Just around the corner


“The pipes, the pipes are calling… from glen to glen, and down the mountainside…”

Irish shamrock for St Patricks Day




Just around the corner…  🙂



Dearer than Leprechaun gold. 

Or, as He wrote of you, of me, in His Resurrection Love Letter, pearl of great price.

Our cultures, and life’s sometime weary ways, would buzz to the contrary, like a gnat, in our ear.  “Mm… my, you’re getting old.  You’re getting close to the end.  Might as well hang it all up, pull out the rocking chairs…sssssssss…

If we listen closely, we might just perceive that lisping hiss on the last “s.”  The regrettable sound Eve wished she hadn’t ignored.

“Been feeling a bit more creaky getting up in the mornings,” a friend expressed by letter.  “Wondering how we’ve all reached this age already.  Impossible!   I think back to college days, when life ahead was bright with dreams…”

(I’ve been wondering that too, about time.  Rip Van Winkle years…)

She didn’t say it outright, but in between those written lines I could hear the sigh I’ve sighed.  The thought that nearing retirement or being pushed to it even a bit earlier than some puts us in the out to pasture category. Or that coming to the end (or maybe a turn in the road) of our dearest lived-out dreams leaves us standing like a passenger stranded – suitcase in hand — at an indeterminate crossroads.  Which way now?, muddles the Scarecrow…

Part of me is in total communion with those feelings, even brushing the mist from my lashes over the same melancholy outlook.  So  many dreams I dreamed that will never be.  And sitting beside the elderly who were once our strongest bulwarks, changing roles of child to parent protector, watching friends who have left us too early, it’s so easy to sit and steep awhile in the lie that we too are suddenly rounding the bend to nothing but past dreams trailing… faded rose petals on the ground.

Until a sort of righteous indignation begins a slow bubble inside me.  I’m NOT that old.  “That thought about being past new dreams is not Your Voice, Father,” it dawns upon me, much as a breeze through an open window lifts and caresses a curtain sheer…

I give strength to the weary, renew your youth, make you to soar like an eagle.

I anoint you to go forth with the oil of joy to pour over one another.

I sing my favor over the work of your hands.

You will dream dreams and I will lead you on to greater than what has gone before.

Do not bury your talents… keep your blessings flowing until the day I return…

You are my beloved child in whom I am pleased…

There are others waiting to be part of My dream in you…

Choose LIFE in the land of the living… not DEATH…

It’s then I pull out paper and pen to encourage my friend (and you)…  For those of us in the nearing retirement bracket, let us slough off the lies about age.  Look to a new threshold for fresh and adventurous dreams.  (And for anyone just beginning their first chapter, or even somewhere in between – thinking you are too young or too whatever to move in your God-breathed dreams or do anything of meaning –  I encourage you to throw off those lies too!  🙂  )

My thoughts go back to a conversation I once had with singer Andy Williams, then still way ahead of my current age,  in his late 70’s .

“Life is creating.” he told me about the time he termed his own second chapter, a note of indignant wonder in his voice.  “Just because you reach a certain age, why should that mean you’ve got to stop? I’ve taken care of myself and I think I’m reaping the benefits because I don’t feel old.”  He’d started that ‘second chapter’ at just about the age many of us are now. And as he continued to look for ways to create, he also sowed into the dreams of others – bringing laughter and song, a showcase for new talent, and a myriad of jobs to an area he helped to burgeon.

What dreams might God have in mind for you…for me… in our lives ahead? 

If we give up, or give in to an age number, are we not more like the man who buried his increase rather than investing for a reaping harvest? 

Our God is a creative God…and He calls us heirs to that ongoing-long-as-we-have-breath  creativity as well.

Sometimes, He even seems to thrust us into new dreams.  Opens doors ahead of our own timetable, doors we never could have imagined.  I’m pondering and praying about a new one right now, one that several strangers have seemed to echo to me lately in question, a somewhat new idea I’m not certain I know how to follow.  Yet.  A spin on the way He’s been renewing the artist He put in me…   Leading me to thinking outside the box of all the usual avenues I’ve pursued for a living.  Because… maybe… it’s time for a refreshing.

