years now…  And I’m also in the middle of waiting for a garbage disposal replacement that’s going to take a hefty sum.  Not to mention the widening crack in my garage floor that will need attention sometime in spring or summer…

“Oh, no…”  he says.  “Just something I’d do… ” proceeding to explain how they’d ‘cut a bead’ of dry wall, replace, have to repaint…”

Mm… Put that on the long time to never in the future list.

That is, until I wake up in the middle of the night, dodging arrows of worry flying round my pillow complete with nightmare images flashing behind my closed eyes.  What if the wall is so flimsy or insecure that the cabinets should fall off?

Suddenly, thoughts of where I’m going to get funds to pay for so many other bills that keep streaming in lately… still for the broken shoulder.  Various insurance payments due.  Escrow time.

Fear.  Worry.  Heart-pounding no,no no…

Not just concerning bills.  But all those other what ifs...

Until I pull in the reins and pay attention to whose voice I’m listening to.

“God is calling us to be His stewards in the earth, stand in His Name authority and talk the Word Truth back to the onslaught of fears,” a minister couple teaches this morning,”whether that is blasting at us from all the fear-mongering bad news on TV or screeching into our personal situations.  Now is not the time to fold, but to stand up as His army and  take back what the enemy has stolen…stop him in his tracks from taking one jot more… and follow the Lord’s instructions to bind  terror in His Name, and loose God’s Heaven on earth!”

They continue to exhort.  “When news announces the security level is high or a sickness is taking over the world, bind that word from happening in your house, in your town, in your country.  Don’t just sit there and let it soak fear into you…  Speak what you hear your Father saying!”

My sheep know My voice,” He reminds me softly.  “I speak peace, blessing, hope, provision — never fear.  I speak power, authority, ruling and reigning in My Righteousness, doing greater things in My Name, My angels surrounding you…”

“Peace,BE!  I instruct my heart then, like the Lord to the storm — putting an abrupt halt and hush to the enemy’s age-old tactical lies.

I rebuke the depression that’s been hovering fog-like over me in the dreary, dark weather we’ve been having too… and how I’ve been giving in to it…

To the jeers of the enemy who is counting on me not knowing what God means when He calls us to the authority of  redeemed, conquering heirs of the King… His original plan in the Garden, bought back at blood price.

And I feel myself physically calming.

Pen in hand, I grab my One Year Bible where I’ve been following and meditating on Old Testament and New Testament readings broken out in days, and nestle into my chair, brace the word in my lap, legs knees up on the ottoman…  I’ve been writing in the margins of this bible this time round, making notes where I convert certain verses into His Declarations to speak over my daily life.  Underlining the words that show God’s character and desire as blessing and life.

[Valentine] Words of His Heart to Declare, over my bills and other worries that wilt like scorched and uprooted weeds in His Spoken Presence:

  • As God looked at his creation with pleasure and blessed them all (Genesis 1:22), so he looks at me!
  • As God placed man in the Garden of Eden as it’s gardener, to tend and take care of it, so He is calling me as His own in this world…  to tend it with His Word of Life…
  • And with the psalmist, I declare — The Lord watches over all my plans and paths!  (psalm 1:6)   With Solomon, ” The Lord delights to increase me with wisdom!”  (Proverbs 1:6)  “I will trust in and reverence the Lord!”  (Proverbs 1:7)
  • Lord, you are my shield, glory and only hope!  You lift my head away from shame! Even if 10,000 surround me, The Lord is my protector!  I will lie down and sleep in peace and wake in safety for the Lord watches over me!” (Psalm 3:1-8)
  •   The Lord will bless my storehouses, open his windows of heaven and pour out a blessing I cannot contain.”

Whose word  are you declaring over your life today?  The enemy has come to steal and kill, but the Lord chooses abundant life over you!  

Action point:  Take a psalm of praise [or a specific promise God leads you to in His Word] and turn it into a personal declaration of hope over your situation, your family, your town, your country today… 

  God’s Valentines, waiting for you…


And for one more refreshing word…

Hop over to read this lovely devotion from Lynne Morrissey in her guest post here today:


© Pam Depoyan

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12 Responses to Valentines Are Waiting, Addressed to You…

  1. Pam, thank you for sharing such hopeful and *practical* encouragement. I truly get those night-time fears, when thoughts mushroom out of control. I love you took every thought captive and counteracted it by declaring God’s specific truth. Like you, I write in my Bible margins. I can’t even read some, the pages are so torn and battered and bled through. But even the practice of praying in my bible (even if I can’t read some of those words now) is so strengthening. God hears and answers prayer. And His Word will NOT return void.

