Top o’ the day to ye!

House for Jessica-smaller file

This is a pastel home portrait I just drew (from Full Color Portraits – Homes and more at my Picture it in Pen and Ink blog).    All the green has been making me think of the Emerald Isle all this week… and of wishing you all a happy wearin’ of the green, Irish Soda bread and tea sorta day!

“My Irish cousins often have a big St. Patty’s Day party with corn beef and cabbage,” a friend emailed the other day when I sent her a copy of my little Irish Lad sketch with March 17th greetings.  [See that drawing here:  The Luck of the Irish  ]   “One of them makes 50 loaves of Irish soda bread for all guests to take home! It’s quite a wild celebration…”

I could hear the lilt in her voice just reading those words... and they took me back to a longing I think I first had as a girl, to be part of a big, rollicking Irish family like the Beany Malone’s and Katie Rose Belford’s so delightfully depicted by author Lenora Mattingly Weber.  Book series I devoured as a kid, searched for in antique shops and have even enjoyed  re-reading yet again when I found them reissued for a new generation here: .  Something so warm and inviting in those Irish stories of families kicking up their heels in clog dance and enveloping any and all who came into their homes as part of the family…

Maybe that’s why today I took a sort of holiday from working at much… did something I seldom ever do.  Indulged in two fun (if a bit loveable cornball) back to back classic TCM movie celebrations of the Irish — in the middle of the day!  Then… needing to get at least a few accomplishments today, I set the recorder to capturing a third with handsome Rod Taylor that I’ve never seen.  {This one has Downton’s  reigning Maggie Smith in it from her young girlhood days!]  One, “Three Cheers for Irish,” was a black and white about an Irish policeman who doesn’t much like one of his daughters taking up with a Scotsman!  The second, “Daughter of Rosie O’Grady,” a musical with Gordon MacRae – one of the most gorgeous voices of Carousel and Oklahoma fame… with a similar plot [the Da who can’t abide his daughters marrying anyone outside the Irish…and of course they do…].  Silly stuff, but truly fun and lovely music that has set my spirit dancing along with them…

Tonight, or perhaps tomorrow,  I think I may have to pull out my once a year DVD  of another favorite story of the old and new sod, a charmer about a man who captures a leprechaun in the Emerald Isle only to find the old codger a pestering him when he returns to New York   — Tyrone Power in “The Luck of the Irish.”

Whatever you are doing today, working or playing a bit of Everybody’s part of the big family of Irish Day hooky… may the road rise up to meet you, and the Lord pour out His sOnshine upon your face!

© Pam Depoyan


House portrait… Mine, from my Picture It In Pen and Ink blog,   Full Color Portraits – Homes and more   Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)


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16 Responses to Top o’ the day to ye!

  1. Meg Bucher says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! My ancestors came from Ireland, like so many others …and like so many others in our CLE suburb growing up, we did the corned beef and cabbage thing …and the soda bread. Over the years my mom has always been right around the corner to rally everyone together to celebrate and carry on traditions. Since she moved to Florida I have slowly dropped the celebration ball. This year, I didn’t even eat a corned beef sandwich or take dozens of pics of my kiddos in green. Thank you for you sharing this piece today, that reminded me how blessed I am to have come from such tradition…to be a product of ancestral sacrifice. I think I’ll pull out that box of Soda Bread mix from the pantry….
    Happy #LivefreeThursday!

    • How fun, Meg! I know… traditions have slipped away over the years with the passing of time and people moving, and it is sad to just let them go. Thanks for sharing about your family… I love it. Yes, pull out that soda bread! I was going to bake a new recipe I found last year, but was away with family emergencies and never did make it. The currants I’d bought to use even went bad. I think I need to pull that out and try it in the next few days! I’m so glad this cheered and blessed you today in all those special remembrances!

  2. Sylvia R says:

    I don’t have an Irish cell in my body, nor does my (mostly Scottish) husband, but I made soda bread today–and do nearly every year! Thanks for the sunshine in this post!

