Into the Extraordinary of Ordinary







I think it was this drawing of mine that brought up her gentle story, as a former co-worker and I  sat beside it in the bookstore yesterday, catching up over tea.  The room, overflowing with customers when we first arrived, of a sudden transformed to quiet while fingers of light moved in from windows and across tables….the hum of a laptop and clicking of its user across the way our only accompaniment.

“I love to visit a nearby stable whenever I can,” she opened, her eyes suddenly misting over as if she were far off,  her voice softening.   “There’s such a sense of beauty and light and peace there…”

She pictured the scene, like a film for me.  Horses nudging their long faces out of stall windows, eagerly anticipating the carrots laid out on her palm and extended just to them.   Sunlight wafting in and lighting up dust motes dancing through the stall, back to front.  These majestic animals neighing and tossing their heads and nuzzling up to her, delighted in her companionship.  How her husband had confessed a late in life fear he’d seemed to develop over them but how he’d been thinking how he’d like to get back to riding and conquer that fear.  How she’d told him he needed to bond with some horses first, let them get the feel of him…and he of them…before attempting to straddle after many years.  How they’d taken bags of carrots together one afternoon and she’d laughed so heartily when in fear he jerked his hand away from the horse’s mouth and caused the horse to jerk back just as fearfully.  Until she’d shown him how to lay his palm flat, offer up his carrot.

“I can just feel his soft lips and the way he sucks in the carrot!” her husband had marveled when he finally got the knack.  “I can do this!”

I grinned at that picture. “I didn’t know you loved horses,” I said.

“Yes, I used to ride all the time, growing up,” she confided.

That’s when she shared the most endearing moments of her “horse visits.” 

“After I just spend time talking with them and offer them the carrots, something wonderful happens,” she said.  “The whole time I’m there, they are moving and engaging with me, but just before I leave I always like to stop and pray for them, for the farm and stables and people coming there.  I say, ‘Okay fellas, now we’re gonna pray…’  and suddenly, all goes quiet.  They just stop and look me in the eye solemnly, completely unmoving, as if they actually know what I’m saying.  It’s wondrous, really.”

She paused as we both sipped our tea, that lovely picture settling over both of us, like God’s cloud.  I shared how I remembered that feeling with my family dog… how my mom used to pray with individuals who came to share their hearts in our home, and our Sheltie was always right there in the midst, even putting her paw up on Mom’s knees in those times of prayer.  I always had that uncanny feeling she knew just what was happening too…

“It’s such a peaceful moment, like His Glory right there with me and those horses,” she enthused.  Once she’d confided to the stable owner about how she often prays with the horses before leaving, and the owner told her that she hoped the place would be a haven like that for all who came there… a reason why she had named it Serenity

Even His creatures know His Presence…

This story and the images it conjures up inside me keep wafting back into my thoughts.  Even today, as I sat in a chapel where light streamed in across my neighbor’s casket.  Gone too soon at only 71.  A kind, gentle man.  Someone known for his “quiet strength,” as so many who knew him intimately recounted throughout the service.  I think of his calm demeanor, his twinkling smile and simple ways he offered help to me in the few years I’ve known him.  How he always waved his “hi” whenever I was walking by…  How even while he was fighting for his life he drove me (due to my broken shoulder) to run an errand,  the tears I saw shining in his eyes when last I touched his hand and said goodbye, not really anticipating it would be the last…

I think again now of the military guard walking one by one up to the front this morn and slowly, ever so slowly, raising their hands in one final salute.  Of all of us standing with our hand over heart as taps were played…

And somehow, that sweet image of God’s Presence making Himself known there in a serene stable moment speaks to me of deeper communion with Him that my neighbor is even now embracing…

When Embers Fly   And I can’t help but think… O let us look for His Glory in our everyday moments.   For there are “cathedrals” in the ordinary that open our eyes to extraordinary… and He has placed them there for our finding.

A lovely Westminster chime echoes just now throughout the library where I’m writing this (alas, my home computer seems to be kaput at the moment), sounding to my ears as chapel bells ringing their call to me… another touch of extraordinary in the ordinary.


© Pam Depoyan

  • Pen & Ink Girl and Horse Portrait (For the Love of Glory) shown above:  one of my recent works in my Picture it In Pen and Ink gallery — mine, under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

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  • stained glass from stock photos

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10 Responses to Into the Extraordinary of Ordinary

  1. Eileen says:

    God is always, there, and ever present, and He delights and surprises us with those special moments, when we feel HIs presence in nature, or the needed words someone has shared with us, or in some unexpected little miracle, or big miracle, that he has provided. God is ever faithful, and ever present, and He gives us just what we need, at every moment in time. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Pam, for reminding me of that. Love, your friend, Eileen

    • So true, Eileen. I have been thinking more about these “cathedral moments” (that even animals seem to feel, and babies too!) and how God wants us to be bearers of His Glory in the world in the same way… that people see Him or find Him in us… For these moments that we are aware of His Presence is really an awareness of His Glory. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this here! 🙂

  2. nicaudp says:

    Pam, this is beautiful! And your artwork, wow! You have such a gift. My daughter, who is 8, is a budding little artist. I will definitely show her your website. She loves looking at different types of art. Thanks for sharing this today at #GIVEMEGRACE

    • Thanks nicaudp! I’d love to hear what she thinks when she looks at my art site (! 🙂 I drew a lot as a child and into my teens, but hardly at all during the last many years of corporate world work. Getting back to it now is a gift. Wasn’t even sure I still could, but He seems to be enabling me more than I ever knew before… I’m often amazed to think I actually drew it. 🙂

  3. KymPossible says:

    Yes, some of the sweetest moments in God’s presence are the breath-taking glimpses of him in the everyday.

  4. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, this is such a beautiful, tender post. There are cathedrals everywhere….including in our hearts. You express your heart so poignantly, and it always overflows in these poignant and exquisite posts. I’m so very sorry about the loss of your neighbor. It’s so terribly difficult to say good-bye. And you have done so with such dignity in the remembering.

    Just today we went to the home of dear friends who lost their fifteen-year-old son just over two weeks ago. He seemed so healthy, and collapsed–gone in an instant. Today would have been his sixteenth birthday. We went bearing sixteen red roses, a poem I wrote in his honor and memory, and our deepest love and sympathy. Truly, it is so hard to say goodbye. I pray our presence was a cathedral moment for the dad (who is all we saw today). Not that we are anything special….but rather God would have us reach out and comfort others as one tangible means of His presence.

    • That is the saddest, Lynn… so young and so unexpected. I love your idea of sixteen roses and the poem. I am sure that it was, or will someday be in the remembering of it, a “cathedral” moment for the family. A time when God’s arms came to them through dear friends like you… and the knowing “Jesus wept” even when he knew his friend was to be resurrected…. I’m so glad my words spoke into your heart in this too.

  5. Lux G. says:

    That is one awesome drawing. No wonder interesting conversations are inspired by it.
    If we look around with eyes of faith, we see the most extraordinary things in the ordinary things and events.

    Thanks for that wonderful reminder.

    • Thank you, Lux! Your words lift my heart today… I am amazed by this drawing every time I look at it myself, that He enabled me to draw it. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve been asking Him to send someone who likes it as much to purchase that print at the store before I take it all down in a few days… (It’s on my online art site too… but not going away there…) So glad you enjoy it! And that this post touched you too! Thanks for taking time to let me know…

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