Dream-refresher.  Somehow, I think that is a Name that speaks of His Heart for each of us in this moment, no matter what “chapter” He is about to write on our bright-sky horizon.


What’s just around the corner?  The one who calls you His Beloved Pearl of Great Price has ever fresh dreams to infuse you with songs of joy… The only qualification is – keeping young at heart and listening for the Father’s…  (As well as sending the enemy packing with his old as the Garden lies, rather than speaking them out over ourselves…)

Lord, help us to hear and open our palms to Your dreams for our unfolding lives,

then to take Your Hand as You lead.


And… as a p.s.… I wonder if you might follow me over  here   and to The Luck of the Irish   for just a wee bit more to this idea of new dreams He leads?  🙂


© Pam Depoyan

  • Pen & Ink Irish laddie shown above:  one of my recent works in my Picture it In Pen and Ink gallery (http://pamdepoyanblog.wordpress.com) — mine, under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

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29 Responses to Just around the corner

  1. Sylvia R says:

    Oh, my! Are we ever on the same track! My upcoming post (probably the next one, and probably before this week is over) is “When a Number Gets You Down (Your Age)… In Which I Reveal a Dirty Little Secret (Mine). Then to follow is a guest post on Kel Rolf’s site, a poem on the theme, which she is going to illustrate with some kind of collage or mixed media… I figured when I vaguely planned the first of these posts that it would likely produce a multi-post theme. So maybe yours will too. No further comment yet, though. I have to save it for my post. 😉 Except… good thoughts here, Pam!

    • Wow, Sylvia. This idea has actually been on my mind for a few weeks, but with my computer broken and having to go to the library to use theirs, I kept putting it off. Love those sacred echoes! I think you may be right about maybe some more posts because I only touched on what He’s been putting on my heart about this too… Looking forward to yours and Kel’s too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • lynndmorrissey says:

      Great to hear tht you are colaboring….I should say co-creating w/ Kel. Two great creative spirits at work! Wonderful.

  2. Eileen says:

    Dear Pam, We’re never too old, as long as the Spirit is alive within us! When I think how old Abraham and Sarah, were, when God used them! In these end times, He especially wants to use us, to tell people about Him, so that they will come to Him! We are being used in these end times as instruments of God’s love and mercy, to others. We Christians live for Him, and He wants OTHERS, who don’t know Him, to live for Him- and to have a life IN Him. Jesus is coming soon! Regardless of age, all of us have important work to do for God. The time is short. Use us, Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

    • You remind me of Paul telling Timothy he was not too young… same applies to not “too old!” 🙂 So true, Eileen. God wants to shine His Glory in and through us, to bless our time in ways beyond what we know…and yes to reach hearts. And there is no time to sit on our laurels or just think we’ve got to retire from dreams He wants to blossom in us. Thank you for sharing these truths!

  3. Oh, this: “Our God is a creative God…and He calls us heirs to that ongoing-long-as-we-have-breath creativity as well. Sometimes, He even seems to thrust us into new dreams. Opens doors ahead of our own timetable, doors we never could have imagined.” Amen… we are in a new dream up to our ears and can question what in the world we were thinking… but God. And there it is, right? But God…

    • Sounds intriguing, karrilee! 🙂 Yes, definitely “but God!” He does seem to be calling us more and more to stepping out in faith, but He also shows such blessing in the midst of it too. May He enfold you in peace, show you wonders of His provision and leading in this dream He has you in right now! And surround you with songs of victory and joy, blessing you in His favor as you lift it up to His Glory…

  4. Kristi Woods says:

    Beautiful – both the artistry and your words, but especially the charge to put those talents He’s given to use, even in later years. Pam, you truly cause me to wander deeper in thought with this post. I’m a bit behind you, age-wise, but I surely hope I remember your words when retirement knocks. Never.stop.offering.those.talents. Sage wisdom. Visiting, and so thankful for the opportunity, from Thought-Provoking Thursday.

    • Thank you, Kristi! I always thought retirement would be a few years away from where I am myself so it still officially seems a ways off to me too… But then thinking back to myself in younger ages I think it does apply then too. Seems like working full time we tend to put off our dreams equally as we do later in life, always thinking there will be time later on… Thank you for your encouraging words about the post touching you and the artwork too!