    I so appreciate your strengthening convictions.

    • Thank you, Lynn. So true. I thought your guest post today spoke to some of these same things… that’s why I wanted to share your link here too. 🙂 Hope it brings many more to your devotion words today! Thanks for your encouraging words and sharing too!

  2. Oh you are so sweet, Pam! Thank you! I appreciate your bringing that to my attention. I’d not seen the link at the bottom. You are so kind.
    Love you,

  3. Eileen says:

    Hi, Pam. Thank you for your thoughts about standing against the enemy. My cat, Raffie, was playing hard with me last Friday, and bit me. I have been bitten, or nipped, so many times before, by my little pet predator, that I neglected to wash the wound. Big mistake! The next day, I was feeling great dizziness, or vertigo, when rising quickly from my bed, or lying down, or moving my head, or even walking. Fear started to set in, from the enemy, as I started to wonder if I had had a stroke with that first huge wave of dizziness. I thought of a brain injury, for I had fallen down the last three steps of an outside staircase, a year ago, and had hit my head on some brick pavers. The dizziness this past week, continued for three days, and then I went to the Doctor. The Doctor ordered a blood test to check for cat scratch disease, (which can also cause dizziness, or vertigo). I’m luckily feeling better, now, for most people with a overall strong immune system, get better on their own, from cat scratch disease, (without use of an antibiotic). But, also, before I went to the Doctor, I called up a favorite prayer line of, mine, and asked for prayer, and for Jesus’ complete healing. I am praising, God, for as I said, I am feeling 100% now. God is good, and He Has the victory! We always need to look to him when we are worried or afraid. Always in Jesus love- Eileen

    • I totally relate to your story, Eileen. Fear is the way the enemy really strikes most, and health and finances seem to be his two biggest strategies! And to immediately put the most awful scenarios in our minds… like your fear of stroke etc. Sometimes those kinds of thoughts just hits like a wave and are hard to stop…but God is showing me exactly what you shared. How He wants us to rebuke that fear, take it captive and immediately declare His healing word or whatever applies (and by declaring His promises we then change those thoughts to His thoughts for us!)… And if needed, go to the doctor as you did too. But we can go trembling in fear or know God’s peace surrounding us by turning our hearts to praise. Not always easy, but I am finding that once I do, God moves in it. So glad to hear you are feeling better! I remember some bites from our family dog growing up too, one I never confessed to because I didn’t want to “get her in trouble!” 🙂 Thankfully it turned out alright – our little “predators” but we love ’em! Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. I love this–Valentines from God. Wonderful thought that I think I’ll carry with me for the next week. I’m sorry, but I had to laugh at the image of you lying in bed wondering if your cabinets are going to fall off, and waking up to a loud crash and seeing your cabinets…and sheetrock…laying on the floor with shattered dishes all over…it was just too funny because I’d probably wonder the same thing! Isn’t it ridiculous where our thoughts go if we allow the enemy to run rampant through our heads? Good for you that you took authority and knew just what to do! Loved this post. Your next-door neighbor (the fanatic) at Essential Fridays.

    • Well, you give me a good laugh at that image, Mary! 🙂 Yes, completely ridiculous where he makes our fearful thoughts go! And the palpitations over it all… I’m glad this both entertained you and uplifted you today!! I wrote some posts a year or so ago too about “finding God’s valentines all around,” like finding a heart shaped leaf at my feet by my car on a day that I really needed to know His heart… 🙂 Glad to have you as my “neighbor!”

  5. Hazel Moon says:

    I don’t like those kind of surprises, when one thing goes, here comes another. Our faithful washing machine began to smoke – fortunately I realized it before it actually caught on fire – – but that meant a new washer. They “new improved” models are not cheap but we bit the bullet and ordered one. May all your repairs be covered by the condo association or at least giving you the best price. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    • Thanks, Hazel. Well, only the things outside are covered by them… Sorry about your washer! But glad you caught it in time. Yes, these unexpected things… but not unexpected to our Provider. His favor and blessing surround you! 🙂

  6. Thank you for the reminder that the way to chase away fear and depression, any darkness is to counter attack with the life-giving Truth of God’s Word. Amen!

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