A valentine invite, touch of Brit and five minute Friday

valentine: Valentine frame design with space for your text

I’ll be getting to my Five Minute Friday post on “FOCUS” in a moment…but before I start my clock for writing…

I want to invite you to a special Celebration for the Month of February over at my new Picture it in Pen and Ink! Art Gallery site… where I have a Valentine waiting to be opened…

Won’t you please join me in A Little Communiqué Spot  to read about it?  🙂

Jehovahs Witnesses Online - Censorship Free Discussion Board  And… if you are a lover of all things British, as I am, you might also enjoy a click over to see my newest addition to  People and Landscapes After the English Heart  — my rendering of a real life Cottage England Tearoom, located in the Cotswolds… just completed and scanned in to my site today…  🙂    If I could, I’d invite you to Valentine tea and scones there…

I’d love to know what all you who’ve been blessed to visit England think of this one!  I’ve not been there yet… except in gorgeous photos like the one I used to draw this!

And now… five minutes…

[Focus on Me], call to Me

and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know…

Jeremiah 33:3, Parenthesis mine

My mind is running hither and thither it seems, as I settle in with the daily Word passages, make ready a soft CD of praise to begin when finished.  Focus, I am continually commanding my rabbit trailing thoughts as I reread a section over again.   It takes occasional reining in, until I am quiet.  Listening.  Soothing sounds of rain on the windowpane somehow calm my heart enough to hear.

“I am always focused on you,” He offers, gently.

I am continually turning my spirit to His throughout the day, but oh, to be able to totally turn out distractions when I’m actually sitting here, wanting to focus solely on Him…

“It is enough, in this moment, that you are here,” He says.  “Wait upon Me and let Me breathe My Spirit in you… I refresh you today with living water.  I make you strong and not weary.  You will walk and not faint.”

In awhile, I put on the CD… recognize His anointing on it and enter into the worship.  And as I do, all those cares, those distracting, darting thoughts melt away.

He is the One who enables me, even in this moment, to turn my eyes more fully on Him… and makes me so grateful He only wants our willing hearts…


© Pam Depoyan

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4 Responses to A valentine invite, touch of Brit and five minute Friday

  1. Amy M says:

    Oh, so true. When we focus on God, somehow life becomes much more manageable. It helps to remember that we do not walk alone, I suppose.

  2. Lux G. says:

    My consistent Valentine date. 🙂

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