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Well, you knew I would LOVE this post, and I’m so glad to have read it. There is truly something so merry about the Irish. I’m part Irish (but German, French, Scottish, Norwegian, English and American Indian, too.–There may be more nationalities, and I will have to ask Mother). But my maiden name is Morrissey, which I kept, and I think I’m proudest of my Irish lineage. We had many boisterous (in a good way) family dinners, and we’d always end up singing around the piano. I can’t say that the majority singing were Irish….more of the German side of the family, but my grandfather, Bill Morrissey, had a lilting Irish tenor voice and Daddy, another Bill Morrissey, was a basso profundo. Oh, how I miss them both. I just left the piano, and sang from a favorite Irish songbook: The Minstrel Boy, Shule Agra, Danny Boy, Kerry Dancers, and others. We’ll make that Irish soda bread and Irish stew on Sunday, and watch The Quiet Man. I loved that you played hooky today, Pam. And those movies sound delightful. I’ve only seen The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady, and I adore Gordon MacRae. I think he has one of the most beautiful “Broadway”-type voices I’ve ever heard. And oh, I loved Dennis Day, too (speaking of Irish tenors)! I know you will know the Christmas movie he starred in, along with Barbara Stanwyck. The title escapes me. Thank you for sharing about the books, too. I’ve never heard of them…and of course, your beautiful card, which graces our mantle. And your house portrait is gorgeous.
    A very happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!
    Faith and Begorrah,

    • What beautiful memories of singing round the piano and all, Lynn. Something I always wished for. My mom and aunt grew up more with music like that than we did…Thanks for sharing that. Gives me a glimpse into your childhood. LOVE those songs you were singing too! Danny Boy especially has such nostalgia for a lot of reasons. And of course, Gordon MacRae has long been one of my absolute favorites. Handsome and a gorgeous gorgeous voice!! Well, Dennis Day was a tenor, but I think maybe you mean Dennis Morgan (also a tenor) and Stanwyck in Christmas in Connecticut? That’s one of my annual favorites. (He was the Scotsman in the first movie I watched today…) That Christmas movie is such a fun one!! Those books are really for teens and mostly of an era that preceded mine and yours, but they have an endearing and enduring place in my heart. So glad you like the card… and the house portrait. Did it for a realtor who contacted me… she always likes full color. This one is even more vibrant than it appears here, especially after I sprayed it with a fixative. I hate using those, but necessary on pastel… Have great fun with your Irish celebration dinner and movie!

  4. Linda K says:

    Oh i love TCM!! Unfortunately I was out yesterday celebrating bday and St Pat’s Day so I missed catching some of these movies (even though I’ve seen them before) Your illustration is stellar and the details just awesome. Happy PPF!

    • Happy Birthday, Linda! (The heroine in those books I mentioned above celebrated her birthday on the 17th! Along with one of my all time favorite English teachers… 🙂 ) Yes, TCM – never tire of all those classics!! Thank you… I am so glad you like my artwork! Hope you’ll stop by my new art site at to see more… 🙂

  5. Eileen says:

    Well, I’m three fourth Irish, Pam. My mother’s side had Mahoneys, and Caneens, and my father’s side had McCarthy’s. I have wonderful memories of my mother having lovely St Patrick’s Day high teas at her home, for all of us. She would get out the silver platters, and special tea pots, and would pour tea for all of us. We would have little tea sandwiches, and slices of orange, and nuts, and mints. It was a happy time, with family gathered round. These are the traditions that my mother kept alive, for all of us to enjoy. I am so grateful to her, for this. Erin go bragh! Or, Long live Ireland! Love, Eileen

    • What sweet and beautiful memories, Eileen. Yes, treasure them. It keeps them alive in us, doesn’t it? I love all those names too… Caneens etc. Thanks for sharing – From your words, I can see the picture of it in my mind, though I’ve never seen any pictures of your mom and don’t think we ever met… Happy day after St Pat’s!

  6. Really beautiful! Lovely! Happy PPF! Love all the detail in your drawing. So amazing! Blessings your way!

  7. Dea Lenihan says:

    My husband is Michael John Patrick Lenihan, my son is Brendan, and my side of the family is Lithuanian and Russian. Love hearing Irish stories. Great image of the house–so good. xo

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