  5. Julie Sunne says:

    Great topic, Pam! God knows no age bounds, so neither do we as far as purpose in His eyes. As long as we have breath, He has something in mind for us. Thanks for the reminder as my numbers keep creeping up.

  6. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, a lady in our women’s circle at church said just yesterday that age-ism is rampant….all the prejudice. Many people are most creative as they age (or sage as the case may be!) because they are living with so much wisdom, culled over years. I do think we can be at the height of our creative powers if we don’t give in to defeat (we know where that comes from). Thank you for such an inspiring and uplifting post. If it weren’t time for bed and an early rise (it’s after 11pm), I’d go create something! 🙂 And love all things irish. My niece just took down the decorations off our Valentine tree and surprised me w/ adorable Irish ornament/decorations. It’s positively leprechaunish. We’re getting ready to watch the Quiet Man the Sunday after St. Paddy’s Day. Thanks for all your encouragement.

    • I think that is sadly true, Lynn. Has been true for a long time that culture often looks down upon us as we age… seems like we’re almost considered past prime as young as late 30’s! But God has dreams for all of us… and not just in crafty creating, but in all ways that create life… I believe he wants us to always be looking to His next dream. I love Irish too, much like English! 🙂 Love that surprise your niece thought of!!

  7. Valerie-Jael says:

    Love the sketch. Happy PPF hugs, Valerie

  8. gillena says:

    nice sketch, Happy March

    much love…

  9. Sweet sketch, Pam! My Dreamer and I were just discussing dreams this past week, as we celebrated his 70th birthday. Sometimes we need to re-calibrate, based on our physical abilities, but God had a purpose and plan for us at any age! So true! Blessings on your Sabbath!

    • Thank you, June! This little guy’s face really cheers me each time I look at it and it cheers me to know you enjoy it too! Yes… I like how you put that. Re-calibrate applies even with no physical limitations, because God is constantly updating us with new dreams, new purposes and goals, isn’t he? Blessings to you too!

  10. Giggles says:

    Wonderful sketch with very sage musings!! This does touch our lives quicker than we ever imagine possible!! Keep on creating until you can’t!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Jodi says:

    So much truth to encourage and be thankful for in this post. I may not be in that age season yet but can relate to the “too ….” to live His dreams. Thanks for speaking truth and for linking up with Thankful Thursday.

    • So true, Jodi… it isn’t just for people 50. 60 + that this truth applies… but any season in our lives when we need a fresh wind of God’s dreams ahead… We tend to limit ourselves. In college, maybe the dreams are having a family etc, and once we achieve those or others then we think that we are at the end, and stop looking forward…. Or we can get bogged down in everyday life and quench our own spirits of dreaming His dreams. Not just creatively… could be any way he wants to move in and through us to bless others…Thanks for sharing that you could relate too! 🙂

  12. Laura Thomas says:

    I smiled as I read your lovely post. I stuffed my writing dream away for decades until my husband unearthed it and encouraged me to pursue it. 5 published books later, I’m so grateful for the support of loved ones, and for the hand of my Heavenly Father, gently leading and prompting me along the way. Thanks for your words of encouragement to those doubting or putting off following their hearts—we all need our cheerleaders 🙂 Stopping by from Word of God Speak… blessings to you!

    • You are speaking words of a cheerleader to me today – Sometimes life just demands that we “bury” but so blessed by what God has done for you in your writing! Five books – beautiful! Yes, and you bring up a good point – how the encouraging and uplifting support of others is so vital too. Blessings to you too, Laura! Thanks for stopping by and sharing those thoughts! 🙂

  13. Beth says:

    Oh, My! What a beautiful drawing… Your artwork fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give. Just wonderful. Happy PPF!

    • Thank you for that beautiful compliment indeed, Beth! I appreciate those words…this is really one of my favorites… Happy PPF to you too! Just clicked over to yours and love your drawings too! A classic fairy tale look to the way you transformed that photo to drawing!

  14. Pamela says:

    I love the term, “dream refresher.” I love that we can still dream, regardless of our age. And God still brings those dreams to fruition. Love the sweet drawing at the top!

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